Welcome note from the MD

Dear Blogger 

Welcome to the Softline Pastel Payroll blog site! 

We have come to the realisation (potentially belatedly) that an open forum for discussion and information dissemination, best practice sharing and thought-leadership are a critical part of not only our own understanding of customer, channel partner and end-user requirements, but, also provides an excellent mechanism for extending the Pastel Payroll & HR community interactions. 

This blog is an initial experiment to judge both the suitability of the medium for the purposes outlined above as well as to assess the penetration and impact of the content, posts and discussions. 

We have specifically chosen an open blog mechanism via WordPress so that no initial registration or sign-up is required and so that posts can be made on-the-fly. 

Whilst we accept and understand that an open blog is potentially a dangerous mechanism (both from a profanity and other less than acceptable interference perspective) we will edit and delete posts from this site only when they contravene the normal ethics of blogging or contain completely unrelated information.  All other posts will be shown in their entirety as far as possible. 

We have set up categories for Support, Product Feedback, Complaints, Channel, Product Information, Legislative Updates and Industry Information as initial discussion threads.  Please select one of these categories for your initial comments and posts. 

In the interim we will endeavour to provide prompt, meaningful and enlightening responses to all questions, problems and suggestions. 

Enjoy blogging!


Grant Lloyd

Managing Director

Softline Pastel Payroll

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One response to “Welcome note from the MD

  1. Keith Thomson

    Please get out of this wordpress it is confusing me out of my mind

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