ESS and HR breakfast “goes down well”

A large breakfast seminar hosted by myself and Technical Director, Phil Meyer, in September at Softline Technology Park in Sandton, highlighted the dire need for improved, focussed and non-sales-based product information and communication to our end-users and customers.  This is a personal challenge which Phil and I accept with relish, energy and commitment.

Surprisingly for me, nobody in the audience had heard of the in-built custom report-writer, deployed with every copy of Pastel Payroll (which can be used to design free-format, fully-flexible custom reports for all areas of the Payroll and HR system to suits your own direct business needs).  This unique feature is clearly being overlooked by many users with a resulting loss of simple, user-definable reporting capabilities specific to one’s own business, industry and requirements in the hands of our user’s. 

The report-writer notwithstanding, many of our larger customers had not yet heard of our HR or Hosted ESS modules….. an equally large disappointment to me….. 

This is clearly a real challenge for us at Pastel Payroll and we will be working on a completely new, innovative and information-led marketing and communication process to ensure that we don’t in future keep our bests secrets a secret any longer! 

Phil, I wonder if it’s not worth us posting some information on this forum and perhaps on our web site about our report-writer, its capabilities and perhaps a case study or two?



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  1. Please look out for a post to follow on Report Writer Tips.

    I will create a step by step report on this blog and we can take it from there to go from easy reports to more complex reports.

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