Product Feedback

We welcome any feedback on our products.

Our current products consist of:

  • Pastel Payroll and HR (Partner)
  • Pastel Evolution Payroll and HR
  • Pastel ESS (Employee Self Service)
  • Pastel MyPayCheck
  • Pastel Payroll Website
  • Pastel Payroll Customer Zone

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One response to “Product Feedback

  1. Wilmond

    Good Day

    Is there a way that Pastel Payroll can report in Open Office’s calc? Or don’t calc have all the function of Excel? Will you be looking into a way to use calc in the future or are there no-one else asking for this? I think that Excel is probably the best know product and most people don’t know about Open Office. Just would like to know if you have perhaps thought of this, as the ever increasing recession (or maybe the price spikes from key and basic products and services) is far from being resolved.

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