Our qualified support staff not only offers free telephonic support, but also a comprehensive onsite consulting service.


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8 responses to “Support

  1. Having went through the pastel website, I had an idea of what the software has to offer as well as how efficient it is to any form of a business, SME’s to larger businesses.

    May I kindly request that there be more clarity as to how free is this telephonic consultation really is.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Our telephonic support is completely free. There are stages where the telephonic support consultant may recommend that you attend training or even get a consultant out to your premises to assist. Always a very fine line though. If at any stage you feel that we do not offer completely free telephonic support, you can contact us or even blog about it.

  3. Cherilee

    Hi, please could someone please get in touch with me. I am trying to get support but with not much luck. I need to process and your system does not allow me to. 0829200284
    0217941853 Cherilee

  4. Carey Gird

    Please contact me – I have downloaded the Updates [ Help/ About/ “version 2013 Updtae 1c”].
    The tax calulations are using the 2012 Tables and have not been updated with the new tables and rebates. What do I need to do so that my march 2012 payslips show the correct 2013 PAYE/etc deductions? Plese contact. i sat for an hour and a half on the phone waiting for a support consultant to pick up. Last time I emailed I received an inadequate reply. Please contact me. Kind regards. Carey 0842508637. Thank you.

    • Maritsa

      Dear Carey
      A consultant will contact you shortly. You need to do a legislative release. To do this please go to File…Legislative Release and run it.

      • Carey

        Thank you. I have completed the Legislative Release. However when the Release completed it froze the application on the print screen. After shut down, and reopening the file – I see the calculations did correct themselves, however now when I try click on the Payslip show button, in Process Payslips – the whole system freezes again. I restored a backup and tried again. The whole application freezes at the same places as before. A consultant has not called me yet – Please call me today!

      • Maritsa

        Dear Carey
        I am happy to hear that one of our consultants phoned you and that your problem has been solved. It seems that your default printer was not pointing to the correct printer and that is why your system froze every time you got to a place where you wanted to print. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information and/or assistance.

  5. Carey

    Consultant called me – and helped me sort it all out. A lovely friendly person. Great Help – Thank you.
    All sorted!

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