New Product Release – Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2a

Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2a will be released shortly.

Pastel Payroll customers who received and installed the 2012 Update 2 DVD, will be able to upgrade to the latest version. Users with active internet connections will experience our new Frictionless Update process.

On opening Pastel Payroll 2012 Update 2, the application will check online if a new version is available. If an active internet connection is found, you will be informed that Pastel Payroll 2012 Update 2a is available. Click Yes to start the download and installation of our latest release. Once the upgrade is installed, Pastel Payroll will be launched. You can access the Help…About menu to confirm that the version displayed is now 2012 Update 2a.

Please remember to run a Legislative Release from the File menu in each of your payroll companies to activate the latest transaction and calculation changes.


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3 responses to “New Product Release – Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2a

  1. Colleen

    I sent a detailed email to payroll support on 23 March 2012 as i am not able to install the DVD update. The response does not take into account anything that was in the email. It tells me to do exactly what i already did, which did not work. SO MUCH FOR A ‘FRICTIONLESS’ UPDATE!!!

    • Maritsa

      Dear Colleen

      I am sorry to hear about that. What is the problem that you are experiencing with the DVD install?

  2. patrys

    Goeie more hoop jy kan my help ek het dubbele payments op my bank recon hoe kry ek dit af dat ek kan balenseer > groot assb help my 0838583483

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