New Product Release – Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2b

Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2b will be released shortly.

Pastel Payroll customers who received and installed the 2012 Update 2 DVD, will be able to upgrade to the latest version. Users with active internet connections will experience our new Frictionless Update process. On opening Pastel Payroll 2012 Update 2, the application will check online if a new version is available. If an active internet connection is found, you will be informed that Pastel Payroll 2012 Update 2b is available.

Click Yes to start the download and installation of our latest release. Once the upgrade is installed, Pastel Payroll will be launched. You can access the Help…About menu to confirm that the version displayed is now 2012 Update 2b.

Please remember to run a Legislative Release from the File menu in each of your payroll companies to activate the latest transaction and calculation changes.


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12 responses to “New Product Release – Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2b

  1. Mara

    How do I delete the read notifications, surely this going to become HUGE?
    Also, the exclamation mark at the icon in the tray, remains orange, can you please diable it once we have read the notification?

    Thanks Mara

  2. madeleinv01

    Hi Mara

    No need to worry about the Payroll News Feeds piling up – we maintain the feeds on our servers and will delete outdated feeds when necessary. As soon as a newsfeed is deleted from our servers and your Payroll News is updated, the same feeds will be deleted on your side.
    The Payroll Services icon that displays in your system tray will have the exclamation mark displaying as long as you have unread newsfeeds or reminders that are due. Right-click on the icon to see the number of reminders due or number of unread newsfeeds.

  3. Annetjie

    hi can somebody please tell me where can i get this new update?

  4. Hi Annetjie,

    You will need to be on Payroll 2012 Update 2 before you will be able to get Update 2b.

    Payroll 2012 Update 2 went through a very long beta phase and we are basically keeping the beta users up to date.

    Nothing critical is contained in Update 2b. We will shortly be shipping new DVDs to all our customers. If you need one sooner you can let me know.


  5. Tania

    Hi…now where do i download/update the previous one before 2b?

  6. madeleinv01

    Hi Tania

    You need to install the Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2 disk before you are able to download the upgrades to 2012 Update 2b. We have already sent the installation disk to a few customers. You are welcome to request an installation disk from your nearest Pastel branch if you wish to install the latest upgrade.


    • My nearest branch is 300km from me, and problems with the special run has been reported in April 2011, each time I phone or email I’ve been told that the problem has been solved, and will be adressed in update 2.

      • Hi Suzan,

        Thank you for your reply. I will send you a mail to get your details and then arrange that we courier a cd to you.


        Philip Meyer

  7. Desire

    Hey,can I also get the update.i am on update 1d


    • madeleinv01

      Hi Desire

      All our customers will be receiving the latest update installation disk before the end of February 2012. You should receive an email from us requesting to confirm your delivery address details to ensure we get your disk to you as soon as possible. We are getting everyone onto the latest upgrade, 2012 Update 2b, to ensure that our customers can install the 2013 tax upgrade as soon as it is available.


      Madelein van der Watt

  8. Greg

    Have not recieved the CD yet so I have downloaded and installed 2b from the website. What do I need to setup in Payroll to allow payroll to “auto” update. I understand this is a new feature available and will save the errors of forgetting to check the site every month for new releases. I have a perminant ADSL connection.
    Greg Carter

  9. madeleinv01

    Hi Greg

    Once you have installed Pastel Payroll 2012 Update 2b, you will have a new menu option in Programs…Softline Pastel…Pastel Payroll. If you access Update Settings you will notice that by default your new version of Pastel Payroll is set to check for new updates each time Pastel Payroll is launched. This is of course the best setting to use to make sure that you are always using the latest version of Pastel Payroll. You may adjust the update settings to one of the alternatives if you prefer not to check for new updates online each time you access Pastel Payroll.



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