New Tax Table Release for 2012/2013 – Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 1

Due to significant changes to the way medical aid contributions need to be taxed and the conversion from medical aid deductions based on monthly capped amounts to medical aid tax credits, we have delayed the release of Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 1. We are spending extra time on testing to ensure that the calculations and conversions are as accurate as possible and aligned with the latest legislation effective for the 2012/2013 tax year.

We will keep you updated on the progress through the Pastel Payroll News Feeds (available on Pastel Partner Payroll 2012 Update 2b).


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22 responses to “New Tax Table Release for 2012/2013 – Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 1

  1. Gordon Houston-McMillan

    It’s kind of urgent that the legislative update be released. When can we expect it? I need to do my first payroll run this afternoon! (Thurs 1st March).

    • madeleinv01

      Hi Gordon

      I assume that you need to process your first weekly payslips for March today. Even if you process these payslips using the 2012 tax rates, the next week will be recalculated and adjusted according to the 2013 tax rates. Pastel Payroll automatically recalculates your tax payments already processed using the current rates and adjustments will be made automatically should the PAYE value need to be adjusted. I can assure you that the update will be available before your second payroll run in March. We expect to have the upgrade published for download at the latest Monday morning.

      • Gordon Houston-McMillan

        Great. Thanks Madelein. 🙂

      • Emma Dollman

        Hi Madelein,
        It might have been nice if Payroll had communicated this fact to their clients! I could not get through to Payroll JHB, called the Cape Town branch and the staff there couldn’t tell me when the upgrade would be available.

  2. Dominique

    Hi there
    I also had a hard time getting hold of the Joburg office. I had a dismissal case that needed calculating & finally had to do manual calculations.
    Can’t wait for the update to be ready.

  3. Japie

    I have received a notification that this update is available. I tried to install it but there was an error message that said “upgrade patch cannot be installed by Windows . . .program to be updated is missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program” I can therefore not upgrade and use the program.

  4. Japie

    After receiving the error message I am now unable to acces the program. That means no processing possible.

  5. Kari

    Hi Madelein

    May we run the Feb 2012 year end procedure yet in e@syfile or is SARS going to still issue a new update from version 5.0.9 which I have installed?

    • R.B. Meyer

      Don’t be in a hurray! Suspect an update for easyFile in March 2012. I don’t see anny announcement on SARS’s website about the new tax season date(s).

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi R.B. Meyer

        SARS published an announcement on that a new upgrade of e@syFile will be available soon. Excpect to see some more info on their website within the next week.

  6. madeleinv01

    Hi Kari

    You may not submit any tax certificates or PAYE reconciliations until the PAYE filing season is officially open. Traditionally, the reconciliations for PAYE are accepted during April and May each year. We will inform you as soon as SARS announced the filing season dates. They will most probably also release an upgrade for e@syFile that must be used to complete and submit the 2012 PAYE reconciliations.

  7. Nicholas

    Can you help? When processing week 1 payslips, payroll is displaying the correct amounts on the screen, however when running the week payroll the printouts are different from that what I am seeing on the screen. Gross earnings is correct, but the total deductions and nett pay are incorrect. What should I do?


    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Nicholas

      Why don’t you email me your contact details to with subject “ATTENTION MADELEIN VAN DER WATT”.
      Let’s troubleshoot this one offline and as soon as we have a solution I will post it online for the rest of our users’ benefit.

      • Hennie le Roux

        Att MADELEIN VAN DER WATT 06/05/2012
        Hi Madelein
        Any news on “total deductions and nett pay are incorrect”
        Regards Hennie

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Hennie

        Thanks for reminding me!

        Yes, this was a problem we identified in an earlier release which was addressed in version 2013 Update 1c. If you have upgraded to the latest version you should not experience this problem.

      • Hennie le Roux

        Hi Madelein
        Thanks for the quick response. I do however am on 2013 Update 1c and is still experiencing the same problem
        Regards Hennie

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Hennie

        Thank you for allowing us to assist with solving your problem. As Prevash discussed with you yesterday, the problem you experienced was not related to the same issue we identified with Nicholas and we were able to provide you with a quick solution.



  8. Melanie Naidoo

    HI Kindly assist me with the SIMPLE explanation of what goes under Gross retirement funding income and Gross non-retirement funding income.


    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Melanie

      Basically, the definitions are as follows:
      Retirement Funding Income is defined as the total taxable earnings (this includes income and fringe benefits) used in the calculation of pension/provident fund contributions. Example: If the pension/provident fund rules state that contributions must be calculated as 7.5% of total salary and overtime, all amounts classified as salary and overtime must be specified as Retirement Funding Income (code 3697) for the tax certificate.

      All earnings (income and fringe benefits) not used in the calculation of pension/provident fund contributions will then be defined as non-retirement funding income (tax certificate code 3698).
      Retirement annuities do not fall into the same category as pension/provident funds and your RA contribution is always based on non-retirement funding income.

  9. Many thanks for utilizing some time in order to compose “New
    Tax Table Release for 2012/2013 – Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update
    1 | Pastel Payroll”. Thank you yet again ,Bettye

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