SDL Figures not calculating

Thank you for all the feedback from our blogging users!

We have discovered that the SDL figures are not calculating after the Payroll 2013 Update 1b release.  We have fixed this and if you make use of our Frictionless Updates you will be receiving the fix.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


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9 responses to “SDL Figures not calculating

  1. Susan


    How do I make use of the frictionless update, as i have picked up that the SDL is not being calculated as well.

    Kind regards

    • Maritsa

      Dear Susan
      When you open your payroll you will get a message that will tell you to download 2013 Update 1c. Please say yes on this. To make sure that you are one the latest update please go to Help…About and make sure it says 2013 Update 1c

  2. Linda

    Please tell me what the explanation for the following error message is. –
    Error 46, File 6 (User Defined & Tax Total Values – payeref.dat), Opcode 3.
    I have right clicked on the payroll folder, gone to properties and unticked the read only, applied and okay. But when I go back into properties the read only is ticked again.
    I am at my wits end. I am desperately trying to run salaries and wages for about 10 companies and I am having a problem with every one of them. My clients are getting very irate as I can’t give them the figures. Please help asap. This only started after Update 1a came in!!!!

  3. Elrize


    When I double click on Pastel Payroll, it starts to configure Pastel en install Update 1c; but then an error message appear: Error 2356. Could not locate cabinet in stream:Data I can’t even open Pastel payroll. Please help.

    • Maritsa

      Dear Elrize

      Please can you run a repair on you 2012 Update 2b CD to add the missing cabinet file.

  4. Linda

    I am now not able to get into any company. I get the error code 46, file 20, opcode 3. I have just spent over R10 000 renewing my licence and I cannot access my companies. I have employees waiting to be paid their salaries this morning. I URGENTLY NEED SOME ASSISTANCE. I have been holding on the phone for the last half hour, listening to your VERY annoying radio ad.
    This is now past the funny stage. I do payroll for about 16 companies and they are all waiting for salary figures.
    I keep unticking and applying the read only box but it keeps coming back.

    • Maritsa

      Dear Linda
      As per your telephonic conversation with one of our consultants we will phone you back on Monday as per your request.

  5. Bongani

    Sawubona, I am on 2013 1c. In my company parameters, the check box for SDL Exempt is greyed out, and it’s ticked. How do I get to change this. Please.

    • Hi Bongani,

      You have processed employees. You will either need to do a Pay Period Update or you will have to run the Clear Run Flags.
      You would be able to change the SDL status once the employees have a status of not processed.



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