Basic Conditions of Employment Act: Earnings Threshold increase effective 01 July 2012

The Minister of Labour announced that an increase in the BCEA earnings threshold will take effect on 01 July 2012. The new earnings threshold will be R183 008 per annum while it currently stands at R172 000 per annum.

The annual earnings threshold is applied to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act to determine whether certain provisions in the Act should be applied to a specific employee’s circumstances. Any employee earning above this annual earnings threshold will be excluded from the following sections in the Act:

9. Ordinary hours of work

10. Overtime

11. Compressed working week

12. Averaging of hours of work

14. Meal intervals

15. Daily and weekly rest period

16. Pay for work on Sundays

17. Night work

-17(2) that deals with transport and night shift allowances

18. Public holidays

– 18(3) that deals with payment for work on a public holiday that falls on a day on which the employee would ordinarily not have worked

Access the following link to download a copy of the Government Gazette published recently:

BCEA Earnings Threshold 01 July 2012


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