New Release – Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 2a

Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 2a is available and can be downloaded as a Frictionless Update provided you have installed version 2012 Update 2b. It is imperative that you download this update as it includes new legislation for the 2013 PAYE Interim Reconciliation. 

 The submission period is 1 September – 31 October 2012.


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33 responses to “New Release – Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 2a

  1. Greg von Gossler

    I generated the CSV file before this update and have already processed a payrun in the September period. Do I have to restore back to August and re-generate the CSV file??

    • Maritsa

      Hi Greg

      You do not have to restore a backup but you will have to install Pastel Partner Payroll 2013 Update 2a. After the install you will need to do a Process…Clear Run Flags and then File…Legislative Rlease. After that you should re-generate the IRP5 import file.


  2. Emma Dollman

    I have attempted to install update 2a on our server (Windows XP SP3) and have received the same error message as before, i.e. “This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists, etc, etc.”

    This is clearly a problem with XP as the updates on the workstations running Windows 7 updated with no problem.

    I referred back to previous comments and have 1) cleared the temp folder & 2) gone to the payroll directory and run the updates from there with no luck.

    Please advise.


  3. Maritsa

    Hi Emma
    Unfortunately I am going to need more information. One of our technical consultants will contact you shortly.


    • Emma Dollman

      Hi Maritsa,
      I received an email requesting my contact details, which I supplied. I am still waiting for a consultant to contact me!
      I have downloaded the update from the Payroll website – should I attempt to install it.
      I need this matter resolved asap.
      Many thanks,

  4. Melissa Schilling

    Where do I find the update please?

  5. Gavin

    Also having the same problem with the update from 2013 1c. I’m running XP SP3

  6. Charmaine

    Hi there

    I’ve had the same error msg as Emma and Gavin…?
    I’m also running XP SP3

  7. Melissa Schilling

    Just tried to open my payroll now and after it did the update i get the following error message:

    Run-time error ’91”
    Object variable or With block variable not set.

    How do i fix this?

  8. Caron Lezar

    Why do you have a update 2012 2b, should it not be 2013 2b please advise

    • Maritsa

      Hi Caron

      You need to have installed 2012 2b to be able to update to 2013 2a.



  9. Refiloe

    Hi i have tried to install update 2a but it comes with the error (this patch package could not be found verify that the patch package exist and tha you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer patch package)i even tried update 2b giving me the same error i don’t know what should i do please help


    • Maritsa

      Hi Gavin, Charmaine and Refiloe

      Please can you uninstall Pastel Payroll from the Control Panel and then Re-Install Pastel Payroll with a CD that has version 2012 Update 2b or later on?

      When you open Pastel Payroll all the updates will Re-Install again.



  10. Gavin

    Hi all,
    I did the following and it resolved the update issue. I got this from the support centre.
    1. Make a backup
    2. Uninstall Payroll from control panel -> add & remove programs
    3. Reinstall Pastel Payroll from your disc – NB: it must be 2012 update 2b, or later, otherwise it won’t work. Or you can download this version from Just be advised that the download is just over 300Mb.
    4. Once installed Payroll will pull down the updates accordingly until it has finished with the latest update.

    • Nkosana Gumede

      Good day, May you kindly assist as we having the problem “Run-time error ’91′: Object variable or With block variable not set. I click on OK and then I get an error of “Pervasive was not loaded, program ending. Error code 3012, File C:\Payroll\CUSTOM\Language\pay.eng” Tried all we can,Your assistance will highly appreciated, thank you Nkosana

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Nkosana

        It sounds like the Pervasive Database Engine is not running. Please reboot your machine to allow the engine to start up. If the error persists, it could be a problem related to the Pervasive setup. Please contact our support team on to allow them to investigate your scenario.



      • Caleb

        I have the exact same problem except the error code is 3032. Otherwise I could have been quoting you exactly.

  11. Thia du Plooy

    Good day,

    I had the same problem with the update – just that its Error 2738. Could not access VBScript run time for custom action

    I tried to uninstall Payroll from the control panel so that i can reload 2012 update 2b – HOWEVER, I cant uninstall the payroll as this error message pops up again when trying to uninstall and exits uninstall.

    Please have you got any suggestions for me – have loads of Customer Bi annual EMP501 recons to submit


    • Maritsa

      Hi Thia

      Please can you do try the following:

      1. Go to
      2. Select Windows under problem area
      3. Select Install or upgrade software or hardware and then Select Install or remove programs under what are you trying to do
      4. Select the Run Now for the options that they give you under View or run solutions
      5. Please follow the rest of the prompts and select to uninstall Pastel Payroll
      6. Reinstall Pastel Payroll again when you have un installed Pastel Payroll



    • Thia du Plooy

      Thanks Maritsa, tried it, managed to un install but still had same problem.

      Now I installed it on my Windows 7 Work station – my laptop had it on for it was easier to take with – but is running on Vista

      I just gave up – really tried everything and falling further and further behind with my word……………therefor now its on Work station with Windows 7 – inconvenient for me, but hey its working smoothly!

      Thanks for all your input – just wondering when my Windows 7 might have the same prob………………..but not worrying about that now! Just working!! Thnks

  12. Grieta

    Good Morning.
    I’ve updated to 2013 update 2b but get the following message: Pervasive error code 3012 while accessing registration. Dat.file


    • Maritsa

      Dear Grieta

      Have you tried to restart you PC?



      • Grieta

        Hi Maritsa

        Yes I did and I switch my computer off every day and the error code comes up every time I open Payroll.



      • Maritsa

        Hi Grieta

        Unfortunately I am going to need more information. One of our technical consultants will contact you ASAP.



  13. Esti

    Error code 3012!!! Please help!

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Esti

      I have asked our Support Team to make contact with you via email to collect more information so we may troubleshoot your error properly.



  14. Hi, I am studying for the ICB Junior Bookkeeping course and the disc they gave us with Pastel on does not seem to be working well with my computer, everyone else says theirs is working fine. I have the “Run-time error ’91’: Object variable or With block variable not set. I click on OK and then I get an error of “Pervasive was not loaded, program ending. Error code 3012, File C:\Payroll\CUSTOM\Language\pay.eng – I have done all the updates and still the same thing keeps popping up. I have a lot of work to do and I can’t even get into the program.


    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Nicola

      I have asked our technical support team to contact you, I hope they were able to assist with resolving your problem



  15. Mariette

    Hi I have this problem with error 3012. Please help! The next problem is that an automatic email cannot be generated in payroll for the uif declaration

  16. Bongani Velem

    I want to know about the new wage rate for this year at the powder coating place

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