2012 / 2013 Prescribed Minimum and Guaranteed Wages for the Motor Industry (MIBCO)

Please be advised that the Main Collective Agreement for the Motor Industry was amended in respect of the prescribed minimum & guaranteed wages effective 1 September 2012.

The Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) has published the new minimum wage rates and guaranteed wage increases for the period 1 September 2012 to 31 August 2013 on their website:




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  1. Lucas

    Pls can you help me to inform me on a welder double coded 2nd year rates thank you.

  2. Mosimobe

    I am currently employed at Linemore Fitment Centre. I am working as an admin clerk. Receptionist, manage a group of five people. Cashier and i do the daily banking, sales person. My salary is R3000: no uif, no provided fund. Only the R3000:

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Mosimobe

      Based on the information you have provided and the current minimum wage rates for employees working in the Motor Industry, office staff should be earning a minimum wage of between R3464.76 and R5285.97 per month. To confirm this, please consult the Motor Industry wage tables available at http://www.mibco.org.za/images/PDF/2012.05%20wages%201%20september%202012.pdf

      You should also be contributing towards the Motor Industry Provident Fund.

      UIF is a contribution that your employer must deduct from your salary and equally contribute on your behalf. This is a statutory contribution which means your employer is, by law, responsible to pay these contributions.

      Please refer your employer to the following websites:

      For minimum wage confirmation, the Motor Industry Bargaining Council – http://www.mibco.org.za
      For provident fund rules, the Motor Industry Fund Administrators – http://www.mifa.org.za
      For legislation on UIF contributions, the South African Revenue Service – http://www.sars.gov.za



  3. Jimmy

    Hi Madeleine,

    I’m currently working for Super Group a large logistic company and one of their clients is mercedes benz and we distribute automotive parts for mecerdes benz. in 2009 we were given Mibco forms and told we are now under Mibco. Since then our xmas bonuses is only two weeks salary. Pls tell me how can employees of logistic company falls under Mibco.

  4. Madelein van der Watt

    Hi Jimmy

    The scope of the main agreement does include:

    “the business carried on mainly or exclusively for the sale of motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts and/or spares and/or accessories (whether new or used)
    pertaining thereto, whether or not such sale is conducted from premises which are attached to a part of an establishment wherein is conducted the assembly of or repairs to motor vehicles;”

    If you are mainly responsible for the distribution of such parts and not the actual sales, my straightforward answer would be that you should rather sign up with the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (http://www.nbcrfli.org.za)

    There might be a specific reason why you are members of the Motor Industry Bargaining Council – speak to your HR division to confirm the reason for your affiliation with MIBCO.

  5. Solly sebethwane chauke

    We didn’t get increase and our provident fund statement in 2 years.i just wanna know if we are still in your council?and what can be the problem for us not getting increase.(overtal labour solutions)

  6. Solly sebethwane chauke

    Hi Madelein one more thing minimum wage rates for STOREMAN working under MIBCO?

  7. Lee


    I wonder if you would be able to tell me the minimum wage for a wheel alignment technician.



  8. Madelein van der Watt

    Hi Lee

    The minimum wage rates for the Motor Industry effective 01 September 2012 are available on the MIBCO website, http://www.mibco.org.za

    The direct link to the wage circular is:




  9. seth


    Can u tell me what is a minimum wage for a junior design technician who holds a NATIONAL DIPLOMA FROM A UNIVERSITY. After having to complete my in service training with one of the mibco registered company,i received a very discouraging permanent in terms of pay scales and i think i need to know whether if are they set like that or not(i don’t seem to find my job category on the mibco pay scales posted)

    please assist.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Seth

      You first need to establish which sector of the 7 you are employed in. Please refer page 1 of the wage tables available at http://www.mibco.org.za/images/PDF/2012.05%20wages%201%20september%202012.pdf for the sector definitions.
      Determine your employment classification. If it is not clear, perhaps ask your employer to confirm the classification they used to determine the wage they are offering. Once you know the sector and correct employment classification, you can look up the minimum wage rate.



      • seth

        Thank u for the prompt response.

        The employer is sector 1 which is vehicle body builders and i am permanent with the company,,,i work from 7H00 to 17H00 every week days,I tend to do what is familiar to what the manager does(e.g.s are designing and creation of data packs).i feel to be exploited and thus want to know my NQF L6 payscales with MIBCO.i get paid around R6500.00 at the end of the month where else mibco states 1500 per week for NQF LEVEL 4.


      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Seth

        Based on the information you supply it does sound as if your current remuneration is in line with the minimum wage rates prescribed by the council. If you do feel that you need official confirmation, please contact your local MIBCO regional office and ask for their assistance in investigating your query. The regional office contact details are available at http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/contact-us



  10. malombo

    seth i once worked one of the motor sectors and was very surprised by the low payscales.i would suggest u look for an engineering sector( u are a practicing engineer when u hold a national diploma and u deserve better)

  11. Unknow

    Hi i would like to knw ,i have been working for a fitment center as a cleaner for 7years now ,our boss keeps changing the date n month of the increase every year is that rite by mibco law ? Second question since i’hv been with the same company no 1 was ever send for any course or got a promotion at work.

    • Madelein van der Watt


      If your company is a member of MIBCO, then certain minimum wages must be applied on the effective dates announced each year. The last wage increase was effective 01 September 2012. Only if your employer consulted with the employees and relevant trade unions may he apply for a Wage Exemption to pay a lesser wage increase. This application does not exempt him from paying any increase at all.
      Training is only required for specific grades of employees and based on the employee’s qualifications and experience, his wage grade or classification must be adjusted accordingly and at the same time, the minimum wage he is paid.
      If you feel that you are being treated unfairly in the workplace, you have the option to make contact with your sector’s Bargaining Council or alternatively, the Department of Labour, to report the issue.



  12. How does someone register to MIBCO is it the company do tht for you or as the employed person u have to sign the papers so tht u won’t be in danger in future to claim yo money cos this is wht is happening to me even concerning UIF plz help me

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Mkhusto

      To answer your question, I will quote a section from the MIBCO website (http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/faq)

      “What do I do if my Employer does not want to register me?
      As an employee falling within the ambit of the Motor Industry your Employer is OBLIGED to register you with the Council. Should he/she be uncooperative in this regard an Agent from our Complaints Department will be more than willing to assist in getting your Employer onto the road to compliance. Your Employer must understand that he/she does not have a choice in this matter. The Council’s Agreements are strict to this measure. Please visit our nearest Regional Branch for assistance.”



  13. I’m performing as n RSA,fitter and driver at this moment. What sould my mounthly salery be?

  14. jade

    im working in stores for 2 years,id like to know my wage rate for a week please.

  15. Madelein van der Watt

    Hi Jade

    You can look up the minimum wage rate for your grade and sector at http://www.mibco.org.za/images/PDF/2012.05%20wages%201%20september%202012.pdf



  16. jade

    Hi Madelien
    i work in stores (clerical)
    our company registerd i think @ the begining of last year & i have been working here for 4 years so im not sure what my wage rate should be because they are only paying me as 2 year expeience.

  17. jade

    there’s an employee (employed as administrator) who worked in the bank and is now using the banking qualifications in the motor industry company,apparently that’s why she gets paid more than the other lady also employed as admin…and actually i do the exact same work as the both of them except for quotes so how come all 3 of our wage rates is waaay different,please help.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jade

      The rates prescribed by the council are merely minimum wages. The employer must ensure that employees in the industry earn at least the minimum and receive the prescribed annual increases. Employers may pay their employees more than the prescribed minimum wage based on qualifications, experience and performance.



      • jbabethomas@yahoo.com

        Ok,thanx and if I had 2 leave…wen do I collect my provident fund?
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Madelein van der Watt


        Once your resignation has been brought to the attention of the provident fund, you will have the option of continuing to contribute to the fund or cancelling your contribution to either transfer your money into a different fund or paying out your money as a cash lump sum. The payout may only take place once a tax directive has been issued by SARS.
        Please note, that for your own benefit, you should continue to contribute to the fund if possible, alternatively transfer your money into a different fund. If you take the cash payout, you will lose out on valuable retirement savings and you will also contribute a big portion of your money towards income tax.



      • jade

        hi madelein
        Could you please tell me what “LEAVE PAY BONUS” is.

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Jade

        Clause 6 of the main agreement of the Motor Industry Bargaining Council requires specific employees who qualify for paid annual leave to also receive an annual leave bonus which is payable on completion of 12 month’s service or when an employee takes annual leave or no later than 20 December each year. The bonus amount should be two weeks’ wages, limited to a maximum amount.

        For more information, look at Clause 6 in the main agreement (http://www.mibco.org.za/images/PDF/simplified%20main%20agreement%206%20may%202011.pdf) or contact your MIBCO representative (http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/contact-us)



      • jade

        hi madelien,how do i calculate the wage increase wich starts from the 1st of next month.

  18. nomfuneko latsha

    hai my comment is based on my wages im working under contract so my rate is too low ,as a qualified spraypainter how can i rate 24.81 p/h can u explain me how this happen becoz i was rating 42.6… now i m in durban is there any defference between the provinces

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Nomfuneko

      The only area where wage rates may differ is in the Eastern Cape. All other areas should apply the same minimum wage rates. If you are unsure about the rate you should be earning, please contact the council and discuss your situation. Contact details fore the Kwazulu Natal region can be found at http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/contact-us or phone them on 031 – 205 5525



  19. Dane

    Hello I am working for nearly two and a half years @ Northern Natal motor engineering (as from today Mid-Natal Motor engineering. I started earning R250 per week as a workshop assistant no UIF or provident fund.Now I am earning R400 per week doing Cylinder head reconditioning,and our boss told us today he’s going to register us for UIF still no provident fund and going to sign a contract which has yet to be presented to me. I need to know the legal and smart to get what I rightfully should get..Thank you

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Dane

      First, look at p13 of the Industry Guide available at http://www.mibco.org.za/images/2012%20Industry%20Guide.pdf to determine your current grade.
      Once you know your grade, access the current minimum wage rate tables at http://www.mibco.org.za/images/PDF/2012.05%20wages%201%20september%202012.pdf

      You will be able to determine what your minimum wage should be.If you are earning less than the prescribed minimum, you must contact the council to inform them that your employer is not paying you the required rate and that you are not contributing towards the industry provident fund. The council will be able to assist you.

      Please take note that it is an employer’s legal duty to deduct and contribute UIF contributions from all employees. Your employer should have made the necessary contributions to UIF since your first day employed.

      I suggest that you inform your employer that by not contributing to UIF, he is not complying with legislation and, based on confirmation you receive from the bargaining council, he might also not be complying with industry regulations which are also governed by the Department of Labour.



  20. JOANA


    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Joana

      I am not sure about your sector or area that you work in, but based on the current minimum wages still in place until 31 August 2013, you should be earning at the very least R5141.63 per month.
      Your employer is definitely not applying the minimum wages prescribed by your industry agreements.



  21. mary-anne martin

    Plz can u help me I’m working at faurecia but for an agent named Production Salution Africa (PSA) who pay me 925rnd a week for 45hours according to them that is the minimum wage that they must give us and they said they were sitting with the barganin council of mibco and this was the amount that was given to them for a grade 3 employee I just want to know is that the rate that I must get , and seeing that I’m a spray painter what is the rate and grade that I must get even if I’m working for an agent

  22. mary-anne martin

    Good day I’m working for a agent at a motor industry company according to the agent the min wage they must give us is 925rnd for a general worker with grade 3 for 45hour week. I just want to know is this calculation rite and seeing that I’m a spray painter what is the rate and grade I must get even if I’m working for an agent

  23. Dumisinkosi Mkhwanazi

    Am working at a panel shop as an assembler am working permanent but my salary doesn’t correspond with my salary on my contract what must I do plz help

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Dumisinkosi

      Your employment contract should state your exact remuneration and that should be at least equal to the minimum rate set by the bargaining council’s main agreement. If you are earning less than minimum wage, please contact a MIBCO representative in your area to report the problem (http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/contact-us).



  24. I wrkin at a company by the name auto bumper. I du flatting and polishing i jst wnt 2 knw whats the increase persentage of septembr 2013 as my boss sayz their is no increase this year

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Michael

      The increases effective 01 September 2013 have not been published yet due to ongoing wage negotiations which were expected to be concluded late last week. As soon as any new info is available I will make it available.



  25. Frans

    Good Day

    I work for the motor industry company as a Polisher i would like to know the notice period i must give to my workplace if i want to resign, and do i get paid for the uif and holidays as we get 3 weeks off in december? and how do i go about claiming for a provident fund?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Frans

      If you are paid weekly you must give at least one week’s notice. If you are paid monthly at least two weeks’ notice is required.
      You are entitled to a pro-rata holiday payment as well as leave pay for the number of annual leave days due on date of resignation.
      You may only claim from UIF if you are unemployed due to being dismissed therefore if you resign voluntarily you are not entitled to UIF benefits.
      To find out how to claim from the provident fund, please contact the fund administrators, MIFA (http://www.mifa.org.za/)



      • Frans

        Good Day Madelein

        Thank you very much for the response, one more theing i would like to know is, does the company pay you immediately after you resigned (the bonus and the holiday money) or you have to wait until the end of the year.

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Frans

        The payments should be made on resignation and not at year end as you will only receive the amount that was accrued until your resignation date and not the full year’s allocation.

  26. Can you please help me with the rates on destruction and audit bay on level 4 is how much please

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  30. jana

    Can you plz help my.I’ve work for a company where thy was part of the mibco thing.I’m not working for them eney more.Neet to know how do I claim that monny now.Is there a office in Rustenburg where thy can help me.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jana

      The MIBCO regional offices’ contact details are available on the Contacts page on http://www.mibco.org.za
      They should be able to assist with your query.



      • granton

        Hi last year I was a production foreman and the company demote me to production supervisor but from last year till no I am still doing the same fiction as wat I was doing before.Production foreman job was 3departments 35operators planning coordinating.My question is what is the rate of pay per hour for production supervisor and can I take the company to court

  31. Shelton

    Pliz I help me ,I just wanna know the minimum wage per hour for a checker and driver in the motor industry.
    Thank you.

  32. Mary-Anne

    Hi I just want to find out what the minimum wage is for a Cam Auto Setter in the Motor Industry.My boyfriend is not qualified as setter,but does anything that a qualified setter does,he did ask to get qualified as Setter because he has many years setting experience and by this compony that he works for for 5 years allready he only earns R30 an hour for setting the machines and operate it all on his own.The other thing that is a bit confusing is that his signed contract with Mibco and his work states that he is a supervisor,but on his payslip stands Setter,musnt it states on his contract that he is a Setter too,because at work he is not a Supervisor but only on paper.I think that R30 an hour is a disgrace.

  33. ...

    hi i work at the tyre fitment center as a all rounder i do shocks,suspension,tyres and aligment and i would like to know at list how much must get paid a week

  34. Sphamandla Alex Ntombela

    hi I was working at petrol station and got retrenched in 2003 after that I received a letter from MIBCO to collet a Cheque but i was never contacted after that and still today I don’t know what happened to that money and I don’t know what to because if I call the offices in Durban no one is answering

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Sphamandla

      You can contact the KZN regional office on (031)205 5525 or the Head Office in Gauteng on (011)369 7500



  35. Gilbert

    Hi,please help am mibco member working for a motor industry company…My question is does mibco send letters to companies after it has made an increase percentage for motor industry?coz everytime I ask my employer he says he is waiting for the letter from mibco..please reply through my email

  36. Hello I just wanna ask that if were never registered at SARS fo tax, what you are suppose to do if you want to claim provident fund after u being dismissed. Because they need tax number

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Wellington

      You must have an income tax reference number if you are employed. Your employer is supposed to submit your income and deduction information to SARS twice a year during the Employer Reconciliation periods. They cannot do this without having a valid income tax reference number for you. If you do not have a tax number, your employer must submit a registration request to SARS. SARS will then issue you with your income tax reference number.



  37. Letlhogonolo Rudolph Moalusi

    Good day
    We are aprentices with a specific company.
    I would lik to know what can we do if we are not being paid acordingly. And we hav raised this with mersita and there is no solution. The companay advisis that they are doin us a favor with the apprentice.
    We hav been advised that as appretices we can’t go to unions or barfaining council.
    What is your advise.

    Kind regards

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Letlhogonolo

      I suggest you contact the MIBCO Shared Service Centre on 011 – 369 7500 to report your problem. They should be able to provide you with assistance.



  38. michael roux

    good day i want to now what is the holiday pay.I am working a year now salary of R10000.00 per month and what is the bonus,My boss say there is no holidaypay or bonus.I am register.thanks

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Michael

      According to the Motor Industry Bargaining Council Main Agreement, employees in the industry are entitled to at least 3 weeks’ paid annual leave as well as a holiday bonus payable not later than 20 December each year.

      There are exclusions and the amounts available to different job grades do vary, but every employee is entitled to paid annual leave.

      For more information and to get exact feedback based on your specific situation, please contact the MIBCO Shared Service Centre on 011 – 369 7500



      • Janette Dekker

        Good day, I would like to find out what i can do if i want to resign and claim my provident fund but my employer hasn’t paid over the conteibutions? Thank you

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Janette

        The FAQ section on the MIBCO website offers a clear explanation for your query. I will quote directly from http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/faq

        “In this instance you should lodge a formal complaint at your Regional Mibco office so that the matter can be taken forward by the Inspectorate. Once this has been done Employers who are in arrears with their returns and payments are prosecuted through the Mibco Dispute Resolution Centre (DRC). This is the legal remedy available to the Council for the collection of arrears. A directive to pay issued by the DRC is submitted to the CCMA for certification in terms of the provisions of the LabourRelations Act. Once this has been done the matter is submitted to the Labour Court for an execution order. Once the execution order has been granted by the Court, the Sheriff of the Court is instructed to attach assets which are then sold to realize the outstanding debt. You can well imagine that this is quite a long process , most of which is not in Mibco’s hands and it can therefore be quite time consuming. Fortunately, many cases are settled before the Labour Court stage is reached.”



  39. ntombi

    hi madeline, if i am working as a stripper & assembler in a panel beating shop…and i have taken my 15 days leave during the year already…do i get paid any bonus.PLEASE HELP.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Ntombi

      If you have already taken the maximum amount of paid leave days through the year and your company shuts down for December holidays, you will have to take unpaid leave but will still qualify for the holiday bonus or additional holiday pay depending on your grade and circumstances.



  40. jade

    madeline,im all confused here please help…on my payslip the manager has got me as “clerk” stores department & cleaner & security…i donk know wats goin on coz i only sign out & recieve tools,make dailt orders & recieve them thats all…are they allowed to put this on my payslip???

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jade

      Firstly, you must refer to your letter of employment or employment contract. What were you appointed to do originally? The payslip job description must match your letter of appointment. If you were promoted since then or moved into a different position, the employer should have given you confirmation of your new job and increased salary (if relevant) in writing. The job description on your promotion letter or change in job description agreement should display on your payslip. If you have nothing in writing, please speak to your employer about this since the tasks you are performing do not seem to match the job description that displays on your payslip.
      If your employer is not being cooperative, please contact the Chief Agent at your regional MIBCO office for assistance. To find the correct contact person’s details, please visit http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/contact-us



  41. karen

    My husband works as a cassual for duys engineering since Jan 2013. He is employed as an assembler. How do we work out his grade and minimum wage and do they have union rights. The company does not inform them of their rights and have been working with no contract since sept 2013

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Karen

      Contact the MIBCO Shared Services Centre on 011 – 369 7500. Alternatively, find your regional MIBCO office contact details on http://www.mibco.org.za/index.php/contact-us

      It is best to contact the Council directly to provide as much info regarding your situation as possible. They will be able to give you the right advice.



      • karen

        Thank you madelein. Will MIBCO speak directly to me as my husband is not allowed to make calls from work. We are in durban

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Karen

        I am sure if you explain the situation they won’t be unreasonable. Just make sure you have your husband’s council reference number on hand when contacting them. The KZN office can be contacted directly on 031 – 205 5525



      • karen

        Thanx Madelein. What number is that that I need, he doesn’t have one is that cos he employed as a casual by the company?

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Karen

        He will only be classified as a casual if he is employed for less than 24 hours per month or for less than 104 days per year if he is a student. Therefore, if he is not a student and he is employed for more than 24 hours per month, he is not a casual and the employer is obliged to register him with the Bargaining Council.



      • karen

        Thank you. He is over 40 and emplyed as temp not permanent but been there since Jan. If he has not been registered what do we do then?

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Karen

        It does not sound to me as if his situation complies with the definition of casual employment therefore he must be registered. Contant the KZN regional office for further advice.



      • karen

        Thank you will do so

      • karen

        Good day Madelein. We tried to email Lynette at the kzn MIBCO branch but email failed and today I tried cvalling but no one answeres. Yesterday the owner of the company wanted to fire my husband cos he was ssitting outside the workshop with the supervisor, without asking why or allowing an explanation he said I don’t have to listen to ur stories and I don’t pay u to sit around but using foul language. When my husband said if I have done so muuch wrong why not fire me so he did exactly that. His supervisor consulted with one of the managers and they were told the owner can do as he see’s fit and doesn’t need a reason for firing and he doesn’t need to respect his workers. This is getting out of hand and we not getting anywhere

  42. simon maseko

    hi,i was working at two filing stations and i traying to get provident fund but sstracling to with my latest imployer?if he can fill the form does that mean i will also get provident fund from the filing station?corncen simon

  43. jade

    Hi madelien…sorry to bother,if someone has resigned & working @ another company but wants their provident fund from the previous company,how should he go about it,the manager says if he wants his provident fund,he will only get the money he contributed to the company so far and not the money that they company contributed,befor that she said that we will only get it wen we 65….also…the manager has taken our phones away and locked them up in her cupboard “she says it will help to stop the gossiping” but to another employer she said “it will make them concentrate on their work”….i phoned mibco about 2 weeks ago and a lady said that they are not allowed to take our cellphones away but they should have advised us to put our phones off during working hours…they have already changed our contracts and ready for us to sign and the only thing that has changed is the “cellphone story” so should we go ahead and allow them to do this?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jade

      If you resigned from your employer to work for an employer in a different industry not affiliated to MIBCO then you must transfer your provident fund to either the new council’s fund or a private fund. Alternatively, you may request a cash payout but this is not advisable.
      If you resigned to work for an employer that operates within the same industry and is affiliated to MIBCO, your fund membership will remain in tact and you will continue to contribute to the MIBCO provident fund.
      Your employer may introduce a clause in your employment contract that prohibits you from making personal calls or accessing your personal phone, especially if your job is customer facing or you are employed in a call centre. You are allowed to make use of your personal phone during allocated breaks and your lunch hour and I am sure that your cellphone is the main point of contact if a family member needs to get hold of you in an emergency, therefore I do not agree that locking your personal phone away while you are at work is acceptable.
      Explain to your employer that you will agree not to make or take personal calls during working hours but that you will need access to your phone during your breaks and lunch hour and also in case of a family emergency.



  44. thandeka

    hi madelein…how long does it take to get your provident fund after claimimg for it…my friends husband claimed for his provident fund about a year ago and he till didnt get it,would you u know he should get it.HE worked in the metal industry.

  45. Tina

    Hi Madelein. The two week notice period. Does is include public holidays.

  46. jada

    Morning,are staff phones allowed to be confiscated and put in a box and kept in the “so called managers cupboard”??? wen i phoned mibco myself,i spoke to a lady and she said they not allowed to be taken away but they should tell us to put our phones off and only use them in our breaks,then the manager said she phoned JULIAN from mibco and he said that they have to be taken away from us,just need your advise on this,it was said if we dont give our phones in from today the 27/01/2014 we would be getting final warnings.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jada

      Your employer may expect of you to switch off your cellphones during working hours but you must be allowed to access your personal phones during break times and your lunch hour. It is completely out of line to threaten you with a final warning for refusing to hand over your cell phone. If you do receive a warning for not handing in your cell phone, you must report your employer to the CCMA. Please contact their call centre on 0861 16 16 16 or visit http://www.ccma.org.za/



  47. kelvin

    Since the we got increase in 2012 we had never been given any increase,and the sad thing is that we don’t get paid any increase by our company,how long will it take for the minister to sign the agreement which you agreed last year during strike?

  48. Hi there I woeld like to find out how much leaf days I have outstanding up to date I have been working at motor industry for 9 years and rarely claimed leaf pay. I wpoeld like to know about my funds thank u kindly francois

  49. Zolile solani

    Hi im currently workng for a company called Johnson Control Interior in east london,we are told our current rate which is R24,70 is the minimum mibco agreement,can you guys confirm this or not.

  50. angela

    hi…theres a problem in our workplace again,our employers son whose got shares in the company,today he swore 2 staff and used terrible vulgar words,we went upstaires to the manager and asked her to sort the matter out and she said she didnt know how to and that she is tired of talking to him.please give some advice on what we should do.thanx

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Angela

      Firstly, I would make sure that the employer’s son is aware that you took offence to the manner in which he addressed you. I would then approach the manager again to lodge an official grievance. If the manager is still reluctant to act, speak to your HR manager or the employer himself and explain that the son’s verbal abuse is affecting staff morale and productivity and is also completely unacceptable. If your employer does not act on the grievance lodged, he must be made aware that there are legal consequences for not acting on your concerns and allowing verbal abuse in the workplace can cost him thousands in compensation.
      It is very difficult to get out of a situation like this but you may want to report the employer to the Department of Labour or CCMA if the verbal abuse continues. If you have no success going this route, you are still able to resign if working conditions become unbearable and then lodge a complaint of constructive dismissal at the CCMA.

      Good luck!


  51. Zolile solani

    What is the rate for level 4

  52. zaheer vally

    Hi I’d like to find I work for a company for like 6 years and I received an increase only once please advise and I’m am registered under mibco and if I work 6 days a week from 8-5 and on sat from 8-1pm am I entitled to 1 off day

  53. thokozani

    Hai if you are a sheet metal work how mach you have to earn between 4000 and 7000

  54. I was resigned at my previous job,so I wanted to know that what’s happening to the old provident fund because I’m still in the same industry

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi William

      If you are still employed in the same industry you are probably continuing your contribution to the motor industry provident fund. You may want to contact your regional MIFA office to confirm. Their contact details are available at http://www.mifa.org.za/contacts.htm



  55. kenney takalani makatu

    how long it takes time for me to get my retrenchment from mibco ,,,,,,,, it takes 3 month or 3 weeks

  56. kenney takalani makatu

    hi my name is kenney i was working @ filling station as a petrol attend i got retrechment so all i need 2 know is this i feel all forms n i take it back to mibco in polokwane so all i need to known is how long is going to take for me to get my money

    • karen

      If u are booked off by dr for IOD can ur company force u to still report for duty
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Karen

        No, if a doctor declared you unfit for duty due to an injury that occurred at the employer’s office, the employer may not force you to go back to work. You will be entitled to claim compensation for injury on duty for the period that you are not able to work.



      • karen

        Thank you. My husbands company keep calling and sending his sms to come in and do light duty etc. I told him not to. The work apparently pays them 80% of their salary for IOD is that correct he only completed IOD form they didn’t give him compensation form to send in
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Karen

        You need to make sure exactly what the situation is currently. Was your husband declared unfit to work due to an injury on duty or not? If the injury was not on duty, is he unable to work for a period of more than a month in which case he may claim UIF illness benefits? If he was injured on duty, was a claim for compensation submitted to the Labour department? If he was simply put on sick leave, does he have enough sick days due?

        Please make sure that you handle the situation within your rights.



      • karen

        Thanx Madeline. He completed the IOD it was signed by dr at the hospital and dr stated on the form unfit for work till 27/5. He gets no response from HR at his work ever. We reported to MIBCO last year about other issues the guy never gave me a final response to those emails
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • karen

        What are the rates for night shift duty? Is it the same as day shift? Thank u
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Kenney

      You may contact the Motor Industry Fund Administrator on 011 561 9300 to enquire about your claim



  57. jono

    hi, am working for motor spares company for 3 years and no leave , no days off , no sick leave and wages and low , want to know what rate sud I be getting after 3 years , am a all rounder and do almost everything at the work place , please do reply

  58. jono

    Please do let me know wen changes happen in mibco , so that I am aware and that our boss is not robbing us, thank u

  59. receptinist rate under MIBCO

    • karen

      What is the rates for night shift? Is there a totally different rate to day shift and is there also a night shift allowance?
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  60. charles

    Hi the company that I workd for 5years back hade a case agenst them for not paing my pension fund like thay we’re sepose to I would like to know if the money was paid over and if I can claim it tanx

  61. Adrian

    Wat is the minimum wage for wheel alignment technician

  62. shaun

    The new track plant in coega eastern cape FAW starting rate @ R22 per hour but the job u do is almost 3 people job.Can anyone help us here to adjust to the minimum rate for the tipe of work plz.

    • karen

      Is night shift a different rate to day shift and how much is given extra for shift allowance?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  63. shaun

    At the moment only working 9hours a day 7.30-17.00 for 5days.

  64. annemarie

    hi im working for two years for a company (panelbeaters) im working from 7.30 – 5.00 oclock in the afternoon no tea time or lunch and then my wages is per week and im not paying tax but desember they tax me on my salary and leave bonus please explained to me

  65. Pierre

    Dear Madelein,
    We recently bought the MIBCO module for Pastel since a new Client of ours are in the Motor Industry. We however found the module to give incorrect figures and queried it with Pastel who now promised to refund us due to this. Do you have any advice since doing it manually is not going to be easy.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Pierre

      The transactions that are implemented for the Industrial Councils module is based on the industry agreements and circulars issued by the councils from time to time. Unfortunately it does happen that new rates are announced while we are in the middle of a development cycle which means we cannot always release updated rates exactly when they are needed. For this reason, we have allowed the industrial council transactions to be editable by the customers. If new rates are announced and we cannot release an upgrade on time, we always inform our council users of the changes and our support team assist with updating amounts and percentages on the transaction setup. All our users have the ability to update any rate on the system to ensure they always process the latest values.
      We also have situations where the different regional offices of some councils interpret the calculation requirements differently. Sometimes they want to include deductions in a fifth week and sometimes they don’t and it confuses both the customer and ourselves, especially if we implement the deductions according to the letter of the law. We have scheduled a lot of enhancements that will be ready by January 2015 that will make the MIBCO module specifically even more customisable to ensure we can address the various needs of the customers in the different regions.
      My advice to you would be to speak to a senior technical consultant first and get their advice on your situation. Perhaps you did not receive the correct information when required and there might be something we can do to address the matter.
      I will ask someone to contact you to discuss the matter further.



      • Pierre

        Thanks Madelein, We spoke to some senior people already and no one could help so far but I agree there must be a solution. So I’ll let my business partner who is responsible for payroll contact you.

  66. charles

    I have been employed as a manager of a petrol station and convenience store for the past 8 years. I never signed a work contract and would like to know if I fall under the basic conditions of employment or under mibco’s conditions, as there will be a big difference in earnings.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Charles

      I don’t know why you never signed an employment contract because it is mandatory that an employer and employee have a written and signed agreement of employment. I cannot tell you whether you are governed by BCEA or MIBCO as it will be determined by your employer and the industry you operate in. Please speak to your employer to get clarity. If the employer is not cooperating, you should get hold of the Department of Labour to query your situation.



  67. Ernest tlhatlha

    im working at filling station as a cashier.our company setuated at bela bela/limpopo province.i just want to know about increment agrement of 2014/2015 necesary information.
    Please help us:

  68. Am a permanent petrol attendant ,i work 8 days per forthnight (7days and a sunday) so I would like to know if how much i should earn per forthnight.

  69. sipho

    Why we not allowed to borrowed money on our provident funds

  70. danny

    Hi madelein i work in a small panelshop i want to know what benifits does a semi skilled spraypainter gets at the end of the year,and must the employer give me provident fund,and he is registerd with mibco

  71. simon

    I’m a qualified automotive body repairs I just want to knw how much is a minimum wage per hour under mibco .n we manufacturers fire trucks

  72. m besselaar

    Hi Madelein
    I need to know if you are an apprentice are you entitled to a christmas bonus, HR say we are not permanent but yet we pay UIF?

  73. Zandile

    Hi. I was working at a petrol garage doing administration. I was supended without pay in December and January . My hearing was in January 22 and final results were issued on the 26 on Monday and today Is the 31st of January but my previous employer has not settles my 2 months salary . How long does he have to take to pay me . my salary was R6322 p.m

  74. val

    Hi I was working for a motor workshop for 3 years. My deductions was 370 per month. I resigned and when to mibco to claim. The company never paid mibco. What should I do now to get my money? This is not my fault so why should I wait

  75. Zulfa Brown

    Can plz advise me how the sick leave cycle wrk.My husband is a member of Mibco nd he’s been booked off for 2days 12/13 February 2015 BT his boss didn’t pay him nd said he don’t have sick leave..Plz advise

  76. thami

    how much a welder must earn under MIBCO rules

  77. i am working at musina copper motors (engen fuel station) ,i dont know my payday and i dont know how much i earning,sometime i get r2900, r3100, r4200 and my boss dedicted r500 or more,someone pls help us

  78. jade

    hi,im working @ a panel beating workishop,how many weeks notice do i have to give them after working for 6 years for this company?

  79. Martin

    Good day

    I have a query, normal working hours is 08:00 – 18:00 with a hour lunch from 12:30 – 13:30

    Is this a 9 hour day, or a 10 hour day? As employers believe that this is a 45 hour week. Or is this a 50 hour week?

  80. can anyone please tell me that powder coating falls in which grade n rate thanks.

  81. ayanda Dube

    Am doing prime spray /flatting so I want to knw what is the rate I must pay per hour plz explain. Am workin at AUTomagic bodyshop willow road

  82. Pule jacob Tawana

    Stament for 2015

  83. Keikantseng adam motsamai

    Good morning
    just want to ask if my contribution still in tact cause I moved from one company to the other
    kind regards

  84. Keikantseng adam motsamai

    Good morning
    just want to ask if my contribution still in tact cause I moved from one company to the other the other thing if you are working for the company then something goes wrong do you pay that of your pocket or and its something you didn’t talk about at the start or have any agreement of
    kind regards

  85. Keikantseng adam motsamai

    Can I have my statement

  86. Yudin Rudluff Beudine Coulsen id 7609105207089

    How far is the process with my provident fund pay out

  87. Madelein van der Watt

    Please refer to the website of the Motor Industry Bargaining Council (http://www.mibco.org.za/) to enquire about provident fund related issues or any other bargaining council related issues.

  88. Madelein van der Watt

    Wage increases for 2015/2016 have been anounced, please go to my latest post for more information

  89. hey,I’m working at franchise company and I earn R100 per day please tell me if this is lawful according to labour relations act?

  90. Arnorld

    I work at a petrol station in Walker. My question is that , is it allowed to have cameras in the kiosk?

  91. sarah

    Hope I find u in good health. I would like to find out the salary of a petrol station manager and if it is the same as cashiers? The expected hours and overtime rates? I am new to this field and require more information with this regard.
    Thank u

  92. Bajabulile

    hi Madelein,im working for the company named Jurgens Ci,in New germany kzn,my employers told us that we under Mibco bt when i consulted Mibco in Pinetown,they said our company is not registered under them!My wory is that i feel as they are exploiting us because we doing so much job bt we earning R26/hr

  93. Kenny

    Hi, does positions have effect on salary, I’m asking this because i’m storeman for a tyre shop but I’m still a general worker on their records.

  94. stephens

    if i m being promoted to the managerial post how much must i get paid as there is no grade for managers

  95. Jane Matube

    How long does it take for Provident Fund to pay-out?Please,tell me how long approximately it take when all papers are in order?

  96. MARIA

    I want to know if I’m registered at Mibco

  97. Solomon Madume

    Hello and how are you I just want to know how is bonus paid,when you work as a general worker in a motor spares,and i also need to know when you qualify for 3weeks leave how much you get paid if maybe you earn 300 a week.

  98. lesiba

    I want to now how many days of sick leave per yr and in 3 yrs,do i get paid during sick leave?Do I deserve a bonus pay if i’m on sick leave?as i’m working at caltex garage.

  99. elmon fowel

    Hi I am a masker. And am curious how much does a masker should earn monthly

    • Solomon Madume

      Hi my is s.t.Madume i work as a general worker in a motor spares and I will like to know the deference between leave pay and bonus pay.

  100. Cobus Southey

    Hi Cobus here, I was just wondering can anyone give me more or less an idea of what the rate are per month for a “semiskilled” panel beater with between 5-7 years experience much apreasiated and please RSVP ASAP

  101. Pollet

    Hi I’m currently employed at gateway truck stop in Limpopo at musina as a diesel attendant at engen garage I work 11 hours day shift and 13 hours night shift whereby I’m earning R2127 per month plz help me I want to knw if I’m suitable to earn such amount plz help

  102. Obet

    Hi I was working @garage so I want apply for my provide fund, I can do it online or I need to go the office to do that.

  103. peter

    Im a storeman with 4 years experience can you tell me what are the current rate i’m in the steel manufacturing

  104. Kefilwe Granny Cwinyane

    Hi my name is Kefilwe. I was working at the garage for one year two months I left without resigning and worked a week which I was not paid for.I want to know if it is possible for them to keep my salary because I didn’t resign.They can keep the salary but what about my leave payment and my bonus? I never took a leave.

  105. Tanya Smith

    Hi i would like to know if my provident fund pay out will be exactly what is on my mibco statement & how long will pay out take?

  106. Mzwakhe jiyane

    Hi Madelein please advise on salary scale on assemblers at panelshops.

  107. Andre Mostert

    I just want to know. What is the increase rate for salaries above R13000.Pls advise. Is annual bonuses from employer compulsory or not? Thx.

  108. Chantelle

    Good day how do I check if I have unclaimed funds and what the amount is please

  109. geraldine

    hi my husband is working as a welder where does he go to borrow from his provident fund

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