Compensation Fund – problems with submitting Return of Earnings

Employers who are trying to submit the annual Return of Earnings for 2013 have been experiencing a variety of problems including:

  • The online ROE system
  • Understanding the new discount procedure
  • Obtaining a Letter of Good Standing
  • Contacting the Compensation Fund via telephone or email


The Payroll Authors Group of South Africa has submitted all the queries to the Compensation Commissioner but has not received any feedback on the subject yet. The deadline for submissions is still 30 April 2013 but as the Commissioner is aware of all the problems that are being experienced we hope that the deadline will be extended.

Until we receive any further information, I suggest that you continue trying to submit your ROE online before 30 April 2013.



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29 responses to “Compensation Fund – problems with submitting Return of Earnings

  1. Hi Madelein
    With regards to ROE, its no use submitting online. I can’t even register online to do the submission! Can I do a manual submission and mail it via registered post?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Romy

      You can use the manual W.As8 form instead if you have received it in the post. I know that the manual form would not have been posted to you if you made use of the online submission last year. If you have received the form and you prefer to go the manual route (which does seem the safer option at this stage) then you should go ahead. Just be aware that you will not qualify for the payment discounts if you submit manually instead.



      • Hi Madelein,
        I have a serious problem. I did not receive the manual form in the post yet and I definitely did not submit online last year. Can I print the manual form from the DOL website and complete it. I’m just worried that my submission will not be submitted on time.

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Romy

        If you are still unable to make use of online submissions and you have not received a manual form in the post and you cannot get hold of anyone at the Compensation Fund to assist with your query, you have no other choice than to download the form from the website and use it for your submission before the deadline.



  2. Hi Madelein
    I have also not yet received the manual form and am not able to register online. Also cannot sem to find the manual form on the DOL website. Can you maybe give me a link please?

  3. Michelle

    I have a 173 submissions to do and for the past 6 weeks I can not get to submit online. What to do?

  4. Aldora

    So the deadline is today irrespective of online or manual submission?

    I cannot get hold of them, get onto the website to download the form nor can I can submit online – the sites are obviously crashing from the volume – now what?

  5. Deano

    I have been trying for days now to submit our ROE online. I get as far as the submit return of earnings, click the button then it says the site is unable to update our ROE details. What now? Its already the 30th

  6. Deano

    Can one still submit the manual form if you are registered to file online? On the manual form it states that you cannot submit the manual form if you are registered for electronic submission. Anyway, if I am forced to submit manually, can it be emailed/ faxed to the Commission or must it be physically posted to them? Thanks

  7. hi there i have tried to log in to ROE but no luck

    i which they can get geared up like the SARS e-filing system, and i think SARS must link the two systems, then we might get somewhere

  8. Rene Brown

    Hi Madelein

    Do I understand you correctly if we have manual return of earnings forms, can we hand deliver it to the nearest department of labour, ie it does not have to be posted to Pretoria? Also we have been trying to get through to Compensation Fund for months. If not a year by now. We cannot get through telephonically, emails & faxes go unanswered, still cannot register our clients online to submit W.As.8 (have submitted manual ones). We need to get statement of account for each of our clients. It seems the Compensation fund has a 3 year backlog as we are only receiving assessments now for 2009-2011. One of our clients have been penalised for late payment. He didn’t pay late, 2009-2010 was only assessed last year when we submit the online return. We have submitted a letter requesting waiving thereof but have heard nothing for the past 12 months. What can we do for our clients regarding all the above. We want to ensure that our clients comply to the law but cannot if we do not know where we stand. Our clients trust us to keep their business affairs up to date, but we can’t with this kind of service from Compensation Fund. We are in Somerset West, Western Cape. Please advise what our options are as we are extremely frustrated at this stage.. Thank you. Rene

  9. Rina

    Who is Madelein? What a pathetic service? PAY PAY PAY and to hell with who the hell are making the payment. I am considering getting off this PATHETIC buss.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Rina

      I have emailed you directly to find out what the cause of your complaint is so I may provide you with the best possible advice.



      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Rina

        I understand that you are frustrated by the COID online service and as I explained, many employers out there share your frustrations. We are hoping that this year they would learn from their mistakes and provide a better service when the 2013/2014 ROE submissions are due.



  10. Morning Madelein
    Firstly – thank you for your effort to try and assist and make a difference regarding this labour dept chaos.

    My login of last year is not accepted this year? Are there any other users that experience the same problem? Should I re-register (just now they expect 2 submissions and want payment for both)?

    The pdf doket for this years guidelines has a error! I was able to download the manual submission document for 2012. Is 2013 not available?

    Thys Kemp

  11. Preanka

    Hi Madelein

    I just registered a company with the Compensation Fund about two weeks ago, Im sure I have to submit a return. I have registered online and tried several times to submit return of earnings but it keeps giving me an error stating that the ROE request is not fully processed. What does this mean? I have also sent an email to and have not received feedback as yet.

  12. Baile Lekololwane

    Good morning I need help with submission of return of earings . Coz i need letter of good standing.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Baile

      You may submit your return of earnings online at



      • Hi Madelein
        I need your advice please. This is unrelated to return of earnings.
        If a permanent employee of a company does freelance work for the same company out of office hours, using their own equipment, should the remuneration for this freelance work be taxed?

  13. Chantelle

    Hi Madelein,

    We are trying to submit our ROE online for the first time, but we only get a message “Roe submission fetched successfully” but then nothing further happens. How do we go about submitting ?

  14. Hi Madelein

    Our accountants who initially registered us with the Compensation Fund a few years ago registered us on the wrong industry, how do I go about getting in contact with the compensation fund in order for them to correct it as we pay a ridiculous amount every year due to us being billed in the wrong industry.

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