National Bargaining Council – Road Freight and Logistics Industry

Effective 01 June 2013, the NBCRFLI no longer administers the provident fund. Sanlam is now the new fund administrator for the bargaining council’s provident fund.​ As a result, the council will no longer require provident fund contributions to be included in the monthly D-form submission. Employers will now have to submit two separate returns each month – the D-form to the council and provident fund contributions to Sanlam.

For June 2013 submissions, employers must register at and complete the online provident fund return.

More information can be obtained from


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154 responses to “National Bargaining Council – Road Freight and Logistics Industry

  1. Joseph santaoana

    I have been retreach and i have submid every thing they have ask is now 2month i have heard nothing from them i dnt know what to do now

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Joseph

      You should make contact with your Bargaining Council area representative. Their contact details can be found at



      • Zamikhaya Pike

        There’s no point Madelein because they don’t pick up the phone,i’m also a victim of this inconvenience,its been 6 months now but still i haven’t received my funds

      • Hi Madeline

        Hope this text finds you well. I would like to know with regard to the Transport and logistics industry; which bracket of employees fall into bargaining council and which don’t.

        If you have a working document that answers that may you kindly share on

        Kind regards;

  2. Lawrence Seepamore

    Hi, I hope you may help us, we experiencing a delay Rflipf for pension funds since from 2011 what seems to be the problem coz we completed provide all what was needed and we keep calls as they said but nothing happens , how long does the process takes

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Lawrence

      You need to contact the NBCRFLI Provident Fund call centre on 0861 735 473



  3. Thabo ndleleni

    Hi MY NAME IS THABO NDLELENI,i was suppose to have received my provident fund money on de 31st of july 2013,but nothing has happened so far,,can u please tel me what might be the problem?

  4. Madelein van der Watt

    Hi Thabo

    You need to contact the NBCRFLI Provident Fund call centre on 0861 735 473



  5. Samuel Mapingure

    Hi. I am Samuel. I worked for Boval Express Couriers in PE from 21 Jan 2010 to 8 Feb 2011. Id ECZZ 0410908. Can you please check for me if my money is in.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Samuel

      You need to contact the NBCRFLI Provident Fund call centre on 0861 735 473



      • Samuel Mapingure

        Thanks for your response to my query.

        I contacted nbcrfli office and I was told they are working on unclaimed funds until end of November.

        How can I know if I am among those unclaimed funds? I applied for my money in August 2011. Is there anyone specific that I can contact so that they can check for me if my application is among those of unclaimed funds?

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Samuel

        Only the fund administrators processing the claims will be able to give you that information. Please contact their call centre again to ask for confirmation that they have received your claim.



  6. munyai ezekiel

    I have resigned frm Ram Couriers. on August now there telling me that I must go self to barganing’ office for my money again all my leave money I must get it from barganing council how is that true . Please help me

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Munyai

      Yes, that is possible. The Bargaining Council may either pay out the money to your employer who, in turn, will include it in your last payslip, or the Bargaining Council may require you to collect the money directly from them. Contact details for the Bargainig Council branches are available at



  7. kaizer keele

    Hi I’m kaizer I just wana ask how much does a sandblaster rate in an hour? (free state)

  8. mpho pitso

    Hi my name is mpho i was sapoust to recieve my money on july but i havent receive it every time i call them they keep on teling me that my money is on paying deptment for how long i have to wait to get my money.

    • Lisson Sfundo Bosman

      Ive submit my Roadfreight and Logistics Industry Provident fund,but since then there’s no reply or calls from the fund.Please help

  9. Calvin Mogoje

    Hi, My Name is Calvin and i have been phoning the NBCRFLI for months now and now on monday they said i cant receive my money because my statement does not have my name on it. How possible is that. Please assist.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Calvin

      You need to contact the NBCRFLI Provident Fund call centre on 0861 735 473



  10. Shantha

    Hi,this is regarding my porvident fund which is now handled by SALT EB but they are no help over the phone and on email now for over 2 and a half years.Is there someone I can go and speak to or a Durban office I could go to?Please help!.

  11. Hi
    I like to know the process to follow when need to get or borrow provident fund.I really need a house i’m homeless.Please reply.

  12. mpho pitso

    Hi im john i,d like know if you had any information abt how long da profident fund take exacly cos some are tellng me that its 6months nd some told me that it took a year if you had any idea can u plz help

  13. Moses Mabokela

    Hi my name is moses mabokela i have been strugling with my money since 2011,and i have again sent my documents on the 03/12/2013 they told me it will take 15 working days but so far nothing,please advise. Moses
    ID 640202xxxxxxx
    cell 072xxxxxx

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Moses

      Please contact the Provident Fund Call Centre on 0861 735 473 to enquire about your claim.



  14. Keith

    Hi there can you please give me the rates of earthmoving operators.

  15. Hi,I wonder if you can help me.I work for a company who manufacture furniture in Graaff Reinet as a truckdriver for the past six months.I have worked a lot of overtime since I started here without any compensation.My boss’s answer to me is that the government don’t want him to pay us overtime.Can you please advise me of what to do because I personally think that’s not fair.Thank uyou very much. Jan Ernest

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jan

      The only limitation in the Basic Conditions of Employment is that individuals earning more than R193 805 per year are not entitled to receive payment for overtime. If you earn less than this earnings limit per year you are definitely entitled to receiving overtime payments and there is also a limit to the amount of overtime your employer may expect you to work.
      This limitation may be replaced by a sectoral determination if you work within a specific industry represented by a bargaining council. Please find out whether you are represent by a specific bargaining council and whether the council agreement determines that you are entitled to overtime payments.



  16. Jabulani Moloi

    Hi all.

    I used to work for UTI-DBE under kelly industrial then end of July 2013 I then became inactive.

    I submited all my documents for provident fund in Septmber 2013 but no money has been deposited into my account.

    Jabulani Johannes Moloi
    810427 5648 089
    083 699 2767

  17. Hi my name is Arthur ive been to the bargaining council and needed forms from my last company and contribution ive made to unfortunately due to my divorce ive lost all my papers so I spoke to a lady this morning Charmaine which was very unhelpful and rude from the bargaining council not all the companies I worked for has contributed all I needed was the last company I worked for and made contributions from so I would like to know where I can obtain this info from and where I can make a formal complaint against Charmaine we cannot have people working their wuyh such attitudes because it reflexs bad on your company she should leave her attitude or whatever at home or go for telephone manners training ro learn how to speak to clients but could if you can furnish me with information what I require will be most appreciated.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Arthur

      All the information you require is on the Road Freight and Logistics Industry Provident Fund website (
      You can download claim forms and then follow the 3 step process to submit your claim. There contact details are also available on their website, or you can call them on 011 484 0746/9



  18. timothy nkosi

    Like to know does the bargaining councel pays for sick leave when an employee is dissmissed and didnt use them?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Timothy

      Sick leave is not an entitlement and only gets paid when an employee needs to take a few days off due to illness. A limited number of days are allowed as paid sick days during a sick leave cycle. As you are not entitled to these days and the payment only applies in the event of illness, you are not entitled to a payment of sick days due on termination of employment. This entitlement only applies to accrued annual leave.



  19. timothy nkosi

    Thanx for ur help, now the question is when does the nbcrfli pays leaves after a dissmissal? Bcos i used to get it on the 15th while i was working. And how true is for a company to claim for provident fund on behalf of an employee? I submitted all the document and the company send me an email confirming theyv send for processing to rfinfo… Then i got anada 1 from SALT EB confirming the recieving of the documents…. So how long will the process takes

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Timothy

      You are entitled to leave pay (the value of annual leave days still due to you) when you receive your final payslip after your employment has been ended. To find out about the progress of your provident fund claim, please contact the fund administrator’s call centre on 0861 735 473

      Kind Regards


  20. timothy

    Ill lyk to know when is the exact date for nbcrfil to pay for annual leave, and is it ok for my employer to claim my provident fund claim. I submited all the documents to them as the requested. Then my employer submitted my claim form via email to rfinfo,then i recievd an emiali from SALT EB stating that theyv recievd the query. Is this stating that theyv receivd my claim and busy with it or? And how long the proccessing takes?

  21. nyasko

    Hi…I’d like to know if it’s possible for a company to pay you bonus at the end off the year(December) then deduct that bonus they paid you on January???

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Nyasko

      Did your employer explain why the bonus was deducted? It might have been paid by mistake. Please find out exactly why the bonus was paid and why it was deducted again.



      • nyasko

        Hi Madelein thanks for your response…I’ll liked to ask about my limitation of medical aid because I’ve just got the NBCRFL medical aid card and I want go to the dentist to have a gold teeth😜…so the medical aid will cover the cost???

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Nyasko

        The Wellness Fund Health Plan details are explained on the NBCRFLI website
        According to the website, the dental limit has been increased to R1 000 per incident and R2 000 every two years for the principal member and registered spouse, and includes approved dental procedures such as examinations, fillings and extractions.

        To query whether your dental procedure is approved by the fund, please contact them on 0861 872 333



  22. Bonana

    Hy my name is bonana i wanted to know if its possibly for me to gt my provident fund statement via email?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Bonana

      Please contact the Provident Fund call centre on 0861 735 473



  23. I’m thabiso I submit withdrawal form to my employer last month, how long can I wait for money, my company is staff initiative

  24. I have resign last year 02/10/2013 and my documents were submitted 23/12/2013 but still i didnt received my money

  25. my name is andy modau worked for virtual logistics 2 years ago have the papers to claim for provident fund but cudnt do it since so id like to know if my money is there my id no is 8705126263082, cel no is 0847811795, and please tel me what i should do

  26. Dunisani makamu

    Hi, am Dunisani makamu. I just wanted to know how long must i wait to receive my provedent funds after my resignation?

  27. Hi the doctors boarded me due to my illness 3mnth ago and i am disable(heartdesease) not working anymore,i read in my benefit statement i qualify for a lump sum 2x my annual salary(R6000pm) and how long waiting period and my contract ends at 55y and i am 52y are my previous employer still have to pay me a salary thnx hennie

  28. pietsnyman

    Wil graag weet of daar enige fondse vir my is by barganing council (braamfontein) I’d nr.58xxxxxxxx dnki hoop om gou terug voer te kry lekk dggi

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Piet

      Jy sal die Bargaining Council direk moet kontak. Sage Pastel Payroll & HR het geen konneksie met hulle nie, ons gebruik net hierdie blog om inligting te deel.

      Jy kan die Braamfontein kantoor kontak op 011 703 7000



  29. malesela rassie ngwepe

    i rcvd a call from data factory as they bn given by roadfrght nd now two mnths waiting for unclaimd money.

  30. david

    Would like to know over how many months does all your money get paid out?

  31. dewald

    I resign on 31/07/2014 from my previous employer , they told me that there is a 6 months waiting period for pension to been paid out, why 6 months?

  32. I have a problem i m working for a company called cobra transport now what they done by June they say we no longer work under them we are under Kelly industry what i want to know is it possible that our provident fund we continue

  33. Ronny

    I submited everything on 13 may 2014 i didntget paid even today when i call the or going streight to them what i get is story i dont know what to do

  34. Ronny

    I think speakout can help us get our money is all we can do this people want the whole world to know ,see what we are going through to get our money,this is our money guys i submited at 13 may 2014 is been seven month now

  35. john

    My name is john i resign from my work on 31/10/2014 and i like to know if i am entiltled to my leave pay by nbcrfli and how to go about if so.

  36. Ronny

    I claim my money since 13 may 2014 now is been seven month waiting,my last day of waiting period was on 31 july 2014 according to my forms can someone help me get my money my number is 071 712 5000 pls anyone help me

  37. mpho prince

    my fund money is due when im 21 years , can it be issued out due to my terminal diagnosis ? (the treatment is costly)

  38. adam moeng

    Hi am Adam I’ve been working in Nissan south Africa for 9 years and I’ve resign and its been 3 month now the past 6 weeks I’ve called NBC agent that is in our company .so she told me she have lost my papers’ so I should come and fill the forms again .plz help

  39. michael molefe

    hi madam I’ve been with bargain cancel for 4months nw dey keep on deducting wellness fund but d
    idn’t receive any card

  40. randall

    The agency I’ve worked for doesn’t want to pay or give my form to claim my provident fund what must I do

  41. Lawrance

    hi I’m a NBC contributor so I need to know whether NBC can help me to buy a house cause asked them to borrow me money they said they wont give me money the only thing they can do is to buy me a house then ill be able to pay the money back so i want to know how serious is that matter.
    i thank you.

  42. arnold

    it seems like all quiries are about late payments by yourselves.i want to apply for my prvident fund but am i afraid i will wait forever.what if anything is being done to rectify this

  43. Munier

    I would like to know if maybe you could inform me about how long it takes for the funds to pay out and if my claim is in progress

  44. Hi madeline iam working as a furniture removal and installation but I don’t manufature funiture so which bargaining do I foll under furniture or logistic?

  45. bernard chaparadza

    I submitted my claim papers with your pub office on the 25 February 2015 ,up
    to now there not yet submitted to the re
    levant office why

    may l have answers plz


    Bernard Chaparadza

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Bernard

      I am sorry but I cannot help you as I do not work for the Council. It would be best if you contact the office where your documents were submitted to get their feedback



  46. Franklin Springbok

    hi madelein.i was let go o few years ago from African Spirit Logistics Upington.i’m having difficulty acquiring contact with the owner.provident and wellness fund were deducted from my do i claim my provident and even other pay outs if i dont have contact with my employees any more

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Franklin

      If you still have copies of payslips that display these deductions, you can use them as proof and contact the council for advice. Show them that your employer has deducted provident and wellness fund contributions from your salary and ask them how you can go about claiming your provident fund payout.
      You can contact the Call Centre on 086 173 5473 or email



  47. paulinah mahlangu

    Hi my name is paulinah my father died lastyear on october he was working for Stols vervoer, so we’ve submitted al the form that was requered for his money to the company was working for and they told us that Bargaining is the 1 who should pay all his money.I love to knw that how long its gonna take please.thank you

  48. Thelma

    Good day
    i like to ask about rates, what is a material handler and admin rate per hour please advise.

  49. lawrance manyaka

    Hi,I resiqned from bargaining councel 2013,the money I have receved is not what I was expecting,caus I have 3 years full contrubuted 500 rand every month of wich in 3 years is 18000 thousand then when I add company contribution the money should be 36000 thousand and I only receved 19000 thousand.can u pleas tell what I can do for follow-ups

  50. Hi my employer did email my provident fund application on the 13 March 2015 the I have been told to call 0861735473 to make follow up.I did talk to Wendy after two (2) weeks. then She told me that my money will be ready in two (2)to three (3) weeks but nothing. Today the 29April2015, I have called Wendy and She told me She’s got my forms but dont know whats going on but must call again nextweek Monday or Tuesday. Thats poor service.Please give people whats theirs.We dont have to fight for our money coz we worked very hard for it.

  51. Celustial

    Good day
    Can u please help me I’ve completed the form you guys send me date 14/07/2014 and never received any monies due to me.What must I do now.

  52. Jusca

    When my claim is on processing how long can i wait 2 receive the money.

  53. njabulo gumede

    Hi,,can u tell what to do,my payment is late now by a week,,i have tried calling 0861735473 but no answer all the time

  54. Faizel ohlson

    How long does it take 4 provident fund payout? My 6 months waiting period was done on the 30th of may 2015 already, but still i havent recieved a reciept stating how much i will recieve or on what date. Please help i need my money now.

  55. krinesh ryan naidoo

    I have sent true all needed documents,it’s been 6 months already and haven’t received any monies owing to me,I would like someone to get back to me in this matter

  56. tyrone

    im retrenched where must i get money to phone the consultant who put you on hold for more than five minutes.this is unexceptable and wrong to towards employees who contributed,somethings not right spend more airtime then what is in the fund.

  57. mashudu

    i was using NBC , until march 2015, now i changed to alexandre forbes, now my question is, do i have to claim my money from NBC or wait for retirement age?

  58. Edward kodisang

    I am working for a company,and its a warehouse and distribution company and its 8yrs now and we dont have provident fund and i want to know is it not compalsory for an employer to register their employees and what procedures to follow to find out what sector of bargaining council we fall under

  59. Victor M Nhlanganiso

    Hi,i’ve tried several times to call to this no.0861735473 to check if my employer hv submitted my claim form but instead no one is picking up the can u help me?

  60. michael

    Would like to know the regulations to starting a moving company,employment rules with payments and caring for staff.

  61. franshuwer Qhina

    Hi,i was hired by globeflight courier in bloemfontein in 2014 November then they reffered me to kelly industrial in 2015 March they dismissed me without valid reasons I then opened a case against them because they’ve never introduced me to kelly and kelly as well never came to me to explain the reasons y i was dismissed but I was paid by kelly.later kelly called me to say i should cancel the case they’ll find another job for me but since I’ve cancelled the case nothing is happening and my life stucked no job kelly is offering me as they promised. Now I want to know if i want to reopen my case and carry on with it is it possible. My case number is RFBC34861 case was suppose to be heard in July the 18th. Regards

  62. Lucky Luvuno

    I’ve got a problem with my company refuse to pay me leave bonus but they still deduct it from my pay even wellness fund card is not working i don’t know why?

  63. A M Motlhodi

    Hi! Since my company retrenched me these year on 6 march,I’m still waiting for my money but nothing happen. Thank you

    A M Motlhodi

  64. krinesh ryan naidoo

    I’m still waiting for the monies that are owed to me, it has been more than six months. What is the hold up with the money

  65. krinesh ryan naidoo

    I’m still waiting for the monies that are owed to me, it has been more than six months. What is the hold up with the money. How long does it take

  66. michael

    Hi,I would like to know who I can speak to put my transport business in line with the bargining council.thanks.

  67. Madelein van der Watt

    Please refer to the website of the National Bargaining Council for the Roadfreight and Logistics Industry ( ) to submit any queries related to their provident fund or any bargaining council related issues

  68. zwelihle

    I have never applied for U.I.F for 3 previous company I would like to know whether its been grouped together.

    • franshuwer Qhina

      Zweli i had a similar scenario and when I get there I’ve been told that it expires after six months if you never claimed it. They keep it for six months only.

  69. malelefetsane chesetsi

    hi madam/sir i submited my claim with capacity two weeks ago.up untill now i haven’t got any update.

  70. mochalo khalimane

    How can I get my statement every year?

  71. But wy written things delay like this.its easier to take money from someone and difficult to give it back. Most pple are crying with this tax thing. Yu submit all papers needed but you get nothing. If yu ask yu ar directed to someone who dont pick up the phone. May pliz tell me if this money is to be refunded back or not so that I will not continue asking for it.imagine my money for transport gng to the offices .pliz help.coz if the money was paid before what are the delays to get it back

  72. krinesh ryan naidoo

    It’s gone 10 months and I never receive any monies yet

  73. thabo tsotetsi

    Hi sir/madam
    I’ve applied for my leave bonuses on the 23-09-2015,through my former remployer,and up to now,I haven’t been paid.And would like to find out how long should I wait again?

  74. marshall1963

    HI Madelein
    i employ 55 causal workers who work on average two days per week each, i have been forced to register them with the bargaining council, the problem i have is that we cannot afford to pay over the fees for a full month when they work on an average 9 days per month ,we received the first account which amounts to over thirty thousand per month ,we are seriously considering closing the business as it is just simply unaffordable, is there any form of exception that we can apply for or a company or institution that we can contact for advise, to try and deal with the council directly is very difficult.
    kind regards Marshall.

    • marshall1963

      Apologies suppose to be is there any form of “exemption” that we can apply for or a company or institution that we can contact for advise,

  75. David Majoro

    Hi, I was working at Indilinga Distribution Solution and I couldn’t claim my provident fund for the past 18 months to this date. Do I still have chance to claim it and if so where do I start to process the claim?

  76. I was working for capital transport at king williams town so my boss was deducting the wellness fund but he was,nt pay at national bargaining council so now i want to recieved my wellness fund deduction at capital transport the muslim company.

  77. Bernard chaparadza

    I submitted my provident fund papers through PMB offices in February 25 2015, up to date my claim is not payed, a friend who is a south african got his money in six months time and he aapplied after me why is it like that.Right now my childrens are not going to school for the whole term so far isn’t it xenophobic attack,further more it’s not even clear to me when I am going to get my money.I demand an agent answer some one set on my papers the whole nine months I had to send other papers again and promised that my money will take 25 working days as from 07 October but up to date I still told to wait for another six months again, how much should I have to suffer. Your childrens are going to school, no no no its enough who is going to heal this demages in my childrens , please work out my money today I need it for my childrens

  78. eric nthibogelang

    Since I submitted my provident fund this on july I haven’t receive respond from you.thanks for your time

  79. phenyo styles

    I have submitted my forms and they gave me a slip .it says i am going to recieve my fund by da end of this month.i have been calling this number 0861735473 and i talk to this guy his name is Andile .he told me he has sent an email to his manager for the past two weeks i have calling him to confirm if i am going to get my funds by the end of the month.he told me his managers havent responded yet and i must call them.
    So with all respect can you please give me the contacts so i can call them.

    Kind regards.P.S mogotlane

  80. simpiwe

    plz cant somebody help by give me a call .
    In conection with my sick leave pay out i have ben waiting for the hole year plz help. My contact is 0745329229

  81. franshuwer Qhina

    Haekhona. Since I submitted my forms for provident funds in the beginning of April 2015 till now no reply no payments has been done to me. I’ve sent several emails to madelein she doesn’t reply to me to explain what’s happening. When I try to call 0861735473 no pick up for the number.I even went to the offices in bloemfontein they can’t help me as well. Iyho what’s wrong now. Can you guys please help me. Franshuwer Qhina Id number 6902065448087. Thanks

  82. My name is Romano Kalamdien im working as a Code10 driver at Imvuza Trading i started their in on a 3 months contract that i didnt sign and after 3 months I am still working their my concern is my salary is R6500 p/m is that the right amount according to bargain council or by law and I dont get overtime and I dont get lunch if leave the company I dont get anything because theirs no benefits what can I do PLZ!!!!

  83. Jimmy

    Hi Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

    My name is EmJay I was just wondering because maybe I dont understand, I’ve had countless fights with my boss (HR), say for instance i have worked 279 hours within 16 days meaning before i got sick i had 195hours as a normal hours that pay my basic and 84hours as an overtime paid by hourly rate multiply 1.5 multiply by 84, I am working from sunday evening to friday evening on the trucks as a crew, and then i get sick and the doctor gives me 3 days off work. You know what, my HR would do… he minus 27hours off my overtime hours with his reason being, NBCRFLI pays me for those days the doctor booked me sick… Isnt he supposed to pay me all my hours without ripping me off?? I mean from what I understand NBCRFLI pays me for those 3 days i was booked off by the Doctor because i was unable to work those 3 days because I got sick, right?? So, is he right deducting my overtime hours???

    • Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

      Hi EmJay

      You must be paid for the overtime that you physically did work. The overtime you did work has nothing to do with your sick leave. Yes, the council might pay you for your sick days but it does not change the fact that you have already worked overtime that you must be compensated for. Please go back to your HR manager and explain that they owe you payment for overtime worked, regardless of whether or not you had to take sick leave during the month.



      • Jimmy

        Good day.

        I’m afraid, I have done that countless times to a point now that I think the best thing to do for me is to consult my Lawyers regarding this issue, because he is not doing this only to me but to the rest of other employees not on management. Or where to you suggest i start because here at Super Group, whether I take a family responsibility leave, the doctor books me off and I bring both the proof, to him it doesn’t count at all, to him as long as a transport manager didnt book me off, he take off my hours from my overtime and thats it. I have come to a point whereby I am tired of working long hours that at the end of the day, if i get sick, they’re being cut off. So, I am just wondering whether its a right thing to do to start with my Lawyers or CCMA or labour of which I know, it is going to put me at risk of loosing my job because i’m fighting for my money.

        And one more thing, we deliver to EC, WC, NC FS and some parts in Lesotho so, if it happens that we sleep out, he cuts the hours at 5pm regardless of whether we are busy or not only to start again paying us the following morning from 7am, I mean he gives us what he call “a sleep out” money that happens to be a three interval meal allowance according to NBCRLI, we sleep on the truck guarding the stock all night long and for nothing but a 3meal allowance, I mean shouldnt we be getting something i mean, I am on duty because I am not in my bed, I am on the truck… so, is 5pm the right time to close the hours if we are on sleep out and are we supposed to sleep on the truck from 5pm to 7am the next morning without being paid??

      • Patrick Louw

        Hi Madelein my name is Arthur Jimmy is not the only one trying to bring his company to book regarding overtime payments and rest days on the 12 of November after a meeting at the company premises on the 02 of November with the agent for the Vaal area who seems to think its legal for a company to convert your overtime hours to normal ours and two day’s rest after a month on the road Madelein on the 12 of November I went to NBC Bramfontein and I can tell you that my agent for my erea refuse to see me whiles sitting at her desk and the other agents dependent her even her supervisor a Ernest Buthalezi was not willing to help me with my questions so I’m sorry if I feel that all the agent’s at nbc Braamfontein is corrupt pls there is a lot of things at this company that does not add up like one driver thats been working at the company for 18 years only to receive a provident statement of R151.000 pls can you help us .


        Arthur Louw

      • Jimmy

        Patrick Louw, I’ve realized that most companies do not care about us, management doesn’t as there’s thing that states that if they’ve saved a lot of money and performed well there’s a bonus they get so the more they saved the bigger and fat their bonus is. I mean let’s face it, we dont rest and work around a clock only to be ripped off by someone who sleeps in his bed every night and works from 8am to 4 or 5pm. Like today, I am in Taung and its a sleep out and my boss is going to clock me off at 5pm yet i’m a security of this truck through out a night and only for a three meal corse

      • Patrick Louw

        Hi Jimmy the problem is with the nbc who is supposed to be neutral and apply the law but instead the agents is depending the company’s for there own personal gain they don’t care about the inpact it have on the economy drivers and there families lives and on the accident rate in our country to me its seems all the big companies are protected by the agents for a small fee whilst the companies is saving millions according to the nbc collective agreement companies that dont comply with the law of our land shall be finned by the nbc and the laws shal be implemented and I can tell you now thats not happening because of bribes taken by the nbc agents.

        Arthur Louw

  84. Hi I want to know about bonuses for a year because our boxes their give me any thing they sometimes 3000 notify me about money

  85. Arthur Louw

    Good morning Madelein it’s Arthur Louw again Madelein at the company United Bulk I’m workig at there is a lot of issues from provident fund fraud overtime and rest day’s questions and amounts that does not add up on our pay slips know I have been to nbclfri Braamfontein to report the matters on Monday the 30 November your agent a Mrs Matua was there addressing my fellow driver’s and insured them that all the company’s where on track now I went to the Department of Labour yesterday after a tip off by one of the drivers that was fired to come and find that I was not registered for U I F after 2 year’s pls can you help us or give us the details of someone who will be able to help us pls except the nbcrfli agents in Braamfontein pls .


    Arthur Louw

  86. chris mukumi

    hi staff?hope you are all well, can u pls help me with the rate of code 14 driver per hour or monthly sallary thx in advance.

  87. Nicholas

    Please provide me with the contact for leave claims

  88. John

    Hi my name is John,and would like to know how is the 13th cheque bonus,sick/leave bonus calculate on employee who earn per month at the road freight?

  89. gordon cross

    More ek wil net weet wanneer word die bonuses vir desember uitbetaal. Dankie

  90. I have been working for three years now but each year I don’t have even received any bonus but my fellow workers did received their bonus when I approach nbc they say I I receive double the next year but its still repeating

  91. pieter truter

    Hi my naam is pieter truter,,,het gewerk vir henra in mosselbaai,,,asb het my provident funds afgetrek ,,nog niks in my rek nie,,asb help,,danki

  92. Vicky


    Maybe you would be able to help me. When capturing a leave transaction on pastel payroll for a employee belonging to the NBCRFI, what would be the correct process the follow. The NBCRFI pays the annual leave for our employees, how to you capture this on the payslip? So that the leave is deducted on their payslip and it reflects that the company does not pay the employee for those specific days.

    Any help would be appreciated

  93. natalia

    Hi I would like to file a complaint with the NBC foroutstanding contributions from my prevouis employer as I have now been dismissed I still have leave and bonuses outstanding for a year and a half.Please assist me.

  94. Thembalihle Mjokwa


    I’ve been dismissed last year July while, I was injured at work but they didn’t even compansate me for this permanent injury, It’s been a long long time trying to report that to Labour offices and NBCRFLI but I didn’t get any response I don’t know what to do now

  95. Oscar

    How much is my leave pay this year? Oscar mahasahasa

  96. colbert

    Hi how to claim sick fund i never use dat fund since i was employed

  97. Sipho

    Hi Madelein
    My contract have expired, my employer only gave me UI19 form. When I ask about my providend fund they I will get it after 3 months because bargaining counsil is delaying the process, there are too many people claiming there. I am asking if this is true, is this the way it suppose to be?

    • Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

      Hi Sipho

      Unfortunately I cannot confirm this as Sage has no affiliation to the Bargaining Council

      Good luck!


  98. wilson

    Am asking for a help if I resign at work I must get a sick leave or not? In two to three years I have never get it please I need your help

  99. franshuwer Qhina

    Madelein please talk to me because really i need this information. In the years 1997-1999 i worked for sun couriers under Kelly girl and after i left I’ve never made any claim. Now I would really like to apply but I don’t know where to go. Can I still get this morning after so long if yes how please.kind regards franshuwer Qhina

    • Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

      Hi Franshuwer

      The website for the RFLI provident fund administrator is

      Here you will find some info but perhaps give them a call on 011 484 0746 or 011 484 0749 to find out about your specific situation



  100. Alfred

    My name is Alfred I want to no hw long you get your money when I retire

  101. Anzatshilidzitshau

    I hv 5 months now i claim my money bt stil nothing i hv children n am nt working when i claim dat money think its will help me bt i see now i was wrong why they deducat our aftr we dnt get it,alwys whn i go there stil on processing

  102. I have beem found medicly unfit for work sins november 2015 im still wating for my pension to bepaid out sins november 2015. I dont have any income at all its now 4 months and i havend gotten any thing what van i do. Can you help me please. I worked at macdonalds transport. Hope you can help to speed up the matter

  103. deon

    Gud day im just wondering I’ve been retrenched my company submitted my forms to the council and when I phoned the council’s office they told me they didn’t received anything was wondering if I could go to the council’s office myself and hand it in and which type of forms you must have

  104. mxolisi

    hi my name is mxolisi I work as checker for 3 years now but my rate its different from other checkers I need to know how much checker s do they rate

  105. bongani t.radebe

    Hi rflipf,my name is Bongani Radebe,i worked for three years,but the company was closed last year .i would like to know my balance if possible.thank you.

  106. I complete my forms 7 AUG 2015 she told me longest waitng period is 6months and iam still Waiting is 29 of April 2016

  107. Reabetsoe

    Need to know if one have not reported for work on a Wednesday but went the following day. Do they have to come with a medical certificate even if it’s only a day.

    • Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

      Hi Reabetsoe

      According to the Basic Conditions of Employment, a medical certificate is required where you are absent from work due to illness for two consecutive days or more, or more than once in an 8 week period. Your industry or perhaps the company you work for might have a different policy therefore it is best to consult with your empployer about the sick leave policy that is applied in your company.



  108. Helo sir /madam I want to know the company dat I work for it before I resign they were deducting uif since 2010 but they didn’t register me at labour what should I do. From here

  109. Hi
    please I get retrechment on 29 April 2016 and the employer told me I’m going to get my money between 6 to 8 weeks is that true?


  110. mbai hendrick malapile

    Dear sir/madam

    I applied for provident fund on the 21st of june 2016 so I would like to found out how long should I wait for it because they told me that after two weeks I ll be able to get the money

    I will be glad if I can get help from you

  111. ntshavheni

    wat can i do if i want to dat m rigstr as code 10 r code 14?

  112. sibonelo conrad

    I am Sibonelo Ngcamu I have been a playing the profident fund since last year but I haven’t received anything yet what must I do.

  113. David Botha

    Hi is there any way we can rectify a mistake made by former employer as
    to the banking details where 1number was incorrect and the same mistake was made on provident fund claim the claims were both submitted on the 26th September 2016 thanks pls help

  114. janet

    My husband got sick in the work place it was nearly a week when he pass away worked for 9 years as a truck driver now I must wait a year for pension and provident funds

    • krinesh

      I have sent threw all my documents 1 and half years ago , I’m still waiting for what’s due to me

  115. sibongiseni

    Hi. Am Sibongiseni Makhaza. I was dismissed and I submitted all the documents at the Bargaining council. Now I’ve been waiting for them to pay out my PRO-RATA money, that is for my shifts. Now it’s 3 weeks now still waiting. How long do they take to pay?

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