Employment Equity Reporting Season

The Department of Labour is now accepting annual Employment Equity Reports for 2013. All designated employers (who employ 150 or more employees or whose turnover value exceeds the annual thresholds) must submit their EE reports manually before 01 October 2013. Thereafter, only online reports will be accepted until 15 January 2014.

To access the online reporting portal or for more information, please visit https://ee.labour.gov.za/dmiso/


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11 responses to “Employment Equity Reporting Season

  1. I dont understand this thing why a u pricing with area and how will I know which area to I fall in

  2. Im working as a security at a construction company im working 31 days no off and they said my basic salary is R3000.00 a month am I entitle to this money or should I earn more

  3. hi,how much is the new rate/hour for grade B &C Sec.Officer 2014 -15 financial year.

  4. hi!can you pls update me with the new private security wages for 2014/2015 grade d,c and b for area 1 to 3. How many days must security officer left behind before getting paid?

  5. Bonginkosi Michael Khumalo

    im working acording the low but problem we not get paid sundays&public holidays can u plz assist what must i do to pass over it?

  6. How much is the increase of security starting from 1september 2014

  7. I would like to know,im working for avanti security in Hotazel Northern cape,so i dont know which area am i falling into,and how much have u increased according to rates?

  8. Hi hw much security rate for grade B&C from 2015/2016

  9. oupa

    i just to know grade d rate per hour from 2013 to 2015

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