PSIRA Wage Increase effective 01 September 2013

New wage rates for the Private Security Industry are available and must be applied from 01 September 2013. To view the latest increases, go to



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  1. Pollen Chisambo

    hi,what r the new rates for security officers,effective 1st sept,2013? tnx,chisambo

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Pollen

      The rates are as follows:

      Area 1
      Grade A = R19.60 per hour
      Grade B = R17.45 per hour
      Grade C = R14.95 per hour
      Grade D/E = R14.12 per hour

      Area 2
      Grade A = R17.92 per hour
      Grade B = R15.93 per hour
      Grade C = R13.75 per hour
      Grade D/E = R12.92 per hour

      Area 3
      Grade A = R16.27 per hour
      Grade B = R14.72 per hour
      Grade C = R12.43 per hour
      Grade D/E = R11.74 per hour

      The full document can be downloaded from



      • please send me information on what a security instructor payes and what needs to be done to become a qualified accredited instructor?

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Miguel

        I can’t say how much a security instructor should be paid. I suggest you get in touch with SASSETA to get more info about accreditation and possible job opportunities. You can find their contact details online at



      • Luckford

        Which provinces area 2 and area 3?

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Luckford

        The areas are not fully representative of each province but rather groups together magisterial districts. This means that one province may be represented in all areas. Please refer to the wage rate table available at to see a breakdown of each area.



      • Pretoria Mayville is in which area?

        Ga-Rankuwa zone1 it fall under which Area?

      • ragano

        morning Madelein

        please informe what area between 1-3 in meyerton

      • Dear Madelein,

        Kindly advise me as to which area Germiston falls under and I would like to know if you have individual security guards in your database where one can select from and hire, if not, please advise further as to where I can source the database for security guards and I need this service ASAP.

        Thanking you much.


    • Sbongile

      Hi I would like to know which area does Newcastle fall under

    • Nico Nel

      Can you please proved me with the lastes wages for the 2015

    • kobus

      skaam die regering hulle nie om sekuriteits mense so min te betaal nie ,hulle doen so baie ,daar waar ek bly doen die reaksie offisiere die polisie se werk,skaamteloos dat hulle so min betaal word

  2. I’m a armed responce officer also doing cit. please let me know the new rate for area 2

  3. john van schalkwyk

    is security companies allowed to give the increase 3months after all other companies got it

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi John

      The PSIRA Code of Conduct ( states that employers must ensure that employees receive the full wages due to them in terms of any legal provision. As the minimum wage rates are published to be effective 01 September 2013, an employee will be entitled to earning a wage at the increased rate from the effective date and not only 3 months after.



    • Nditsheni mudau

      Hi rate for 1 september 2014 is how much in grade B

      • Sam moholola

        How much increase for c grade this year 1 september 2014

      • Andries

        Hi! What the new rates for security officer, Effectively 1st Sep 2014.Thanx:Andries Mutswari



      I work for a company in the WESTERN CAPE,they have a SSD6 system,where as,if you stay absent without informing the office,HQ control or your manager,the company deduct R250-00 from your salary.
      My question,no legal document was signed stating this and I don’t get paid that much for a shift HR can’t explain how they calculate to this amount
      Please help

  4. deon

    Can you tell me which area is strand and gordonsbay

  5. Agnes legoabe

    Working as xray operator hbs 100%baggage screening @airport i like to no my basic salary

  6. sivuyile


    I’m working in area 3 for Suiderkruis Security and I earn 11,50 per hour, I am grade it right?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Sivuyile

      A grade C officer working in Area 3 should earn at least R12.43 per hour effective 01 September 2013.



  7. Obakeng

    Would u plz send me new wages 4 al areas, and hw much does an Armed guard have 2 be paid, plz reply

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Obakeng

      The rates are as follows:

      Area 1
      Grade A = R19.60 per hour
      Grade B = R17.45 per hour
      Grade C = R14.95 per hour
      Grade D/E = R14.12 per hour

      Area 2
      Grade A = R17.92 per hour
      Grade B = R15.93 per hour
      Grade C = R13.75 per hour
      Grade D/E = R12.92 per hour

      Area 3
      Grade A = R16.27 per hour
      Grade B = R14.72 per hour
      Grade C = R12.43 per hour
      Grade D/E = R11.74 per hour

      The full document can be downloaded from



  8. Johannes Mangwale

    I’m working for Basic blue traiding Natpro Security. Is possible for Psira to agree with the company to pay only 8hrs per sunday?Even if the guards work more than 24hrs of sundays per month?.Psira can help security guard to receive their provident fund after termination?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Johannes

      I suggest you contact the PSIRA Call Centre on 086 133 3850 to discuss your specific situation and obtain the best possible advice



      • Johannes

        Hi Madelein please sent me again the wage list for the security
        Thank you

  9. Obakeng

    Gud day, i’v sen da rates 4 difrnt areas,bt surely if i hav firearm competency working as an armed guard, i hv 2 earn both firearm n my grades C? Plz respnd

  10. Prudence

    Hi i regisrd in july nd im stl waitng 4my certificart nd my card 4 grade c…nd hd 2do a retake on my fingrprints hw long will i hv 2wait stll??? Thnk u

  11. moses

    I don’t understand why should security board don’t do follow up on the increases rate! And do check at the companies.why is grade E still appear?

  12. moses

    Why is psira board don’t put pressure to companies to do right things

  13. Ezekiel MATJILA

    Hi madam!I am working at area 3 my rate is 12.43 grade C,I want to know if am working 21days how much must are get per month pls help me.






    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Xolisa

      If this company claims to be PSIRA registered and offer training services for the security industry, I suggest you contact PSIRA to report what you have experienced. You can contact the PSIRA head office on 086 133 3850 or the Cape Town regional office on 021 425 2370





        Why can’t psira board don’t sent investigators to all companies as many S/o use false papers,or psira are corrupt as many companies?
        How are we getting help from them

        Thank u
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    It is clear that Psira it doesn’t protect member only companies
    got chance
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  16. Fezile

    Hi i like to know about west rand which area they used because it’s show that we get grd D salary to our site n we work at Bank’s site

    • Thabiso moheane

      Hi i wanna ask….gauteng is area 1? And that if u work as an armed guard how much is an firearm allowence????

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Thabiso

        Yes, Gauteng does fall within Area 1.
        To enquire about firearm licences, I suggest you contact the PSIRA call centre on 086 133 3850



  17. Thabiso moheane

    How much is an firearm allowence????and that gauteng is is under which area????

  18. Colin Naidoo

    Good Day is it possible to work as a freelance manager and pay your own psira fees, without registering a company.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Colin

      I don’t think that not registering your company is allowed but I suggest you contact the PSIRA call centre on 086 133 3850 to confirm your specific circumstances.




    Can psira up grade any one’s GRADS after five yrs if dat person he/she DNT HVE CRIMINAL RECORD?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Tshepang

      I am sure there are different criteria that needs to be applied before a grading upgrade may take place. Please contact the PSIRA Call Centre on 086 133 3850 to confirm the requirements.



  20. Eric McOwen

    Hi I work Bloemfontein country in a small town Brandfort what rates will apply to me a Grade C please?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Eric

      A grade C officer in Area 2 which includes the Bloemfontein Magisterial District should earn at least R13.75 per hour



  21. Sizwe Hanjana

    What are effective rates for area 5

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Sizwe

      The PSIRA wage tables make reference to Areas 1, 2 and 3 only. I am not sure whether they provide for more areas. I suggest you contact your local PSIRA office to confirm.



  22. henk

    in which area is welkom fall it is in the free state ?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Henk

      I believe it is Area 2 but you should contact your local PSIRA office to confirm



  23. Ayanda Geven Wayini

    My Psira certificate shows Grade D instant of Grade C so I would like to place my request.Thank you

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Ayanda

      Please contact the PSIRA Call Centre on 086 133 3850 to request the correction on your certificate



  24. henk

    IF i know of a employer who is complying to psira tariffs to which website can i go can you provite me ?

  25. henk

    en ander ongeruimhede ook

  26. Ezekiel MATJILA

    If am working 17days plus 3sunday how much must are get?1 rate 12.43 grade c(LIMPOPO)

  27. Can u please tell me which area is wellington

  28. I’m DH1 grade B let me know rate for area 3.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi MJ Kgole

      a Grade B officer in Area 3 should earn at least R14.72 per hour from 01 September 2013



  29. Hi madelein

    can you please tell me if i work for twelve hours, must the lunch time which is an hour be deducted from my hours

  30. Let me know about Dog handler(DH1) PER Hrs at area 3

  31. bheki jacob manana

    notify me with the inrease

  32. Benneth

    When is Grade D going be cancelled?

    • Charles ngwana

      Hi Buleleni,

      This ias Charles if i may ask are you Psira registered?if yes get a better copany else where otherwise you are wasting your time and killing your own car.

  33. Benneth

    When is grade D going to be cancelled?




  35. Magope Fred Makgwale

    grade B rate per hour

  36. Hi! I dont know how grades pays per hour?

  37. Petros

    Hi i am petros n wuld like 2 know which area is Siyabuswa, in Mpumalanga provinnce

  38. Olwethu

    Hi, plz tel me what 2 do whn i wnt a psira form bcz nw i hv grades C.D.E WHAT I CN DO 2 HV PSIRA

  39. mark lingenfelder

    Hi madeleine ek het my c d e graad gedoen by my eerste sekuriteit toe het ek na n ander sekuriteit firma tooe gegaan hulle het op my I’d gekyk en sira het gewys dat my grade wys pending toe laat hulle my die e graad weer skryf ek is afgedank want die kontrak het kla gemaak maar ek het n ruk terug gebel om te hoor of my grade gerigestreer is toe se hulle my c en d graad is reg maar my e graad is nie toe vra ek hkm toe se hulle dat hulle die kursus verslag soek van die e graad. En ek het dit nie kan jy asb so gaaf wees om te help asb ek het die e graad sertifikaat en kan jy asb my sira nom vir my gee my I’d nom is 770109xxxxxxx baie dankie en ek hoop om gou van jou te hoor mark lingenfelder cel 079xxxxxx

  40. M D Mofokeng

    Hi, I am working at south of Johannesburg at Ennerdale as an armed guard. My Payslip says I am rating R13.08 per hour which doesn’t exist in any area from 1 to 3. I believe I should berating R14.12. Please explain why that rate?

  41. Paul

    Hi Madelein, I just would like to know under which area does Sasolburg fall, is it area 1?

  42. tomas

    r u aware about security companies that are not complying with labour laws and under paying security officers,companies lyk xxxxx n xxxx.imagine earning r140/shift on area 1n 2

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Tomas

      If you need to report unfair labour practices, your best option would be to contact PSIRA directly to report these companies. PSIRA’s regional office contact details are available at



  43. mthobisi

    good day am working in area 3 with a grade C and as armguard please can you tell me how much the firearm allowance in area 3 because they pay me for only R126 for 21 days working

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Mthobisi

      The current wage tables do not specify the vale of a fire arm allowance. Please contact the PSIRA helpline on 086 13 33875 for assistance.



  44. Patrick Thokwane Mokgokolo

    Hi !
    I’m security officers working for Fikile rainbow security! From 2012 till to date they pay me R2600.for grade C ,with no overtime,for 23 days,my post is in Temba,

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Patrick

      I am not sure in which area Temba will be, but depending on the area you operate in a Grade C officer should earn at least between R2585 and R3110 per month from 01 September 2013. This is based on working 48 hours per week. If you work on Sundays or Public Holidays overtime must be paid as well.



  45. petrus

    Hi I’m a suppervisor in a company what is my salary must it. Be fixed or rate

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Petrus

      Only the wage rates for graded officers are regulated by the industry. Other employees within the industry will not be subject to the wage rates supplied by PSIRA. To confirm, please contact the PSIRA helpline on 086 13 33875



      • moalosi

        Hi my name is moalosi I what to know Ubuntu security is not paying us holidays and we don’t have night allowance also I want to know it is are sira board laws please?

  46. augy mashiane

    how much are cctv operators supposed to earn in area 1

  47. alan hlungwani

    I have found this interesting, can u please email ma pricing structure and wage structure for security officers

  48. Anthony

    Just want to is it legally for a company to pay you a normal rate on Sundays and public holidays.


    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Anthony

      The Basic Conditions of Employment does require an employer to compensate an employee for time worked on a public holiday or Sunday at a rate at least 1.5 times the normal wage rate. If the public holiday happens to fall on a day on which the employee would not normally work, compensation must be at least double the normal wage rate. It is possible that a sectoral determination for a specific industry dictates that hours worked on Sundays and public holidays are paid at the normal wage rate. It all depends on the industry you are employed in.



  49. Petrus thokwane

    Whn u apply for a job they says u dnt have experiance. How can i get experiance while ur not wrkng plc help

  50. jack

    We are rating R122 nd we are under area1,what can we do because when we are asking they said why don’t we go for better company and the main thing this company is registered with sira…plz I need your serious actions here

  51. jack

    We are rating R122 per shift and we are area 1 and when we are asking,they said to us why don’t we go to better companies and this company is registered with sira and they said they follow sira terms and regulations,but they don’t pay us according to you(sira)

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jack

      Please note that I do not represent PSIRA or any other council for that matter. This blog is published by Sage Pastel Payroll and we do, from time to time, publish information from the various bargaining council as it might affect our customers and specific employers and/or employees as well. If you need to report any irregularity or query a specific scenario, my advice would be to contact your PSIRA regional office. Their contact details can be found at



  52. in “industry”information

  53. i want to know about the pricing changes new wages rate every
    beginning of september

  54. Is true that, if u have criminal record ur psira certificate suspended for five years?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Trevor

      I am not aware of such a rule but you are welcome to contact PSIRA directly to confirm. You can contact the PSIRA call centre on 086 103 3850



  55. tomas

    psira is not protecting security just eating our money.der no tollfree number.y?

  56. tomas

    companies are sucking our money by not contributing to provident fund and what psira is doing cuz we pay them

  57. tomas

    entlek ek wil verstand.who decide on increament? Who told him 85c is okay!!!

  58. i like 2 know potch is aria what

  59. Empress Patricia Adonis

    I would like 2knw where & hw do U register a New Security Company…Hw 2 go if da same Company gonna hve a work coverage in all nine provinces?Luv 2 hear 4rom thee soon…Thanx &Ras-pect…

  60. Albert kalaote

    I’m working at kgomaganang business enterprise(sassa post),so they’ve not increases our salaries as from 01/09/2013.where must i report if the company is not complying with goverment gazzete?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Albert

      You can contact the PSIRA call centre on 086 103 3850 or make use of their Fraud Hotline, 0800 22 0198



  61. Raul

    Dear sir/madam
    may you plz tell me how much do i rate with my competency


    hi madelein,george groenewald here,just would like to know if a company is allowed to deduct uniform,and what towns fall under areas 1,2&3.

  63. Hi Madelein
    I would like to know for how long must a person work for a company to qualify for martenity leave

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Nwabisa

      The Basic Conditions of Employment clearly states that any female employee is entitled to at least 4 month’s unpaid maternity leave. Your employer cannot prevent you from taking the 4 month’s unpaid leave for giving birth and taking care of your newborn. It is up to the employer’s discretion though whether they want to pay a portion of or your full salary for the duration of the 4 months or only a part thereof. The employer may also decide to allow a longer period of maternity leave, paid or unpaid, but that is all up to company policy. In short, you are entitled to at least 4 month’s unpaid maternity leave from day one of your employment. Any additional benefits are up to your employer’s discretion.



  64. Obakeng

    Hii am a grade C officer, i want to upgrade to Grade B, how long will i wait to before its issued or registerd, 6 weeks?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Obakeng

      I cannot provide you with advice on this topic – perhaps someone else that have upgraded to the next level will be so kind to post a response on your reply. Alternatively, you will have to contact PSIRA themselves to find out.



  65. pls supply me with the information about grade A-D how much perhour and the incraese for every year. thnk

  66. alpheus

    M jst asking about security wage adjustment for 2014 is there any if yes how much and when will it effective as the strike is romoured to take place earlier next month(April 2014)

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Alpheus

      The minimum wages that became effective 01 September 2013 are available to download from

      You may lookup the relevant rate for your grade and area on this document published by PSIRA on their website.

      I have noticed an individual posting comments about a possible strike – I cannot comment on that as I have no affiliation with any union or PSIRA for that matter. This blog, provided by Sage Pastel Payroll & HR, is used as a forum to share employment and tax related topics with the public.



  67. Sibusiso Mdlokovana Abednigo

    Hi I like to know how the companies suppose to pay the employees on Sunday? There’s a company here who pay us 1.5 if worked sunday dayshift(06:00>18:00),but if you work sunday nightshift(18:00>monday(06:00)is paying us normal is it far? because it supposed to pay us that 6hrs from (18:00>23:59).

  68. Emmanuel

    Hi can u please send me rates for 2014 especially basic salary for Grade B

  69. How much is night shift allowance at area 3?

  70. umtata which area does it fall?

  71. gavin

    hi how much does an armed guard with own firearm rate ?

  72. tomas

    pls can u tell me de salary of responding officer in area 2

  73. mohlala lebidike

    i just want to ask, how did the provinces divided in area?

  74. Good day Madelein, I want to download the wage tables for 2014, but all the links are broken, can you please send me an email.

    Kind regards
    Chris Grobler

  75. Hi i’m wrkng @ JHB wth Grade B i dnt knw hw mch rate per hr

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Donald

      The minimum rate per hour for Grade B in Johannesburg is R17.45



  76. mapepe

    Is Hammanskraal ( Temba) area 1


  77. John

    Hi I am John and working for a certain company in Germiston and they are paying less than the rates that applicable. I believe there is so many companies who are exploiting our people like these. Here are my Questions
    1. If psira is taking money from our salaries what are they doing with it?
    2. What is psira doing to help us in these regards?
    3. Does psira have inspectors and what are they doing to solve our problems or is it the same as these government thing where by they get paid to fraud us?
    4. If these companies are doing these they not just defrauding us they also defrauding their client because they claim money for certain grade of which they don’pay on it?
    5. I don’t believe that you guys don’t know that cos these information is clearly in front of you guys
    6. So please why are taking these money if they cant help us from these greedy companies
    7. Is there any line where we can report or encourage the guards to report such things
    Please can you answer my question.

    • John

      I am still waiting for an answer please can anyone provide me with answers with regards to those questions

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi John

        Any information you require about PSIRA is available on their website,
        They also have a fraud hotline available. You may contact them on 0800 22 0198 to discuss any unfair practices or suspicious activities
        If you wish to contact the PSIRA head offices, you can get hold of their call centre on 086 10 77472

        I cannot supply you with any further info as I am not a representative of PSIRA nor do I have any affiliation with them at all. Sage Pastel Payroll is hosting this blog in an effort to provide new information to the payroll and HR community as and when relevant information becomes available.



      • John

        Thanks Madelein van der WattI believe information you have provided will help me. I am tired of these greedy boss

  78. Bokamoso

    Hi Madelein

    Please tell me which area is Kathu(Northern cape) i feel that we might maybe being robbed as that this place is full of unfairness.

    please reply.

  79. tomas

    eta John,yes i agree with u,psira is lyk a lion in de wool of sheep.guards r nothing b4 r lot of fly by night in dis industry.

  80. thabo

    pls can u tell me wich area rustermburg fall,nd snd me wages,nd pls can if the is wages for mine industry


    Hi,can u email me the new wage rates of PSIRA of 2013-2014,as of SD6? Tnx,Regards CHISAMBO.

  82. Solly Mmatli

    the schedule of rates effective from 01/09/2013 has been removed from the server. is this a mistake or is
    somebody deliberately trying to withold information from the public? Can someone please rectify or post the latest wage schedule so that the genera populace can access it.

  83. sello

    I wanna know about the wage igrease 2013

  84. Hi I just want to know I took my annual leave in january 2014 20days leave. My company only paid me 9.6 hrs leave for each leave day I took but we work 12hr shifts day and nite. This is daylight robbery. Who can I report them too.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Francis

      You should contact PSIRA to discuss your sutuation. Their call centre can be reached on 086 10 77472



  85. Stephens

    how much will security get as from 01/09/2014

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Stephens

      The new rates effective 01 September 2014 are not available yet



  86. Hi, I would like to know when will grade D in all areas fall away. (2) Can my company pay me 9.6hrs leave a day when I work 12hr.shift.

    • Hi, I have still not received a reply regarding my question. When will grade D fall away will it be 1September 2014. Thank you

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Francis

        I have no knowledge of when grade D will fall away. Please contact PISRA to get their reply, I am sure they will be able to help you



  87. Mosesenyane

    Hi i work 45 per week & on public holiday. At CIVA SECURITY, as a toiletries conroller, grade C officer at Polokwane.but i earned only R2000 this month,R1500 firstpay. Please help i dont know im in which area, the rate.remember is my first job

  88. Precious

    Hi I want to know how long must the person who resign to claim providend fund and how long is it gonna take, or actually what must you do if the owner take a time to respond to fill the forms for you where to go to report this matter

  89. (1)Hi I signed a contract with my security company as a grade C guard but was employed as a grade B as the company needed grade B guards. After 18 months I was demoted for absenteeism to grade D. On my contract it states I will be employed as grade C. Is this right because I am being paid grade D which is much less but the company has lots of grade C sites. What can I do about this.

  90. Jimmy

    I just when to know I’m working strength to a company as security officer, my previous company gone they and they owner of the building decided to keep as. We are 3 guards. How much we suppose to get. If by the company he paid nearly 32.000 for 3 s/officers

  91. sydney

    hi good day im a grade b with cctv
    training and firearm training im
    waiting for competency i want to start my own company where will i found registration forms i cant download from the internet please help my number is 0604384659

  92. Wesley

    Hi Madelein

    How does Sunday and public holiday night shift rates work? I’m led to believe it’s Sunday or Public holiday rate till midnight and then it’s normal rate there after. Is this correct.

  93. Thamie

    Hy Madeleine,I would love to know is it okay for our company to pay us 11 hours while we working 12hours ?

  94. Mbulelo

    Hi I want to know how much the night shift allowance and firearm allowance per shift.

  95. Mbulelo

    How much night shift allowance and firearm allowance.

  96. Tshifhiwa


    I want to now about sundays, if I work on sunday is double or one and half. And I want to now about the deduction of psira R7 is for what as a security, it help us where.

  97. Peter Motoai

    Hi, what are the new rates for security officers effective as from 01september 2014? What do i need to register security school/academy?

  98. ephraim

    On sunday how much we must earn per erea 3 ?

  99. donavan

    hi there madelein i would to know if u dont have any grade or ur not registerd to sira is it possible that u can be a security manager and recieve the salary of a manager at a security company,coz that is whats happening at the company im working for.

    • Wesley

      Hi Donovan

      To my knowledge and confirmed by PSIRA, any management position in a security company must be accompanied by a grade B certificate. I’m not sure about a supervisor though, I would think a supervisor should also have a PSIRA certificate.

  100. hellen

    Im working as camera operator in retail!bt I dnt have cctv certificate,I have only grade c,the pay me only basic salary no annual bonus’sunday and holidays,and im working 7 to 7.what can I do? Pls help

    • welcome


    • hellen

      Pls ansa me!I need ur help

      • Madelein van der Watt

        Hi Hellen

        The only assistance I can offer is to refer you to PSIRA. If you are employed in the Private Security sector and you feel that you are being treated unfairly by your employer, please make contact with your local PSIRA representative or contact the head office on 086 10 PSiRA (77472)



  101. Hi,i work for a company known as PROFORCE in BLOEMFONTEIN,this company pay us only R2300 and they hired securities who does not have Security Grades,we want to know how can we get help and who can help us

  102. Hi,i work for a company known as PROFORCE in BLOEMFONTEIN,this company pay us only R2300 and they hired securities who does not have Security Grades,we want to know how can we get help and who can help us,they don,t pay us sundays,overtime and holidays

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Kleinbooi

      You need to contact the PSIRA head office on 086 10 PSiRA (77472) to ask for assistance



  103. lawrence

    Hi, I just want to know why at witbank Natpro is rating R10,98 for grade C

  104. freddy gininda

    ii want to know about provident fund i work 3 years 4 campany what i get is a 3monht statement the ather money i gone i don’t know what 2 do to get my money help me

  105. Siphiwe

    Hello Madelein, can you just help me out on how the leave pay is calculated in the security industry. And is it 21 days or 21 working days?

  106. Thabiso Mokoena

    Hi Madelein ,I would like to lodge a complaint about my Security company.Would you please send me contact details of the people I should contact.I’ll appreciat your help.With regards Thabiso.

  107. shirley

    hello can you tel me what the requirements are for me to start an new company in the security trade

  108. Stephen B Mmamaru

    What are the main influences/or what are you look at in order to divide security into 3 areas?
    3-more developed
    Becuase in security Guarding is guarding,Armed Guard is armed guard,Access is access,Retailer is retailer etc?

  109. Louis Meiring

    im a grade c armed reaction officer in Vanderbjilpark. I just want to know…. how mutch must i pay monthly? Or do i get paid like a ordanary grade c security guard. Its unfair to get paid like a guard becouse all of the reaction officers feel they went for reaction sertificates, drivers lisence and fire arm compentency but the pay is still the same

    • Louis Meiring

      is it posseble to reply on this page.? I have a problem logingin to my gmail account

  110. Mbongiseni Mthobisi Khumalo

    hi what is the new wages for security in 2014 am from Ermelo in Mpumalanga

  111. Mbongiseni Mthobisi Khumalo

    Hi please help what is the increase for the security officer effect from 01/09/2014

  112. Nditsheni mudau

    Grade B rate from 01/07/2014

  113. Louis Meiring

    hoe mutch should a grade c armed reaction officer get monthly or is it the same as a grade c guard? Im in Vanderbjilpark

  114. mdumiseni

    Please clarify areas,area 1 Gauteng

  115. 22101985

    What is the increase for security officers 2014?

  116. jannie

    what is the reaction officer rates per houer. and what grade are we workking on i have alle my grades and i get 16rand a houer is it correk

  117. thys

    Hi do you have the new 2014 rates from sep 2014

  118. sandile mveli kunene

    I would like to know about wage increse for September 01 /2014 In the security sector.

  119. khangela simon baloyi

    Hiii what are the new rates for this year 2014

  120. I want to know about the rate of security officers for 2014

  121. doc

    I want. to receive the. increasing of the rates every september 2014

  122. Zebilon

    my is Zebilon Petlele in rustenburg i need to be notify by sira for every increase cause in north west we rate R10.75 grade E– grade C R11.85 so pls help us we need to understend.

  123. Mulalo

    How much rate of grade c

  124. mokete KOMANE

    send me new wages increas
    for grade c and b

  125. patrick

    Howmuch is an increase for grade E&D at area 1 from 1st september 2014

  126. Sylvia

    I would like to know about the increase of this year

  127. thys

    Can I get the new rates from 1sep 2014


    Hi madelein pls can you update me about new psira grades increament that will be effective on the 01 september 2014

  129. leonard

    i wanna apply for psira,my problem is.the company at which i trained for security says…i can not do the psira on my own because my grade are not registered,so i must pay them R450 for them to the psira for me…but they gonna take long,…is there any other way i can apply for psira on my own?..i do have the certificate with me .thAnks

  130. Andries

    Hi,What the new rates for security officer, Effectively 1st sep 2014

  131. reneilwe

    What are the security rates for 1September 2014

  132. What is a new rates of 01 september 2014

  133. Hi i would like to knw the new rates for september 2014 area 1 grade d and grade c

  134. mosimanegape


  135. What is the rate of grades for 2014

  136. elias

    Where does zeerust fall

  137. Israel

    Grade C rate pls

  138. vhulahani

    I like to know the new rate of security of 2014. Please

  139. 2014 psira grades rates pls,and how much it increases per annually.

  140. I want to check if my psira has arrived at psira offices

  141. Samuel Ndhlovu

    hi, in which area is Witbank?, and why the big Security Compunies rate their security officers with lower rate n the small compunies rate with the area of Area 1

  142. hi I would like to know which area is Mdantsane ?

  143. pinky

    Hi will u assist me,want to register my company to P.S.I.R.A I’m staying in Mosselbay.

  144. Could please send for me 01/09/2014 new increase rate for area 1. or

  145. Mohale

    Hi,can psira help me.i signed contract for 12hours but they pay me 10 hours

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Mohale

      Please contact PSIRA on 086 10 77472 for assistance



  146. Mosesenyane

    I work for shoprite civa sec ,grade c and i only earn R11.11 per hr.

  147. pinky

    Hi!! how long it takes when u appliying a Psira 4 a Company?

  148. rooyes

    Hi I’m a employee and I’m getting 137 rand per day and I’m working 20 days.

  149. Eric matanato gana

    I understand that my employer should pay me firearm allowance because I am an armed guard that required to carry a firearm on site,plus grade c,no firearm allowance they pay grade c only ,please help me.

  150. Nic


    What wage area is Polokwane?

  151. Hi Madelein which area is stellenbosch

  152. How much increase for 2014 all the grades?

  153. Hi, please tell me all the grades increase of this year 2014

  154. Justin

    Hi madelein where can I do my reaction asap

  155. Norman

    Hi, I have problem of psira certificate. They give only give me psira card with no certificate . Can you help me pls.


    I would like to know the psira rates for 2014 2015

  157. RAndhIR

    New rate for Grade C in poetermaritzburg

  158. Isaac

    Hi Madelein can u pls send me a list of grades rates for 2014-2015 cos my phone is unable to download them from link u gave us

  159. Isaac

    Hi Madelein i am not able to download price increase rate for 2014-2015 on my phone can u pls send me that list to my email address,pls madam

  160. Frank Smith

    Please tell me new rate and old for grade D

  161. I like to know the rate of Grade b armed respond area 2

  162. I want to know the rates of security officers…because we don’t know yet axactly..from grade d n c in mpumalanga…via gorvament gazzete

  163. Mercy

    Hi am from free state i work as security officer but company i work for they dont pay us according psira,you work for 28 shift but you earn for 15 shift and they pay with grade c of area 3 but we earn for grade E of area 3 is it fair?

  164. Sam Mgiba

    I want to know about my grades

  165. Wellington

    Hie can i get a bonus if i have been with the company for 4 months

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Wellington

      Bonuses are completely up to the discretion of your employer and not a basic right of employment. Unless it is stated in your employment contract that you will receive a 13th cheque each year, bonuses will be decided on by your employer based on your performance or length of service. It is best to contact your HR department or payroll manager to enquire about the bonus policies and requirements in your company or specific industry.



  166. Candine

    Good day
    i want to know the rate for 1 september 2014 for us security

    Mashau tc

  167. Hey I just want to know I work in area 1 if I work more than 208 hours is the other hours overtime

  168. jason

    What is the hourly rate an qualifying grade for a armed responce officer in cape town deep south area.

  169. William mothupi

    Please forward me the ratings of armed response and security officers around zeerust

  170. Mike

    If i worked night shift holiday is it psira law to pay time and half unlike day shift which is payed double

  171. thabo mdhlovu

    Iv lost my psira card I wana know how much is the card?

  172. sishuba amos

    I just wanna know about people who are issuing new Psira certificates in Southern Cape ,they say people must swipe their bank cards to register

  173. Hi m jonnas from bafana security in potchefstroom,so what i need to know is our area ‘s wage is R10.92 per huor or what? Coz our bafana security company they pay us R10.92 per hour!

  174. rainah

    iwant to know its takes how long to de company to give u monwy for leave and its how much?

  175. JJ Bezuidenhout


  176. I dd do grades at vjp n i paid R250 for dem to go n collect my psira card bt dey refuse to hlp me so if anyone knws plz let me knw

  177. ts mamoe

    hi i stay in bloemfontein and we stragle all times if we want to update our is really unfafair to troble all the way to pretoria just to make PSIRA carts and i have been sec officer for more tha 14 years .we request office in free state as our money deducte

    d every mounth

  178. lettah

    My problem is my certificate is grade D. I have grade C I want know I can change to grade C.My psira card is grade C pls help m cos they change psira I want 2 b grade C

  179. ntsheeng joseph

    For dis year 2015 around September the will be increase for security officers or not.if yes howmuch it will be per hour for grade D n C

  180. Guday!! I hv setificat for securit bt I dnt have sira bcz m from lesotho so how can I made siracard with my passport .nd should I ge job without sira!thanx

  181. I would like to know 2014 to 2015 grade D for security guards rating per hour, im Benoni Gauteng area.

  182. Themba

    Plz provide fire arm allowance rate for they current year for security staff on grade A

  183. Madelein van der Watt

    Please note that PSIRA rates effective 01 September 2014 are still applicable and can be accessed here:

    New wage increases effective 01 September 2015 have not been announced yet.

  184. Gerrit

    I am waiting for new rates for 2015

  185. Sithembiso Gee

    I would like to know the grade C & D Dog Handlers Allowance in KZN.



  187. Japhta. Makhubele

    the company called bracken security is not using the psira rate to pay people and once more he hire people without psira certificates

  188. Mveli Aliva

    Hi madelein

    IM working as a guarding controller as from 2012 and i have grade B psira registered, working in Port Elizabeth which is area 2 my concerned is should i not get controller’s allowance as i never received one

  189. luvuyo makwabe

    How much is the armed responce basic rate

  190. luvuyo makwabe

    Is the armed response foling under security pay scale

  191. Andries

    If i m having grade A-E and armed response certificate,which post do i deserve.

    With regards
    andries modisane

  192. I have security grades that goes with spira and i’m will to be a hard worker i’m staying around Pretoria/Centurion

  193. Hlulani Bridget Baloyi

    Hi I finish ma training on 12 February 2016 ,so just want to know how long to wait for psira because I apply it on 15 February 2016.and I did not get it even know.


      How long must i wait for psira if i register at polkwane, n tel me if they giv templary psira at the same day when i register

  194. Sizwe Grey Simanga

    Dear Madalein

    As an officer in the regulatory office in a state entity, I think its totally out of order to discuss security grievances.
    1. A security officer is employed by a private company not by Psira. If he has a problem he is suppose to see his employer not Psira.
    2. It is unethical to give security guards a false hope because the business is the one who holds the contract agreement and the amount agreed upon.
    3. The government departments are not paying according to the labour and Psira sectoral determination. Both you and labour you are doing nothing.
    4. Why are you oppressing service providers, what is the gain.
    5. Service providers are there to give jobs to the many unemployed security guards, to make a living for themselves and provide a service to the clients.
    6. My plea to you and your office must stop giving back door information to security guards and those security guards who think that they are being robbed to go out on their own and find out how defficult it is in wilderness.
    7. This attitude needs a political intervention. You are destroying the security business.
    Thanj you

    • Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

      Hi Sizwe

      The information we provide through this blog is strictly a copy of what is published on the PSIRA website and I only share new minimum wage rates as and when they are published by PSIRA. I do the same for the other industries that are serviced by our payroll software, since this blog is hosted by Sage HR and Payroll and we strive to provide industry related information to users of our software. The purpose of this blog is to offer a central hub of information that will assist employers, specifically those making use of Pastel Payroll software, to be aware of new regulations and to apply these regulations where they are deemed necessary.

      At no times have we given any form of advice other than providing the contact details for PSIRA. The comments posted here are from individuals who read the content of the Sage HR and Payroll blog and not our opinion at all. I welcome your comment on this matter and since we have no association with the security industry other than providing software that automate the payroll requirements associated with PSIRA, I have approached PSIRA on numerous occasions to address some of the concerns raised here but I have had no response from them to date.

      This platform is not intended to promote or dismiss specific opinions but to share feedback and advice on matters of interest to employers.



  195. Thusi Kainod Malandela.

    I am a trained security guard using asylum papers and registered with SARS am eligible for PSIRA registration?From Zimbabwe.

  196. Security increases of 2016

  197. Kay

    Hi how long does it take for psira to grant a company certificate from time of application to time of granting a psira company certificate

  198. Michael

    How it will take for my Grade B to be ready since i have my Grade c certificate

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