Pastel Payroll and HR launches its first mobile app for Android

Yesterday, we officially launched our first mobile app specifically for Android devices. The app offers a mobile interface to our current Self Service web based solution.

Self Service was developed after we realised that sharing information between the HR department, management and staff has become increasingly difficult and time consuming. Our solution was to make available a web based application that connects to the desktop and publishes local payroll data in a secure online environment. An employee with access to a computer and the internet could then gain authorised access to their own payroll records. The web based service allows downloading of historic payslips, completing online leave applications and travel claims and updating of personal contact details. All changes submitted by an employee enters a pre-defined workflow based on your company’s organisational chart. A manager needs to approve any changes submitted by their staff before it is downloaded by the payroll administrator directly into the payroll application.

Although our Self Service offering was successful in making information more accessible, not many employees have the privilege of accessing the internet from a computer at work. A huge increase in mobile internet access has been evident in studies published by Wits University recently ( According to Deloitte (, South Africa currently has more than 10 Million active smartphone users and mobile app engagement is increasing at a rapid pace.

The decision to build a mobile interface was easy and we first released – a mobile version of the Self Service website that can be accessed from any mobile device via the browser. The success of the mobile interface led to the launch of our first Android application.

The Self Service Android app is available in the Google Play store and can be downloaded onto any Android device. The app will give access to leave applications, travel claims and personal data. For more info or to access a demo version of Self Service, visit


To read more about Pastel Payroll’s first mobile app, go to

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