Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) Wage Increases

Wage negotiations for the Liquid Fuels Industry have been concluded and the wage rates effective 02 October 2013 for Sector 5 only are available on (


Increases for the rest of the Motor Industry are still being negotiated.


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19 responses to “Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) Wage Increases

  1. l.r.moalusi

    good morning

    i would lik to know if i am an apprentice and the company i am with does not pay us acording to minimum requirment, and the mersita liasing officer is not helping . What can we do, please help


    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi L.R. Moalusi

      I suggest you contact the MIBCO Shared Service Centre on 011 – 369 7500 to report your problem. They should be able to provide you with assistance.



  2. n/a

    good morning

    i would lik to know if i am an warranty clerk and doing the sales admin for the company and i do not get payed acording to minimum requirment, and our campany dose not even want to give us our recent increase What can we do, please help us urgently.


  3. Hey I’m an apprentice diesel mechanic n I’d like to know what’s our pay rate for each level o can you refer me to some one that can help

  4. Tersia

    Good day could you please tell me what the percentage is for the increase, because my manager wants to know what that is. Thank

  5. zama

    Hai 2 years experience in sheet metal work ,what is minimum wages

  6. bronwin

    my name is bronwin.i am work for seventeen years in the motor ind.three year of that is warehouse floor supervisor and scecond in charge of the warehouse,but the dispatch supervisor is getting more than me and all the dispatch supervisor who has left.what is my salary scale.

  7. peter

    Good day,would like to know if mibco are responsible for salary increases only?or the company you working for?,thank you

  8. waheeda

    hi i work as a spray painter in the motor industry and i would like to know
    what is my correct rate of pay. kindly note that i am a skilled labourer
    but have no paperwork to prove that.

  9. Hi my name is Alton iam a production Teamleader for 2years now so I would like to know how is my hourly rate suppose to be pls help

  10. phumzile

    Hi would like to knw if the company ‘s increase(evaluation) has anything to do with annual increase

  11. kevin vernon king

    I’ve been working for a company for about a year n three months n they been deducting from my wages I would like 2 know if they been submitting it in and if I’m registered

  12. VUSI


  13. zukie

    good morning
    i would like to know, im working as a petrol attender in Caltex Cleveland Johannesburg.
    1- work without any contract is that fair.
    2- i want to know our hourly rate.
    3- On Sunday they pay us normal rate as other days is that fair.
    4 – there don’t pay us nite shift allowance is that fair.
    5- They deduct monies for provident fund and UIF without signing anything, is that fair
    6- They pay us by hand.

    Please i need your assistance on this. I will be very much happy if to can attend this as urgent matter. What if you got injured on judy without signing anything with any employer.
    Thank you:

  14. sabrina

    Good day.
    I Was dismissed on the 13 th of february 2016. Knowing from expierance hw nasty and crual my xboss is. I decided to only submit providant fund form to mibco offices on the 1st of march cause i knew my xboss wont remove me from the system. This week i went to mibco offices to check hw far they are with my application only to hear that my xboss still didnt remove me from the system so my application wasnt proccessed yet. Im a sibgle parent with 2 kids hw am i suppose to react to this since ive gt rent to pay. I was give a form to complete on monday so proccessing is starting now which means ive got weeks and possible months to wait for payment. This is so unfair.

  15. francina

    I work for a petrol station as office assistant and I earn less and I’m not even registered under mibco what do I do?pls help

  16. Mhlonipheni mhlongo

    I work as a petrol attendant in 1 of Engen garages I have four months working period I have never been given any form to sign as a prove of employment and I don’t know where my deductions are going to

  17. Isaac eland

    good day. I work under the auto industry. I heard that the increase negotiations are on the table bt everything hav been kept away from us. Jst want to know what the minimum wage is. Plz help me…

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