SARS discontinues Debit Pull payments

What is a Debit Pull Payment?

SARS allowed eFiling users to make payments directly to SARS while logged onto an eFiling profile. The user could setup bank account details on the eFiling profile and then submit a payment to SARS. The payment was sent as a Debit Pull instruction to the user’s bank. Authorisation happened ​on eFiling and the bank receiving the instruction will then transfer the funds into a SARS account.

Why discontinue this method?

SARS has been the victim of a number of fraudulent transactions facilitated by the Debit Pull payment process. To combat these fraudulent activities, SARS will not allow the use of Debit Pull payment instructions from 01 November 2013. Online payments will make use of Credit Push instructions instead.

What is a Credit Push Payment?

The user can still send a payment instruction to the bank from the eFiling profile but authorisation of the payment must be done via the user’s internet banking profile. This means that eFilers must log into their online banking profile to authorise payments made to SARS

To read more about the discontinuation of Debit Pull transactions on eFiling, click here

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