MEIBC Annual Shutdown payments

The Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council has recently sent out communication to all employers reminding them of the calculation of leave pay and leave enhancement pay for the annual shutdown period. Employers are reminded that 3 consecutive weeks’ paid leave must be taken over an unbroken period and must include 4 weekends. The 3 week period must be extended for each public holiday which falls within this period that would have been an ordinary working day.

All employees are entitled to full leave and bonus payments on completion of a 234 shift year (employees working 5 days per week)

A detailed explanation of the rules and calculations for leave and bonus payments is available on



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6 responses to “MEIBC Annual Shutdown payments

  1. Sisa

    Firstly I’m thankful for the site
    Secondly I would like if mibco can post also quotes if I’m driver or service advisor or sales person or technician which benefits I should get and also the salary

  2. George slater

    Hi guys I’m working at a Aluminium company and was or still a member for MEIBC because I was unfair retrence now I am working at a new company for 3years and it’s ketting worst from where we began and the company is growing we stil waiting for increase on our wage

  3. peter

    I like to know if I’m a member of provident fund. I’m I intiteled for annually bonus.. and our company did not gave us annual wage increase.

  4. Gertrude

    Good I’m working at a company who falls under meibc I see that they give a calculation for the company how to work out the annual leave. Our company does not calculate our leave according to that calculation it is just your normal weekly wages you get and extra for your public holidays. If I use that calculation for my leave it is more than my normal weekly wage. I’ve started with the company on the 21st of May 2015 so I have 9 days leave how do I calculate that. Our company closed on the 15th December and we with less than ten days will start on the 4th of January 2016. Thanx

  5. Victor

    Hello my name is victor and I work at a metal industry company, I have a problem at my company and I work as a semi-skilled maintanence fitter and machine operator my annual bonus is not so exciting as my hard work people come investigate the company but they disappear for good and never get any feed back. I do calculate my leave enhancement pay and holiday pay but never seem to add up with what the company pays me for years. Is there a way that mybe send you my rate so that mybe u guys calculate it for me because we get taxed a lot of money than the usual weekly tax.

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