New wage rates available for the Motor Industry Bargaining Council

MIBCO has published the latest minimum wages that should apply until 31 August 2014. The official date of implementation for the new wages has not been determined by the Minister of Labour yet but employers are urged to implement new minimum wages as soon as possible.

For more information and the latest minimum wages (not applicable to non-party establishments) visit (


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48 responses to “New wage rates available for the Motor Industry Bargaining Council

  1. How much is maximum wages for gernman panelbeater per mounth

  2. THATO


  3. Etrezia

    WHAT IS THE WAGE FOR AN OFFICE CLERK WITH 20year experience at a spare parts company.

  4. Zolile solani

    Hi,im working for the metal sector for over six months now,and somehow i think the rate we are getting is not the actual,what is the minimum rate for 2013 and 2014.

  5. jade

    hi…is there a wage increase from the 1st of september & by what %.

  6. m a petrol attendent n a
    supervisor hw much should i earn a week

  7. nirri

    whats the wage for an admin clerk with 18 years experience?

  8. siphelele raphel mazibuko

    what is the minimum wage of a quality control inspector

    • Mbali Ngwenya Mbalisto

      What is a minimum rate of quality control inspector falls under chapter111

  9. ncumisa

    how much money a qualified panel baeter panel beater must earn a week with 10 years experience?

  10. prisca xolisile Khumalo

    hi I want too know how much the admin char minimum wages 8 years experience

  11. hester

    If possible could you please let met know what the min wages is for a Admin clerk and warranty Clerk aswell as a accountant and service advisor and costing clerk in the motor industry

  12. feroza arnolds

    Please tell me what is the normal wages. For 17 years as a char in motor industry

  13. keitumetse

    Good day, people are asking for the min wage of administration clerks, rates for overtime and they don’t get answers, you refer them to the website, Pls answer the questions because it will help most people.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Keitumetse

      I can only refer you to the website or the call centre of the Bargaining Council you are enquiring for. You will notice that this blog is published by Sage Pastel Payroll & HR as a service to employers and employees who will benefit from payroll and HR related industry news. We have no connection or affiliation with any bargaining council and can therefore only publish the info they make available. If you require more detail, it is best to contact the relevant bargaining council directly.



  14. Richard Phillip

    Can u pls help me Mam, I am working as a cashier at the petrol station, my employer pay us the rate of R21.92, whereas the rate should be R22.90, wht must I do about these incidence…

  15. waheeda

    hi need to know what is the current wage for a spray painter skilled labourer
    with no papers to prove.

  16. jacques

    What is the minimum wage p/hour for a qualified wheel. alignment technician with. A drivers license

  17. we urgently need the minimum rates for qualified panelbeater and spraypainter with red seal.we live in parys freestate

  18. angie

    How much should a driver get per week?

  19. Alice Naidoo

    Minimum salary for fni with accreditation

  20. angie

    Hei, I just want to know,we not getting any pay slip at work,so where should we go to get pay slips,?secondly,a guy frm mibco came to our work,and he called me,n he said wage s not alright it should hv gone up last year september,he said they should pay me frm last year September n carry on with a different,that didn’t happen,i asked my boss about it and they said”he was looking at wrong figures”so I dnt know who I should believe because we dnt get payslips

  21. joana

    Hi I work for battery centre kempton I do sales and office work wat is surpose to be my salary please help

  22. dankiso mpopo

    what is the right rate for a motor parts saleman?

  23. Johan Willemse

    How much does an qualified alignment technician get per month???


  24. Martin

    How much is the salary for a team leader?

  25. Martin

    How can I claim for sick fund, because I am alwys. Paying for sick fund each and evry month?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Martin, sick pay becomes due when you take paid sick leave. This fund then covers your wage for the period you are not able to work due to illness.

  26. simon

    Wat is a salary of a qualified penal beater with more than 8 years experience monthly

  27. Dewald

    I’m a boiler maker working with tankers and trailers and has been for some time with different companies my experience and knowledge is wide
    Recently our company has moved us from the metal industries to the motor industry.
    I just want to know how will they grade me and will it be possible for them to drop my rate even though the work we doing are not motor related

  28. Joseph Blaai

    I like to get information about the increase of forcout superisor september 2015

  29. Mduduzi Catesner

    forklift operater per week

  30. peter

    What mast my rate by as u KP opperator at Donaldson

  31. deran

    Iv been doing wheel alignment 4 d last 10 years what should be my rate

  32. I work in a company manufacturing linings and disc brakes for heavy duty vehicles and we are machine operators, could u please help us with our rate of rph rate per hour please.

  33. Rate for a Process controlling

  34. What is the wages of a tyre fitter

  35. Edwin

    I’m working as motor eltrician how much should I get paid

  36. Solomon Khunou

    What is a grade for Production team leaders in motor components industry,what is thier rate as well?

  37. Goodwell

    Hi what is the minimum salary a week for a qualified panel beater with papers. ?

  38. vincent

    rate for a reach truck driver? nd if then the rate I am getting is not according to mibco wht should I do?

  39. Ricardo

    I need to know what was the increase for tyre fitters

  40. Andre

    Hi Madeleine. I’m a panelbeater nd just want to know – Is there any increase in salaries above R13000.Pls advise. Additional bonus between employer nd employee… is it compulsory or not? Thx

  41. jan

    when is the wage of petrol attendants increase be received

  42. Nancy

    Please could you inform me if the wage negotiations for MIBCO are finalized and if you could inform me what the minimum wage is for a journeyman

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