Backup services statistics interpreted for payroll companies [infographic]

Published on 2014-01-15 21:22:41 by Tai Chesselet


The 31st March is world backup day. As a payroll administrator, I am sure that you back up your payroll data religiously. Or do you? It is surprising how many people have no backups in place whatsoever.

Looking at the infographic below, one can determine that only 49% of people have valid backups in place for their critical personal and business data. Of those, only 7% back up their data on a daily basis.

51% of people believe they do not need backup services.

We constantly have new clients registering with us who have just lost all of their business and payroll data as they were not adequately backing up their data. These people make up part of the 51% of people who are too trusting and who do not believe that a data disaster can befall them.

As you can see on the infographic, there is a huge amount of data being created by all of us at work and at play. However, it would be interesting to see a statistic on how much data is irretrievably lost every year due to a lack of proper backups.

It would be foolish to not back up payroll data.

Using reliable backup services to back up your critical payroll data is essential, and as a payroll administrator you would be foolish not to register and securely back up your payroll data to an established, reliable and reputable provider of backup services.

Obviously, one does pay for online backup services, but the value returned in terms of peace of mind provided by the knowledge that your data can be restored at any point in time should you lose your payroll data is definitely worth it. The prices of online backup services keep on coming down so your barrier to begin your off-site online backup services keeps on lowering.

Losing payroll data will have a serious impact on your business.

A number of reasons to specifically back up your payroll data using off-site online backup service are:

  1. Your staff will be decidedly unhappy if they cannot receive their salaries because a data disaster has occurred and you could not restore their data in order to make payments.
  2. Your management will be close to dismissing you for reckless endangerment of their organisation if you cannot restore payroll data in time for the payment run.
  3. It is not just the inability to do your payment run, but also the loss of all the historic HR data that you have that would disappear. This will have repercussions on an ongoing basis to your organisation.
  4. Unless it is encrypted, has multiple versions and is always in a different place to your computer, your memory stick backup is just not adequate for the importance of the data you are backing up. You need to use an online backup service where data is compressed, encrypted and stored in a safe, secure, Tier 1 data centre.

Why backup services are important Infographic:


So looking at the backup day infographic, thinking about the service you provide to your company and of the importance of the information you work with, where do you want to be?

In the 49% who back up their data, or in the 51% who rely on blind faith that all will be ok?


Infographic by Lemonly

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