COID Return of Earnings 2013/2014

The COID will soon launch a media campaign to announce the commencement of the annual submission period for the 2013/2014 return of earnings.

Online submissions via will be accepted from 01 April 2014 while the deadline for both manual and online submissions will be extended to 31 May 2014.


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17 responses to “COID Return of Earnings 2013/2014

  1. Ronel

    Are anyone experiencing difficulties with the 2013/2014 ROE Submission. All my passwords are rejected?

    • Sunel

      I just always say at the bottom forgot password, then you just follow the step they require on your screen and they will then send you a new password. I have found that I must do that every time I want to log in. They send a new password via email in a few seconds, so luckily it is very quick.

  2. Janine


    What is the threshold for 2014/2015 ?

  3. Craig

    Threshold for 2014: R312,480 for 2015: R332,479. Is there no settlement discount this year like there was last year?

  4. Salome

    Where do you get the COID form?

  5. Jacqui Orr

    The link above is not connecting. Is it just my system or are there still problems? If I cannot submit online what is the alternative please.



    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Jacqui

      I have just tested the link and it connects perfectly. Perhaps you should try again a bit later.



  6. The link above is not connecting. Was trying since this morning. Thought if I tried at night that it will work. Any idea why it’s not working?



  7. Jacqui Orr

    Hi Lucinda, I am also still having problems. Getting desperate now. Does anyone know of an alternate method of submission?


    • Janine


      I am also having issues submitting online – webpage not available etc…

      Jacqui / Luncinda, have you managed to come right yet ?


  8. Jacqui Orr

    I cannot connect to any websites link to Just so you know, all contact numbers for COID and Labour Department have a message “lines congested” then the call is dropped. I’m considering sending my forms via courier to:
    The Compensation Commissioner
    Compensation House
    Cnr. Soutpansberg & Hamilton Rd


  9. Mel

    So I’ve been trying to access the the department of labour’s websites specifically the roe website since last week Friday and everyday/evening thereafter with no success. I’ve tried the following browsers “Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome. On Monday, I emailed the department of labour’s webmaster Gabriel and he called me to assist “Yes these things do happen”. He said that he has no problem accessing it and he is based in Pretoria. He sent me several links but nothing worked. He then advised that I call Cape Town office and try and get hold of the provincial head. Subsequently he has notified the higher ups regarding the matter, whether they fix this before the deadline I’m guessing is highly unlikely. I called the Cape Town branch and the lady that answered replied that they have been receiving numerous complaints from clients unable to access the website and she said she would notify the deputy director. Frustrated, I then tried using the browser called Torch which I hadn’t noticed our IT staff had installed on my client’s pc and was then able to access the site. Strangely I’m able to access the site from my Blackberry phone but not any other smartphones though I haven’t tried submitting thereon.Today I tried accessing the site from several pcs in our office and my personal laptop on several browsers including Torch and no success. Fortunately I am still able to remote into my client’s pc and submit my returns which is such a relief. The only other option for those who cannot access the website which the webmaster confirmed is to submit manual returns.

  10. Lizel van Zyl

    I have been advised that I must take the original to the nearest Compensation Fund office along with a duplicate – they must stamp the duplicate as proof of submission and will revert soonest

  11. Danilla

    our certificate expired 30 April 2015 – not that the deadline has been extended does that also extend the validity of the certificate or not?

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