Don’t be a fool, submit your annual returns early this year!

01 April 2014 might be a day for having fun and playing practical jokes but it is also the first day of two very important annual filing seasons. Both SARS and the COID will launch their annual return submission periods on the first of April this year.

SARS requires all employers to submit their employee tax certificates and PAYE reconciliations for the year 2013/2014 by the deadline of 31 May 2014. This year’s PAYE reconciliation must be completed using the latest version of the e@syFile PAYE desktop application. Version 6.5 is now available to download from There are many changes to look out for in this latest e@syFile upgrade, including new information required for the Employment Tax Incentive claims.

The Compensation Commissioner also announced that the annual Return of Earnings for 2013 must be submitted by 31 May this year and that the online portal,, will only be available from 01 April 2014.

Employers should make time to comply with both statutory reporting requirements way before the 31 May deadline. The new e@syFile version and ETI requirements could prove to be a challenge that you do not want to deal with on the eve of the submission deadline. The online ROE submission portal had many teething problems last year and due to a lack of communication and many administrative difficulties inside the COID offices, employers were highly frustrated with the process and the amount of time it took last year to get a letter of good standing issued.

My advice would be to get these returns done as soon as possible this year. Don’t spend the first day of April joking around – download and install the latest e@syFile upgrade and make sure that you register for an online account with the Department of Labour. Taking care of these responsibilities early will also mean that you can enjoy a more relaxed Easter weekend later in April.

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