PSIRA Wage Increases for September 2014

I have received a lot of queries regarding the new wage rates for employees in the security industry. We know that the current rates were effective 01 September 2013 and should be replaced with the increased rates from September 2014.

PSIRA has not yet published new wage rates but as soon as they do, I will make a copy available on this blog for everyone who has been enquiring about the increases. 

Keep in mind that this blog is published by Sage Pastel Payroll and HR as a method of sharing industry related information with our customers and anyone else who might find value in our posts. We have no connection or link with PSIRA at all and only assist with sharing information because we have many customers who operate in this industry.

We will only know the new rates when PSIRA makes it available to the public.

You may also want to keep an eye on the PSIRA website,, or contact their head office on 086 133 3850 for more information.


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77 responses to “PSIRA Wage Increases for September 2014

  1. Alicia

    Hi there,

    The new Security rates are available on the Department of Labour’s website.

  2. Zebilon

    we rate 11.74 per hour so i want to no about 2014 hourly rate so pls send it to my email

  3. monti

    how grade b per hour

  4. monti

    please I just want to now about grade b wages per hour

  5. hi i would like to have information about new allowances like fire arm.nght and cleaning allowances

  6. raisibe

    info about area 3 basic and grade d,c rates

  7. chauke.f

    may u plz send mi the increase per each grade.thank u.

  8. i would like to know about the new wage increase from 1 september 2014 how much for all different security grades.

  9. dabosh

    Plz send me new grade rate for 2014

  10. Pretts Gum

    Hi There I would like to knw the new wage rate for Grade-D area 3. Thank You.

  11. I want to know how much increase for 2014 please area 3

  12. vhulahani

    How much is increase. Of grade c at gauteng johnesberg

  13. paseka

    I would like to know about grade c rate for area 1

  14. Johnson

    Plz send me new rate increase

  15. how much all grade per hour area 2 end area 1 thank

  16. caiphus

    Information about increase for grade c’d’

  17. mxolisi

    I asked about new rate of security officer in northern cape

  18. Tshabalala vongani

    Hi good day I would like to ask 2014 rate 1sep for grade b and basic.

  19. Mandla Kubheka

    Grade B & A in Gauteng how much is the hourly rate

  20. Zebilon

    area 3 hour rate we need to understand

  21. Mr R. C HAYNES

    Very interested to know what the new psira increase will be for grade A in the paarl area (western cape) Many thanx

  22. michael

    hii there i’d like to be informed about the new psira wages. pls send me the details if posible to this email: thank you

  23. makkoma senyolo

    please send me new rates for b grade ,thanks

  24. Thato

    Pls snd me security rates 4 area 3 if u knw

  25. Ntsikelelo Mxi

    Plz send me grade C and B rate , also the rate of Surveillance or CCTV operators, all allowances, and job discriptions

  26. Moipone Mohase

    Hello, would u please send me a copy of salary increases for area 2

  27. Very İnterested to know,what the new Psira increase will be for Grade ‘A’plus Diploma in Safety and Security Management in the Durban Area(KZN)!
    Many thanx.

  28. hi! I like to now how much is increaseof grade c at freestate in qwaqwa

    Pls sand me email

  29. Adri

    I would like to know why some companies dont pay according to Psira rules. please correct me if im wrong what is a c grade salary per hour. and saterdays and sundays are not paid accordingly. saterday normal hours why? sunday is not dubble bt time and half why? saterday is surpose to be time and half and sunday dubble. Please I know of unqaulified sraff no grade that gets a higher salary then a grade c. please can you tell me how can I report this to the right people.

  30. johannes mohohlo

    i need grade wages for all areas in freestate & gauteng.

  31. phahlani wa zari

    thanks for letting us know,keep us posted for the new changes. God bless

  32. Christopher Konstabel

    Grade c in cape town area plx

  33. am Thebeetsile I want to no which rate must get at Sandton ,how much per hour

  34. Guys I’m wrk secrity mahikeng on ader compny dey pay us 10pr hour which means is 120 per shft!so I’m asking 4 psira area3 structure of paymnt plz my mail is

  35. David

    I want to know rates per hour for grade D and C in area 1.

  36. james

    Hi I’m getting my wage increase every end of october,is this allowed

  37. lawrence

    Hi sir/madam mmay u pls send me psira structure of payment for area 3

  38. Hi i want 2 knw new wage of grade c grade around gauteng .

  39. Please assist in regards with the sunday and public holidays hours how it should be paid and how grade A and B should be paid.

  40. lawrence

    I’m asking 4 table of payment increase pls

  41. PJ


  42. kallie fourie


  43. george

    How much new rate for grade c at free state

  44. What is the range salary in Public service to those working under public service’s Act a specially that security Offices having Diploma in safety and security Mansgement and Grade A?

  45. Ndou Walter

    HOW MUTCH IS B GRADE PER HOUR please can some one help

  46. Elsi

    Pls send me a rate for area 3 i am at zeerust i want to know how we rate on holday

  47. May you please foward me prisa rate for Gauteng

  48. how to pay a security guard if working night shift on holiday?

  49. mdou p

    Hi may you please send me wages increase for grade C and D in limpopo via email mentioned above,thanks

  50. sonto

    Hello mrs/mr can u please send for all grade increase for security and fire arms increase

  51. Vusi

    Hi il like to know how much rate per hour in gauteng grade c and also its basic salary ?

  52. Themba

    How much is firearm allowance for area 1 grade A officer

  53. oupa

    hi,i jst wnt get all news for security increase grade,all news

  54. Madelein van der Watt

    Please note that PSIRA rates effective 01 September 2014 are still applicable and can be accessed here:

    New wage increases effective 01 September 2015 have not been announced yet.

    • Don’t you think it late this year coz September is around the corner we suppose to know how much are we going to earn this time

  55. Mogami

    Salary increase

  56. jason george

    Would like to have newly rate for 2015 mailed to me please

  57. S.Charles

    Can you tell me what the new rate for September 2015 is if you no

  58. desmond migals

    Will you be so kind and send me via email the newrates for grade c security officer in capetown

  59. samantha

    Whats the new rate for grade c please

  60. malebogo Sebekedi

    Good day
    I would like to why the increments a specially area is always below 1 rand?

  61. Cavukani samuel Ntuli

    Can you please help me by grade B rate per hour

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