PSIRA Wage Increase effective 01 September 2014

The new wage rates for PSIRA employees are available on


Alternatively, click here to download the new wage tables


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189 responses to “PSIRA Wage Increase effective 01 September 2014

  1. Masasane Alfred Makofane

    Pls snd me new rate for area 3.

  2. Andries

    New increase rate

  3. How much rate of grade C in gauteng on 01/09/2014

  4. How much is hourly rate of grade D and grade C area 1

  5. How much is hourly rate for grade D and grade C area 1, i want and new rate for 2014 and 2015

  6. lulama

    How much hourly rate for grade C in Cape town

  7. Hi
    I have realize that my employer is taking R3 rand every hour from all the guards which are more than 250 in number. Basically its R36 a day. So when i do calculations i realize he is pocketing more than R2 000 000 a year and he does not even give them bonuses at the end of the year.

    • hy john, please contact me on 0764900131, i’m also available on whatsapp. he really needs to pay back the money. best regards, bongani.

  8. sonwabile

    How much is the new rate for Grade B

  9. josiah

    send me grade D new rates for rustenburg

  10. Faizal

    whhat is new rate effective 01 September 2014 (Area 2) A/B/C/D Grades.Thank you

  11. Zebilon

    send me new rate for grade D area3

  12. job

    As I’m at Gauteng can u plse tabled me all grades increament

  13. Johnson

    Please send me new rates for all areas

  14. Ntsikelelo Mxi

    Am working for Modular Communication, am a surveillance or CCTV oparetor, but they do not me the right wages, now they told me about the breakdown and psira minus hours acc of 208, so I don’t understand, let me understand please

  15. brian

    What is the new rate for worcester please

  16. sibusiso

    Good day sir/madam, Iam a security guard in Nelspruit and the company im working for does not deduct UIF, they don’t pay N/shift, Sunday allowance and we dont have Sick leave,Family responsibility leave, Anual leave But they deduct R150 monthly for Uniform and R14.00 monthly for Psira . I want to know why and what to do , thank you

  17. levison

    I am in limpopo,on our company we havent received increment up to now,so iam kindly askng to email me the increment table,

  18. mbongseni

    I’m working for security company,doing van patrol with my crue,then I crush vihicle and suspended from work on 13/11/14,Boss said will call me,not yet and no suspension letter no hearing done even I suspnded how long,supringly also my crue suspended,I that correct if not what to do?

  19. lebogo isaac

    I have been demoted from grade c to d on the site I am working and after some weeks they post some guards of grade c . They said to me the site want grade d guard . The worse part I am a driver .I have 13 years now in this company And I have grade A . Company g4s

  20. Nomxolo

    Hy i wuld lyk to be aware,what r the neccessary actions that hv 2 b taken regarding those companies that r not paying their employees accordng to psria rate and lot of complaints we had laid.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Nomxolo

      The PSIRA website contains the following contact details for reporting non-compliance or misconduct:, tel: 086 133 3850 or fax: 086 247 7472



  21. prince

    Wage increase in benoni (JHB) per day

  22. prince

    Wage increase in benoni (JHB) per day
    grade B

  23. johannes makgokolo

    how much rate of grade in mpumalanga

  24. Ndaba Elias

    Pls furnish me with current hourly rate for grade d in cape town

  25. Mpho

    What is the rate for area 2 per hour

  26. Nwabisa Mnyaka

    Hi Madeleine

    Can you please tell me rate for grade d in paarl

  27. Hi I would like to no the rate for all areas

  28. Plz can u send me the numbers of the official who was talking from lesedi fm

  29. When ur armguard which grade u have to get payed with ectually

  30. Dear Sir/Madam
    iam working at Zeerust i want to know Zeerust is on witch Area and how i Rate

  31. grade per month in witbank

  32. henoch

    hi. send me thecurrent rate for grade D in cape town plz. thnx

  33. Ronelle

    Who does a person speak to?

    Can some one please explain as to how you work 208 hours per month and anything over and above that gets paid as overtime. So even if you get called in on an off day beginning of the month if your don’t amount to 208 you don’t get paid over time.

  34. james mahlangu

    I have work for P.A.B.9 security. Solution is south africa and I was rating R110 pershift. I resign a week ago.would you please help me to get mysalary course I work for 12days nd say they won’t pay me myday I work. Lastly I’m looking for SECURITY job around Krugerdorp I got gradeC nd. Grade11 in education. Myname is James mahlangu I’m 24years old. Mycontact number is 0Z11366585.

  35. Jaco

    2014-2015 security rates

  36. Rate for grade D in area 1

  37. Good day

    Please help my company stopped paying me for sunday and holidays hours worked by me. I’m grade A and they say grade A are no more paid sunday and holiday hours. For the past 6 month of employment they were paying but they changed everything without my knowledge or informing me. Pleas u can reply me on this email adrres :


  38. Why government they don.t want to help security guard because they know everything about problems of security guard. Little salary and etc.

  39. katlego

    Hi i would like to no why psira have to be paid but it does not check if security companies follow rules and regulations?wht needed to be done if company does not have payslips,benefits such as UIF and e.t.c?what needed to be done if a company does not pay with grades and it hires people with no grades?

  40. hi there… how and where can I find out if I’ve been blacklisted by a security company. would really appreciate if I can get help in this regard. thanks and God bless…

  41. segalo isaac

    Am working as securiity supervisor mobile with grade c. I need to know how much must I earn as my salary

  42. segalo isaac

    Am working as security mobile supervisor with grade c . Am enguiering how much should I earn hourly at area 2?

  43. wilfred Boikanyo

    Just wanna knw a rate fr nightshift allowance pls

  44. Mahlaba zanele julia

    I like to know if i am registed

  45. Raynald Thantsha working a certain company and they all pay us with the rate of grade D/E even though we comply our grade C certificate,so when we ask them they told us they pay us with grade C but isn’t what they are doing,we have complain since 2013 but even 2015 our complain is not resolved,so all want to know is that what we must do cause they are robbing us

  46. Smanga

    how much is an hourly rate for grade D at Mpumalanga

  47. Thando

    Hi i want to knw wage increase effective 01september 2015 for area1 grade D and grade C

  48. Mpho Mabitsa

    I want to know what is the rate of mahikeng in north west for grade d security officera

  49. Hi I need to knw homuch money to be paid by imali Corp 148 cc coz I received an sms last month (April 2015) says i must pay R5800 bt yesterday received othet sms says I must pay R11263,62 psira no is 2263267 thank u

  50. jabu

    how much is hourly rate of grade D and C. i want a new rate for 2014 and 2015

  51. Tiyani Patrick sambo

    I Patrick and my COLLEUQ we are hired by PTK company,to work as security but our payment is stated only R2500 a is working Giyani municipality now,constructing the road at Gonono village,Giyani,Limpopo.

  52. I want to know the new rate for September 2015 -2016

  53. koos alfred

    Hi I want to know about this R84 sob money that has deductet from our salary

  54. Thabang Sefako

    Hi I am the above mentioned person,working as security officer,This month on my payslip I found that there is a deduction of R84 for SIRA FEES beside the SIRA monthly levy of R7.I would like to be fully informed about this SIRA FEES as nobody explain it to me.Thanks



    i want to know about area 3 is till exciting on pay roll of PSIRA?

  56. Sibusiso Blessings Mpapane

    I’m working for a company known as Xivumbi Protection services. Its contracted under TRAC weigh bridges, we never signed contract forms and we don’t receive payslips. So I want Psira to help us investigate this issue or u can also email me a cellphone number for a Psira investigator operating around Middelburg and Witbank in Mpumalanga.

  57. Isaac

    I want to know the new rate from 1st september 2015

  58. Reuben

    Hello,can you please tell us about the Annually cicle fee deductions-R84 from my salay nd i want to knw from 1 September 2015 rate will be how much? My company Name:Combined Private Investigation,,,thnx

  59. Sibusiso Blessings Mpapane

    May u please send me Psira investigators contact detail around witbank n middelburg.

  60. thamie

    Madeleine I just want to ask about my company we working 12 hours but they pays us 11 hours when you why,they say we deducting hour for lunchtime,where must I report they’ve been doing this since the day of engagement?

  61. Moses tjamela

    May u please send me grades rates of E,D,C & B of cape town

  62. sakhumzi

    New increase rate

  63. how much is hourly rate for grade c area 1 and area 1 sunday and holiday rate and area 1 basic?

  64. Walter

    Please send me new psira rate increase for 2015

  65. M

    What can we do if company refuse to give employees their profident after a merge to new company?

  66. M

    is security officer earning R3000.00 deserve/allowed to pay tax?

  67. stefan s tier

    Need new psira rates.

  68. Jim

    I want to know how much is a rate for Nkp security officer. I am in Vredenburg

  69. velly Abednigo Baloi

    Send me the new basics increase for grade EDCB grades in Area one Gouteng and Mpumalanga secunda

  70. Busisiwe

    can u pls send me a table say how much grd c per hour plus Sundays nd Holidays per hour tanx

  71. zacheus

    Hi, I just want to know info about annual leave bonus.I work as a security officer and rating in grade much bonus?
    because my company refused to pay me

  72. Would like to know areas rates from area (1) one all grades

  73. tshegofatso tsolo

    Is it possible to rate 11.74 in. Area 3 nw

  74. Please send me new rate for area three 2015

  75. Plz help me here im working 414 hours a month im not getting off days,not getting paid on time,getting paid for 3200 a month ,my question it legal from south africa to work so many hours and nt getting off days.which step i must take for my company.plz contact me 0825883981 or

  76. william david marius pretorius

    Please can u sent me the new increase table as from the 1september 2015

  77. WILLEM

    SEND ME RATE OF 2016

  78. Joshua phandliwe

    Can you please tell wage structure for 2015-2016

  79. llm here to lay a complain about my grade c.l wrote my grade c in feb 2015 until now is not registered .pls may you tell what can l do to get my psira

  80. would you please send me the new rates 1 september 2015.
    thank you

  81. client

    rate for grade c north west


    please send me the new increase of the security guard with D GRADE ,I AM IN GAUTENG PROVINCE,OR ALL GRADE ARE RATING IN GAUTENG THANKS.

  83. Picat

    Hi I’m a security officer in North West, We are working @ department of health, We don’t dedacted provedent funds, Our pay slip show we pay as grade C, we rate R12,68 per hour! How much is grade C in North West? Is it possible to nt have provedent funds?

  84. Xola Toba

    Grade D rates of pay East London Area

  85. Madelein van der Watt

    Please note that PSIRA rates effective 01 September 2014 are still applicable and can be accessed here:

    New wage increases effective 01 September 2015 have not been announced yet.

  86. caiphus

    Increase for all security area 2015 to 2016

  87. khulile thophi

    Hi I’m khulile I just wanna know how much new rate for 01 September 2015 Grade “B” and the basic

  88. Send me 2015/2016 psira increase

  89. What is the new rates for area1 for security imdustry

  90. New increase for 2015 to 2016.

  91. Mokgesi j Mantji

    Hi i am working as a security guard and i dont get bonus and provident fund. They pay 14 days as my anoual leave. It is the correct rate or services?

  92. william othusitse tau

    please send me new salary increase, we are already in the middle off august 2015 but nothing have been posted on website.

  93. phumlani

    plz send new rates for gradeB tnx

  94. heaven

    How much rate of grade c in 01/09/2015 in area 1

  95. modupetd

    Hi, I like to have an increase table for security for 2015/2016

  96. Mr SA Motloung

    Hi, can you please provide me with a new table of increase rates of all areas with effective 2015/2016.

  97. Mr SA Motloung

    Hi, can tou please provide me with table of all areas increase whith effective from 2015/2016.

  98. Pumzile Xhitywa .The company pay me with grade c.By 2013 up to 2014 deduction for provident fund was 160.03 now they deduct 242.94 is that right?.working for masakhane in MTHATHA branch .

  99. I want to now about grade D

  100. Hi, I’m Thompson from Johannesburg I just want to know a grade c rates per hour.

  101. heaven

    What is a new rate for grade c in gauteng ds on semptember 2015

  102. Mbongiseni Khumalo

    Dear I like to know what is a nem rates of Security salary in area 1

  103. soyisile Samson Sishuba

    latest wage increase for grade c in all western cape areas as from 01 09 2015

  104. lawrence nkuna

    Please send me increase table

  105. David Block

    Want to know what is the new rate for securities officers 2015/2016 financial year

  106. doctor

    what’s,the New rate in all grades?

  107. Nqobile Mazibko

    has new rate for 2015 published by labour derpartment?

  108. soyisile Samson Sishuba

    It would be how much the hourly rate for grade c in all western cape regions?

  109. Paipai


    How much will the new Rate per hour for Grade C in Area 1?

  110. Paipai


    How much will the new Rate per hour for Grade C in Area 1? From 1st September 2015

  111. Paipai


    how much will be new Grade C in Area 1? effective 1st September 2015

  112. samuel

    Im asking about new rate for 2015/09/01 please

  113. sipho malepe

    I will like to know the increase of 01 september 2015

  114. What is a basic salary of grade c on 01/09/2015

  115. Samuel Walase


    I would like to know if how much is paid to the inexpirienced senior security? And since securities are underpaid can’t it be obliged for every company to have provident fund.We need to get something after we finish work.

  116. Yolisa Malambile

    Please send me table for area 2 in Eastern Cape.

  117. Vuyiswa

    Hi may you please send me the rate wage for 01 september 2015 area 1

  118. Vuyiswa

    May you please notify me with a new rate grade B area 1 from 01 09 2015

  119. lephaswa rapetswa

    when is new table coming for 2015/2016

  120. kanyane

    sent me a new wage 4 area 1

  121. Please send me the new rate for area 1 please due to we ate about to pay and if we don’t know it then we wontbknow how much to pay on our pay day which is next week please

  122. Tamsanqa

    Plz send me the new rate

  123. Philani Nzuza

    Can you please send me the new rates for Gauteng area,effective from 1 september 2015.thanks.

  124. OBAKENG

    I’d like you to send me the new rates for 2015 effective from 1st of September and the area is area 3

  125. Nkcubeko

    I would like to know a new rate hour of grade D

  126. Zolisani Kwetana

    hi i would like to about new rates

  127. harry

    Hi can you send me the new wages for all areas 2015/2016

  128. Joel

    Would like to know about grade d price increase for this year please

  129. thembinkosi mandlenkosi ngubane

    Cn u send me grade “D” under area 1

  130. thembinkosi mandlenkosi ngubane

    Cn u send new rate for grade “D” under area 1

  131. thomas

    Hi pls send me the percentage of grade B for 1 september 2015

  132. dovhani

    please send me the percetage and working days and hours area 1

  133. suzman nkuna

    please send me the increase rates for securities

  134. Pls let me know what’s a new rate of the 1st September 2015 to those who rate with grade D in area 1

  135. Amandla

    How much is area1 rate per hour in capetown

  136. Amandla

    How much is area1 rate per hour in capetown grade c and d

  137. Caren

    Good Day,
    Please forward me the 2015 rates per hour for grade C & D as well as night shift allowance.

  138. Njabulo Tshuma

    Table increase for all grades

  139. David

    Area 1
    Magisterial district of Alberton, Bellville, Benoni, Boksburg, Brakpan, Camperdown, Chatsworth, Durban, Germiston, Goodwood, Inanda, Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Krugersdorp, Kuilsrivier, Mitchell’s Plain, Nigel, Oberholzer, Paarl, Pinetown, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Ranburg, Randfontein, Roodepoort, Sasolburg, Simonstown, Springs, The Cape, Uitenhage, Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Westonaria, Wonderboom & Wynberg.

    Grades/Basic salary/daily & hourly rates.

    Grd D&E= R 3482.00 — R 200.88 — 1674
    Grd C= R 3545.00 — R 204.52 — 1704
    Grd B= R 4096.00 — R 236.31 — 1969
    Grd A= R 4571.00 — R 263.71 — 2197

    Area 2

    Bloemfontein, East London, Kimberly, Klerksdorp, Pietermaritzburg, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Strand.

    Grd D&E= R 3162.00 — R 182.42– 1520
    Grd C= R 3258.00 — R 187.96 — 1566
    Grd B= R 3739.00 — R 215.71 — 1797
    Grd A= R 4177.00 — R 240.98 — 2008

    Area 3
    All other Areas
    Grades/Basic salary/Daily & Hourly rates

    Grd D&E= R 2874.00 — R 165.81 — 1381
    Grd C= R 2948.00 — R 170.08 — 1417
    Grd B= R 3452.00 — R 199.15 — 1659
    Grd A= R 3794.00 — R 218.88 — 1894

  140. richard

    plz send me full rate in gauteng and mpumalanga

  141. Vanessa

    What is the rate for Bredasdorp

  142. Malanganisi mazamiso

    I use to work at Eastern guard security company in one of their sites In Home Affairs in Paarl.but I got fired from the all of that they did not pay me my belongings but I returned all their uniforms and stuff,they only gave me R800 for all my work…can someone help me or tell me what I should number is 0788574807

  143. Margret Netshivhulana

    Pls let me know what’s a new rate of the 1st September 2015 to those who rate with grade D in area 3

  144. Hi i just want to know about the rate for grade c

  145. Tsoaela

    The company that i just started working for is not paying its employees according the psira wage rating. They say they pay a basic of R2500 and subtract money from that for UIF, PROVIDENT FUND AND UNION, BUT THE THING IS NO ON IB THIS COMPANY HAS FILL A FORM FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE. Is there a way we can fight this because i believe this is illegal

  146. clifton maarman

    i just want to know how do sira take they sira fees montly or yearly coz i been working for a security company who don’t pay they gaurds sira fees all they gaurds only manager and 6 arm response gaurds are register at sira the gaurds don’t get providend funds we don’t have gaurds rooms no radios and no equipment my number 0844544324

  147. portia

    hy I want to know that how much is psira in Pretoria is taking how long week months

  148. Please send for me the rates for security officers for all areas
    thank you

  149. Sibonakaliso

    Pls tell about rate per hour c grade and d for jhb .dbn and pmb

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