It is time for Domestic Worker wage increases again

The new minimum wages for domestic workers in South Africa have been published and must be applied from 01 December 2014 to 30 November 2015. Click here to download the new wage schedule.


Employers of domestic workers must be aware that just like any other employees in the private and public sectors, these workers also have legal rights that must be applied.

1. Termination of employment – a notice period of 4 weeks applies if the worker has been employed for longer than 6 months. Employers must also pay out any leave due or severance pay when employment is ended.

2. Payment of wages – a domestic worker must earn at least the minimum wage prescribed for their specific area and working hours

3. Working hours – normal working hours may not exceed 9 hours per day. Overtime is allowed but the total time worked may not be more than 12 hours per day. A daily lunch break of at least 30 minutes must be allowed.

4. Sundays and Public Holidays – domestic workers may not be forced to work on Sundays or public holidays and if they voluntarily agree to work on such days overtime must be paid.

5. Leave – domestic workers are entitled to paid annual, family responsibility and sick leave. Unpaid maternity leave of at least 4 months is allowed and the domestic worker may claim maternity benefits from UIF during this period (if the employer’s UIF payments are up to date).


A detailed guide on the conditions of employment for the Domestic Workers sector is available on (


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2 responses to “It is time for Domestic Worker wage increases again

  1. Peter Bosman

    hi what is the rate for a Domestic worker

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