Employment Equity Reporting Season 2015

Employers must prepare to submit their annual Employment Equity Reports from 01 September 2015. If you opt to submit paper-based reports, you will have only a month to get it done before 01 October 2015.

If you choose to make us of the online reporting portal, you will have until 15 January 2016 to get it done.

The Department of Labour has embarked on a roadshow to educate employers before the reporting season kicks off. The roadshows in North West and Northern Cape have happened already but there are still sessions taking place throughout the rest of the country until 09 September 2015.

The schedule for the upcoming roadshows is available at http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/downloads/documents/useful-documents/employment-equity/eeroadshow2015updated.pdf


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4 responses to “Employment Equity Reporting Season 2015

  1. Christine Botes

    Where on the internet do I find information relating to the IRP 5’s recon 501 that we have to submit to SARS after August 2015 payday?

    • Madelein van der Watt

      Hi Christine, the interim PAYE filing season will also open on 01 September 2015 and will run until the end of October 2015. SARS will dedicate a page on their website with all the info you require closer to filing season kick-off. I will also post some info before 01 September. You may also want to keep an eye on http://www.pastelpayroll.co.za where we will post the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

  2. Jimmy

    We working more than 204 hours but still can’t earn basic salary.

  3. Petrus Mokgehle

    Hi guys please assist me.
    My employer paid me R2172.67 for 132 hours worked by Grade C. When I devide this amount with the hours worked it gives me R16.46 which is seeming to be my hourly rate for grade C. When I multiply this amount by twelve hours it gives me R197.51 seeming to be a daily rate. When I multiply R197.51 by 17 basic day it gives me R3357.76 and does not make the one stated on the table which is R3545

    My question is what is the hourly rate because it seems the employers are going to continue robbing the employees due to the fact that there is no hourly rate and take advantage of may be we don’t know calculation.

    When I devide the basic of R3545 by 17 it gives me R208.52 seeming the daily rate. When I devide this daily rate by 12 hours it gives me R17.37 seeming to be the hourly rate of grade C.

    Please assist me on this matter as I am confused of what I see on my payslip.

    Petrus Mokgehle
    072 292 5560

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