PSIRA Wage Increases effective 01 September 2015

The new sectorial determination for the Private Security Industry has been signed by the minister of Labour and took effect 01 September 2015. The Government Gazette that was published yesterday includes the latest wage rates for individuals employed in the industry. The increase rate is set to CPI + 1%, with a minimum increase of 6% and maximum of 8%.

For a breakdown of hourly rates per area

PRICING STRUCTURE 2015 – 2016 (NEW) (1)

To view the complete updated agreement, visit or to access the document directly, go to

PSIRA 2015


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228 responses to “PSIRA Wage Increases effective 01 September 2015

  1. patty

    Hi Guys plz Zoom it that Psira increase

  2. patty

    Hi Mr/Sir Psira please tell me about new Rates all areas

  3. Donovan

    The rate table is small can’t see what the price Is I’m using my phone

  4. what is the hourly rate of grade c?

  5. sisima eksteen

    what is a hourly rate for grade B?

  6. bianca

    What is the hourly rare for grade B Gauteng

  7. this table don’t have hourly rates

  8. patty

    Hour Rate please

  9. Confidence

    Email me new rates for 2015

    • sthembiso tembe

      Hi!may you please help me with the hour rates effective, I find the table but no hours there.

      Please help me,please!!!!!!

  10. bongani nkosi

    Sent from my aq 10 smartphone.   Original Message  

  11. sipho teit

    hi…. Psira i like to knw hour rate plz……..!

  12. we pay sira for nothing because they don’t do nothing.we all deserve to be paid better,y don’t increase better than this?

  13. David

    Hi sthembiso, the table show Basic salaries only, so what can you do is to figure out an amount & multiply it by 208 Hours, if it is still working, or go to the nearest Labour, they will help you with the culculations. Area 1 – E&D I assume it may be 1674×208= R3,481.92 so they converted 92c to R1 then it becomes R 3,482.00. If Im lost Madelein will correct me & other officers.

  14. thamie

    I want to know Sunday is till time&half oor double?

  15. George

    can u pls email me that prcng structr

  16. thimothy

    hi can you help me with hourĺy rate and grade d allowance

  17. vuisile

    Hi guys
    The page above only shows salary wages workers
    I cant find the one that shows how we charge the clients pls help Asap pls

  18. Jonathan vries

    Hi can you help me i work in area 3 as a grade D but i hade grade c must the company pay me grade D money pls help

  19. Vuyiswa

    I like to know the hourly rate for grade B area 1

  20. Matjene

    hourly rates please

  21. patty

    Hi Please send me a New rates all areas

  22. Edward

    Zoom the table plz or email me

  23. Bongz

    Hi can you kindly assist with the hourly rate please!!!!!

  24. Dear sir\madam I would to comfirm the psira new rate area3 for all grades I would be happy to respond back to my email adress.your sirnceley.Edwin mabote

  25. Mphumudzeni Nedzanani

    i wanna how increase from one September to till

  26. Hi guys cane you plaes help me by identify the areas hourly rads im on area 3

  27. nteseng jonas

    Hi guys cane you help me by hourly rads I’m in area3 pleas

  28. Simon Van Wyk

    Sent for me all areas hourly rate plz

  29. Mqondisi mabika

    what is the hourly rate for arm reaction officers

  30. gerald louw

    please send me the whole document.

  31. Lefa

    Please can you send to me via e-mail.

  32. Welcome

    i wish to get a hourly rate information, i’ve been checking with no success

  33. Welcome

    i can’t get a hourly rate of area 1, please help me on this

  34. Welcome

    And i want to know why is it taking so long to get the info i want, who is responsible of this site

  35. Hi I want to know about psira certicate

  36. Can you please send me rates an hours. Area 1. For grade d&e and c

  37. The new rates only shows basic salary per month , I need to see hourly rate plz

  38. innocent

    Can you please send me rates for grades increase for 01september2015

  39. Aubrey

    hi I love to know an hourly rate for D @ area 1

  40. Dikeledi Maphothoma

    Please send me the new rate, nd the new basic salary

  41. Hi,I want to know only the hourly rates,sunday alowances,overtimes,Public holidays,overtimes,night shift allowance,cleaning allowance for all Grades and areas

  42. sicelo magobiyane

    Good day I just wanna ask if all the security company has been sent this new payment schedule?coz our manager said Psira haven’t sent them the new paying plz answer me and can you also tell me how much are we making in an hour if you are on Area 1 please.

    • Madelein van der Watt

      To my knowledge, PSIRA does inform their members by way of in Industry Circular therefore all employers who subscribe to PSIRA should haven received this info by now. Perhaps refer your employer to the PSIRA wesbite,

  43. Tans can you email me wage salary scale

  44. nteseng jonas

    madeline cane you pleas email the erea 3hourly rates cos all the link you sent it are not working on my phoune pleas my email is

  45. Micegee

    Hi madeleine, tnks for yo help

  46. Grammer

    Hi, guys what you do to get the hourly rate is that you take monthly salary divide by shift per week and times what you get by 3 and then divide by 13. e.g. ( 2874/48hrs)x ( 3/13) = 13.82 per hour that is for area 3. someone correct me if I am wrong . That was Grammer Makwala From Letaba security in Tzaneen

  47. thomas

    hi madelein can u please assist me with hourly rate for all grade at area 1

  48. Jimmy

    Why are we paying tax if it only benefits those earning a certain amount over threshold.or maybe someone help my annual tax deduction is less than 30 000 how can I claim the returns

  49. mary

    Hi I would like to ask of the increase in security grades E D C for 2015

  50. masenya patrick

    pls,can u send me psira grades increase.

  51. Lucas

    Increment for Gauteng security grades from September 2015

  52. samuel

    I want to know about hourly new rates for area one grade c

  53. Nomthandazo Ndebele

    Hi, can you please send me hourly rate for grade D,and C area 1,2 and 3.

    Thanks inadvance

  54. The salary for area1 is equals to how many days?

  55. Hi I’m Tshililo what is grade wages per hour in area 1

  56. Hey I like to no abt gradeC pay hour pls

  57. maanda

    send me a new rate via email

  58. Hi David can u please email me the new rates for 2015 the table too small can’t read it im in the western cape. Thank you.

    • David

      I will try Yola. Which part of Eastern cape you are in? Port Elizaberth falls under Area 1, East London Area 2. I will send a fully detailed table once I got it.

  59. siphamandla

    May you please tell me about hourly rate of grade c

  60. David

    Hello guys you may also go to Labour department website, you can download or print it out by using pc, latops or tablets. But once i managed to get it I will post it.

  61. samuel

    If salary was been increased by the 1 of september when my I sapoused get my increasement salary

    • David

      Hi Samuel, you get your increase by monthend september.

      • samuel

        My company didn’t give me an increasement so I don’t know what may I supouse to deal with situation like me to sort this problem out please!

  62. Petrus Mokgehle

    Hi guys, I am confused of the fact that the hourly rates of the grades are not stated. Its only basic salary. I am a grade C guard at Gauteng Province. The basic salary states as R3545. When I devide this amount by 17x shifts it gives me a total of R208.53 and when I devide this amount by 12x hours it gives me an hourly rate of R17.37

    My concern with my employer

    My employer paid me R2172.67 for 132 hours worked. When I devide this amount by 132 hours worked it gives me R16.46 seeming to be an hourly rate for grade C. When I mutiply this hourly amount by 12 it gives me R197.51 of which when I multiply this amount by 17x shifts to get a basic salary , it gives me a total of R3357.76 and now it does not correspond with stated basic salary of R3545.

    May you guys please assist me. I am confused of my payslip. I don’t know if my employer is taking advantage of the fact that the hourly rate is not stated and paid me how he likes thinking I don’t know calculations or what.

    Please assist me guys, I am CONFUSED

    Petrus Mokgehle
    072 292 5560

  63. I see the gazzete bt there’s no hourly rates. I want to know how much do we rate per hour. If grade D is R3482 basic salary what is the hourly rate.Grade R3545; :, Grade B R4096,; :Grade A R4571. Give me per hour.

  64. Oupa

    New rate for area 3

  65. Michael Amino

    Hi! Guys which towns falls under area 1

  66. David

    Area 1
    I will update places later
    D&E= R 200.88
    C=R 204.52
    B=R 236.31
    A=R 263.71
    Area 2
    Bloemfontein, East London, Kemberly, Klerksdorp, Pietemaritzburg, Somerset west, Stellenbosch, Steand.
    D&E=R 182.42
    C=R 187.96
    B=R 215.71
    A=R 240.98
    Area 3
    all other areas
    D&E=R 165.81
    C=R 170.08
    B=R 199.15
    A=R 218.88

  67. David


  68. David

    Area 1
    Alberton, bellville, benoni, boksburg, brakpan, camperdown, chartsworth, durban, germiston, goodwood, inanda, johannesburg, kempton park, krugersdorp, kuilsrivier, mitchell’s plain, nigel, oberholzer, paarl, pinetown, port elizabeth, springs, the cape, uitenhage, vanderbijlpark, vereeniging, westonaria, wonderboom and wynburg.

    D&E= R 3482.00…..daily rate= R 200.88….hourly= 1674
    C= R 3545.00…..daily rate= R 204.52….hourly= 1704
    B= R 4096.00…..daily rate= R 236.31….hourly=1969
    A= R 4571.00…..daily rate= R 263.71….hourly=2197
    Area 2
    Bloemfontein, East London, kimberley, klerksdorp, pietemaritzburg, somerset west, stellenbosch, strand.

    Daily & hourly rates
    D&E= R 182.42….hourly=1520
    C= R 187.96….hourly=1566
    B= R 215.71….hourly=1797
    A= R 240.98….hourly=2008

    Area 3
    All other areas

    Daily & hourly rates
    D&E= R 165.81…..hourly rate=1381
    C= R170.08…..hourly rate=1417
    B= R199.15…..hourly rate =1659
    A= R218.88……hourly rate =1894

    NOTE: (To culculate hourly rates, type in Monthly salary divide it by 48 hours per week) (multiply by 3 divide by 13) it will give you the hourly rate.

  69. percy

    R17.06 per hour

  70. lifi

    Please tell me how many percent did they put in area 3. And how much is the percent.

  71. Mahlodi

    Hello there,would u pls clarify how much are security guard in Pretoria are rating hourly for grade d&e… Thanks in advance!

  72. Zikhona

    I want to know the hourly rate in area1

  73. Im jst concern abt the nyt shift rate is to small we they negotiate plz they must increase nyt shift allowance R5,50 for de whole night plz psira need to negotiate it plz..

  74. nicolaas

    Hi I’m working for a company where we did not get paid yet were can I report them

  75. Marks

    Hai jus wannna know how much increase for grade c in cape town

  76. Sizwe

    What rate is grade c for area 1

  77. Rhiyani Robert ngobene

    Update hourly rate pls

  78. kgomotso william

    Hourly or daily rate
    will be more understandable

  79. Bongani

    How much does Mpumalanga Security officer’s and Arm responds rate with Grade c.

  80. keorapeleng

    Good morning madelein, I have a problem I have bing working for my company for 10 year working as wight bridge operator with grade c,sins I work in this company for this years I have being singing fix term contract for every 3 months and my wage is for grade D even do I work as a dispatch clerk, what must I do to end my problem?? One other thing I have a quetion. psira don’t have inspectors to inspect problems we have???

  81. Hi guys,plz give the full and understandable hourly rates for all grades and areas please..

  82. Joe Nzama

    Assist me with hrourly rate c area 1,and psira renewal fee cert. and card.thanks

  83. Hi there I’m working for a security company at Randfontein we didn’t get an increase n as I speak we are stil waiting for september payment and october is almost finished n we wil get payment for october on de 22 of november we really need help

  84. Selvin Goeiman

    I am from the N C and lost my Psira 3 times can i hve another 1

  85. Agrippa Mhlongo

    Colleagues, can anyone help me with an hourly rate for grade C on tha latest increment

  86. senzo ndlovu

    How much per hour in area 1 for grade c & d

  87. deon

    I want information about th hour rate of C,B,A tnx

  88. oupa

    hi,i just to know for grades D,C,B,A rate per hour

  89. The company that I work on does not comply with the rules and regulations of psira(private security regularity authority).

  90. i wanna know rate of grade d per hour or day

  91. Yuza

    Please send me the basic salary and the rate should a Reaction Officer rate when employed with Grade C, and when working in area A. I will appreciate a lot. Thank you

  92. Nkosinathi

    I want to know about sd6 sectoral determination 6. What is the method of calculating under sd6, and from how many shift must the company pay as an overtime? Because we used to work 31-22 shift but we don’t see an overtime on the salaries.

  93. Abel

    whats the new hourly rate for grade D

  94. i want the hourly rate of grade D.C B.A please !


  96. mr nyiba

    Why security companies when you work more than ten years. When you resign they don’t pay for you long service?

  97. charmaine

    can u pls explain what is the meaning of diffrent levels erea 1.2.3

  98. Simon M Mpanya

    What about the companies, who doesn’t want to pay those rates at all.
    Simon M Mpanya.

  99. ngwako

    Pls psira can you show us hourly rate per each grade,we got milked here

  100. Moses

    Hi, I would like to know how much shall I get paid as a gaurd working with grade c. All i’m getting paid is R2100 without sunday or holydays paid we have no over time paid, no sick leave?

  101. Thandelakhe

    hi I would like to know about annual bonus. how does it work and leave how many hours should employer pay you for that 21 days

    • Mlungisi Ndlovu

      hi I would like to know about annual bonus.How does it work and leave how many hours sho
      uld employer paid us for that 21 days

  102. Xhanti

    what is the basic salary for grade B officer who is also driving?

  103. Nono

    how much does an armed officer with own firearm rate?

  104. lumukani mathe

    Good day Sir
    I want to know how grade e,d&c are rating im in pretoria gauteng

  105. mahlumela

    Hi guys can you send me the basic salary hours/days and overtime

  106. Eunice

    What is a salary for security control room operator at area 3

  107. Hi can you do the follow up with all security around Limpopo because they are not following the rules

  108. mazwi

    psira now gives out salary rates,as most companies under pays the employees, what is psira doing about that?

  109. unknow

    I really wish psira could visit or inspect places where securitys work and the companies they work some.doesnt even pay the rate no uif no psira deductions and yet the owner makes an killing for him

  110. aretha

    What can l do if my company does not meet this procedures….

  111. Lungile Angel Mavundla

    Hi i would like to knw tht wil i evr get my psira cos 2014 december i dd go to psira department to fetch my psira and thy tld me my finger prints r nt registered to Hanis so thy told me to go to home affairs to register my finger prints bt till today thy tell me thy r nt registered wt am i suppose to do nw plz hlp.

  112. Hy am working for silwaphi cleaning $ security this campany its unfair they use rate of 2013 and they use area 3 in gauteng any one who can help us cause when you talk they promise to fire you so if you have a plan help us they treat us like we are not working for them

  113. gaitsiwe stephen kgosing

    Morning Psira,what is the rate of Rustenburg and Kimberley?’Cos I’m a control room operator.Pls help.

  114. Bethuel Motaung

    I’m working for Makopano Risk Solution we don’t have payslips ,no uif and provident fund.Can you please help us.

    • Madelein Taljaard (van der Watt)

      Hi Bethuel

      I have emailed your comment to PSIRA. I hope they take note. You can also contact them directly on 086 133 3850 to report non-compliance or use the Fraud Hotline 0800 22 0198.

  115. johan

    hi there whats up whit this new contracts no leave or any benafits no time half or dubble pay work on holidays ? thank you kindly

  116. We work in-house security, where we are employed at grade C,but the security guards and controllers are not earning equal salaries, meanwhile the SD 6 states that the controllers will be paid as clerical assistant or as a relevant security grading, would you please advise

  117. Good day, in our company we all employed at grade C both controllers and guards,and no other qualifications for a job, but our salaries are far different and we engaged with the management, they tell us that our job description is different but a different is CCTV cameras but the guards are used to test the beams and cameras

  118. Good day i am security officer in atlantis western cape can you please tell me under what area bracket do atlantis fall according to wages please

  119. Sybrand

    How much is night shift allowance in area 1

  120. Want to check my psira cerificate for D.E.C

  121. RIAAN

    Is it true that there will be no more grade D and why do I get paid D grade certificate

  122. Hi I would like to ask if I worked 23 nyt shifts and 2 holidays and 4sundays how much must i get for my salary pls help

  123. Gert Jordaan

    Hi will you please tell me, average salary for Grade A with Reaction, Driver licence, Firearm competancy and Instructor.

    I also have 6 years and 6 months military police experiance, will that have anny affect on experiance.

  124. Why government don’t cancel this things of rate couse their kill us why we don’t workfor gorvment.

  125. sinina

    What happen to someone who don’t have grades but is working as security and supervising you?

  126. Mark

    I would like to know wht rate is psyed in atlantis cape town and dose it fall under the boland or metro

  127. Estell

    Can you send me the hourly rates on Port Elizabeth!

  128. asser

    Hy I wanna know the rate per day of firearm allowance with grade C

  129. How much is the hourly rate for armed respond officer

  130. Kelebogile

    Please mail me the psira acc number of Nedbank.

  131. nomathemba zwane

    I work for a company called tradelander security.iam really sad cause this is not what we get.i work as a grade d officer but i get paid 2700…how is this possible.we get different salaries with different branches that we work for should I be worried.

  132. Zukisa Matara

    Greetings as I hope you are feeling well. However, I am looking for anyone who can help me about my problem is that I was a security gaurd since 2004 to 2007 till now I did not get my provident fund . When am trying to claim it the office in Pretoria says my Id number is not appears on the computer system am now comfused .anyone can advice me about this problem can email me on

  133. David

    I need to know how much should a CCTV operator in area 1 mining industry should be earning for 20 days 12hrs shift. Pls advice!!!

  134. mbulelo

    I need to know cz the company I worked say make 208 hours to get basic

  135. Philemon Monanyane

    As security guards we dont get help from psira we got huge problems millions of them across the country from the companies but nothing is done,we get peanuts how can you increase with less than R1 you cant even buy with it cost of living is too high these nowadays,we make millions of rands for the companies but nothing happened we wish if SASSETA can take over and substitute Psira i think we can earn better salaries because Psira is there to benefit for itself busy milking the poor security guards every day i dont see the important of Psira to be there complaints after complaints every day but the fall into deaf ears i give Psira 2years from know it will kneel down with knees because of the new goverment.

  136. sifiso

    What would happen to those who did not study sasseta corse for security in companies who have been. Given a chance to teach officers ?

  137. Nkosinathi

    On this matter as security officers we now need a strong union like amcu, to fight for us. At least a basic of R4500 will be better than this one.

  138. daymeen swanepoel

    Halo mr/ms psira. Please help me atlantis near capetown western cape is. Area 2 site ?

  139. oddy

    hw are da rate whn you hv grade d per hour

  140. Jabulani Hlungwani

    How much that Armed reaction officer must be paid per an hour

  141. Please notify me the payment of grade d for 2015_2016

  142. Phahlwa

    Hi guyz I would like to know how does a company calculate your LEAVE days ,

  143. Hi there, I wish for to subscribe for this blog to obtain most
    up-to-date updates, so where can i do it please help.

  144. MADIBANA Ronald

    Hi,can u pls send for me a gazette from sept 2016 to 2017 via emailR

  145. Jannie Fuhri

    Hi im working as a private sec gard 12 hours night shift 7 days a week.i get r1000 per week is this nights of

  146. patrick stemela

    Hi I would like to know the current hourly rate for grade D in area 3 please

  147. sipho

    Hai sir /madam can u plz why area 3 is separate than area 1.2 why us in mpumalanga dont meet rate with area1 because we do one job thank u

  148. shupping

    Can u pls send me firearm allowance per shift, and grade C hourly rate at area 1

  149. hello sir/madam where I’m working I rate R132 per hour and we work on grade c pls psira fixi something like that im under boksburg sector 1

  150. Ayanda

    Please, what I wish to know is that, in the salary scale set by PSIRA, does it include/ exclude all other allowance benefits ? like Holidays and Sundays allowances.

  151. Errol David's

    what is the new rate for grade b from 1 September 2017 in security in south Africa

  152. sir/madam please sent me the table of wages of this year,sent it via email

  153. keketsi

    Can i please know how the reaction officer supposed to earn becouse when i ggl it shows that the minimum is R72,552 per annum,so how much is the bazic salary and how much hourly rates

  154. monna

    those who have the government gazette know the increase for this year i also saw it but i lost my smart phone so i can’t remmember so anyone who has a clue plz tel me abt Area 1,grade C

  155. screamer

    Hi can I have a pricing structure for 2016 to 2017

  156. Lisinda

    Hi I’m on the platteland and starting a job in a control room and Iam confused about our rates,I’m a Grade C,can you please email me the latest rates of my area if you still work on areas cause what I heard is that areas also does not exist.

  157. Siya

    Hi im an security oficcer i wnt to knw the wage increase for 01 september 2016

  158. Daniel

    afternoon.plz new rates for grade c affective from 1 September 2016 plz

  159. hi can you escalleted new increased for security effective from 1 september 2016.

  160. zanele


  161. Phumezo Hlwempu

    how much must a Security supervisor get on area 3 B grade

  162. bryan

    What is psira increment effective 01September2016.

  163. Nomfundo

    What is PSIRA doing about security companies that under pays the employees?

  164. Sthembiso Mkhuleko

    Hi, i would like to know the rate per hour for grade D&E around Nkomazi area, coz I’m still rating R12,85per hour. Thanks.

  165. Sthembiso Mkhuleko

    Hi, I’m sthembiso can you please send me the new rate for grade D area d, thanks

  166. Sthembiso Mkhuleko

    Hi, I’m sthembiso can you please send me a new rate of 2016, grade D area 3 per hour ,coz I’m still rating with the rate of 2014which R12,85pr hour

  167. Mustermind

    good morning guyz please can anyone find the new eara retes plea

  168. Reginald nohe

    Is still area3 continue

  169. Thandaza

    I am currently working in retail want to pursue my career in security but want to earn more than 7000, which route you think is best

  170. solly

    i lyk to no new rate for grade c area 3 rustenburg,nd is area 3 stil continue?

  171. samuel

    Please send hourly rates for northwest

  172. solly

    pls cn u snd increase for 1 september 2016 nt the one u snd cz u snd me 2015 structure,i nida to c 2016-2017 structure area 3

  173. steven Mhlanga

    Hi my name is steven Mhlanga i want to know how many days security must pay me on my salary on my annual leave my company pay me for 17 days only that means is my wages for my salary but they did give me 21 days on my roster but other day on 21 the make it off other the make it leave when i count leave days and of days gave me 21 days on my leave salary the gave me basic salary i need to know is correct what the did

  174. Phahlwa

    When u take leave u get paid only 17 shifts and the other 4 shits they take them as your off days ,so which means u must get your basic salary

  175. Phahlwa

    Guyz can u plz do me a favour and give me the New Rates for 2016/2017 only for Area 1

  176. people am working for a company of security when I signed contracts they said 208 hours is my basic salary now I am not working those hours anymore because of the company bringing a shift leader that I had asked manager before they bring him to the site that this will never affect our salary they said no but now I just work 180 or 190 hours please tell me what to do because this it stress me more than ever and management don’t care

  177. Dalien Bosman


    I trust you are well.

    Please can you tell me what a controller’s sallary should be? We work 12 hour shifts on a 7 day cycle. 21 shifts per month that includes 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays in a month.

    Thank you

  178. what if you have leave days left and your annual leave follows up.

  179. Godfrey

    Hi how much rate is armed guard around Johannesburg.

  180. Dikela

    Hi sir,what is the area 3 hourly rate? Thanks

  181. Charl

    good day sorry i am a armed reaction guard i have a serious isue concerning working conditions and hours just to give u an example i have been working straight 17 day shift days and i am on my 9 th nightshift duty without getting off days to rest straight pay no overtime or night allowance and it is quite a big company what can i do to get these ppl to go by the labour rules because nothing happens to them

  182. Robert

    I only see AREA 1, does other areas exist?

  183. Jim

    Is it possible to pay grade b security officer in d grade from Wellington

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