PSIRA Wage Increases September 2016

PSIRA published the new increases effective 1 September 2016.


The new wage structure is available at


Please note that all queries MUST be directed to PSIRA. I cannot address any queries or concerns related to wage structures.


Their website is

Email PSIRA at

Phone the PSIRA call centre on 086 133 3850

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One response to “PSIRA Wage Increases September 2016

  1. Hi… I would like to know how much rate per day after September increase of psira. Our employer doesn’t put that increase we still getting the same salary every month and what should we do because our employer also doesn’t seem care about everything.

    Here we don’t even get night shifts allowance,Sundays and public holidays. We get normal salary every month.
    We tried to consult the management about this and our senior managers as well as our client knows about it but nothing happens.

    Please we need a serious assistance here Vaal University of Technology. The name of company is Magic Security Services.

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