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New Pastel Payroll & HR upgrade available – 2014 Update 2

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR released a new upgrade today. Pastel Payroll version 2014 Update 2 is available and can be downloaded from http://www.pastelpayroll.co.za. If you have an active internet connection on the PC where Pastel Payroll is installed you will be prompted to download and install the new upgrade next time you access your Payroll & HR application.

The latest upgrade includes a new optional module – Pastel Connect. This module will provide you with risk management tools in the form of employee ID number and bank account validations and verifications. Additional services to perform online credit checks and secure electronic salary payments will also be available once you registered the Pastel Connect module.

Users of the Industrial Councils module will find some enhancements made to transactions and reports specifically for MIBFA and the Electrical Industry Council.

This release is not a crucial upgrade for all users and you may choose to only install the latest version after finalising your current payroll run and PAYE reconciliations due 31 May 2013, unless your situation requires you to apply some of the changes to your current processing period.


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